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J.D. Salinger Quotes
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J.D. Salinger Quote: “You beautiful little moron.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “My opinions are all too frequently too damn harsh for words.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “You’d have thought she did it because she was kindhearted as hell, but I was sitting right next to her, and she wasn’t. She had this little kid with her that was bored as hell and had to go to the bathroom, but she wouldn’t take him. She kept telling him to sit still and behave himself. She was about as kindhearted as a goddam wolf. You take somebody that cries their goddam eyes out over phony stuff in the movies, and nine times out of ten they’re mean bastards at heart.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “I’m just interested in finding out what the hell goes. I mean do you have to be a goddam bohemian type, or dead, for Chrissake, to be a real poet? What do you want – some bastard with wavy hair?”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “And you make people nervous, young man,” she said – most equably, for her. “You either take to somebody or you don’t. If you do, then you do all the talking and nobody can even get a word in edgewise. If you don’t like somebody – which is most of the time – then you just sit around like death itself and let the person talk themself into a hole. I’ve seen you do it.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “Oh, it’s lovely to see you!? Franny said as the cab moved off. ‘I’ve missed you.’ The words were no sooner out than she realized that she didn’t mean them at all.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “You fall half in love with them, and then you never know where the hell you are.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “That’s the terrible part. I swear to God I’m a madman.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “There were half circles under her eyes and other, subtler signs that mark an acutely troubled young girl, but nonetheless no one could have missed seeing that she was first-class beauty.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “In a cruel manner of speaking, this young woman may well have lost her head before she was born; it is certainly not on her shoulders at this stage of the game.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “They make everything they touch turn absolutely academic and useless. To my mind, They’re mostly to blame for the mob of ignorant oafs with diplomas that are turned loose on the country every June.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “I never bore people I haven’t known for at least a thousand years.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “He looked at me with his eyes shining – yes, shining. The boy’s eyes could shine.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “Anyway, I started bitching one night before the broadcast. Seymour’d told me to shine my shoes just as I was going out the door with Waker. I was furious. The studio audience were all morons, the announcer was a moron, the sponsors were morons, and I just damn well wasn’t going to shine my shoes for them, I told Seymour. I said they couldn’t see them anyway, where we sat. He said to shine them anyway. He said to shine them for the Fat Lady.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “I don’t suppose a writing man ever really gets rid of his old crocus-yellow neckties. Sooner or later, I think, they show up in his prose, and there isn’t a hell of a lot he can do about it.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “That’s what makes me so mad! I could just spit! It’s like being in a lunatic asylum and having another patient all dressed up as a doctor come over to you and start taking your pulse or something...”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “He said you were the only one who was bitter about S.’s suicide and the only one who really forgave him for it. The rest of us, he said, were outwardly unbitter and inwardly unforgiving.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “They sang without instrumental accompaniment – or, more accurately in their case, without any interference. Their voices were melodious and unsentimental, almost to the point where a somewhat more denominational man than myself might, without straining, have experienced levitation. A couple of the very youngest children dragged the tempo a trifle, but in a way that only the composer’s mother could have found fault with.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “It’s just that if I’d had any guts at all, I wouldn’t have gone back to college at all this year. I don’t know. I mean it’s all the most incredible farce.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “That’s hard to say, Sybil. She may be in any one of a thousand places.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “The existence of God, the why of life, was all that really only a question of glands?”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “It would be quite a relief to rid my system of fustian this year.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “I like to ride in trains too much. You never get to sit next to the window any more when you’re married.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “Presently, some sort of fish was served to me on a plate with a small but noticeable trace of coagulated catsup along the border. Mme. Yoshoto asked me, in English – and her accent was unexpectedly charming – if I would prefer an egg, but I said, “Non, non, madame – merci!” I said I never ate eggs. M. Yoshoto leaned his newspaper against my water glass, and the three of us ate in silence; that is, they ate and I systematically swallowed in silence.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “We are required only to keep looking.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “Though we’ve talked and talked and talked, we’ve all agreed not to say a word.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “I spent a little more than five months in Vienna. I danced. I went ice skating and skiing. For strenuous exercise, I argued with an Englishman.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “It ends up with everybody at this long dinner table laughing their asses off because the great Dane comes in with a bunch of puppies. Everybody thought it was a male, I suppose, or some goddam thing. All I can say is, don’t see it if you don’t want to puke all over yourself.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “Who the Hell is Lane?” he asked. Unmistakably, it was the question of a still very young man who, now and then, is not inclined to admiti that he know the first names of certain people.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “There is a real-enough danger, I suppose, that sooner or later I’ll bog down, perhaps disappear entirely, in my own methods, locutions, and mannerisms. On the whole, though, I’m very hopeful.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “But her arms were probably the best of her. They were brown and round and good.”
J.D. Salinger Quote: “I asked him what, if anything, got him down about teaching. He said he didn’t think that anything about it got him exactly down, but there was one thing, he thought, that frightened him: reading the pencilled notations in the margins of books in the college library.”
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