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J.K. Rowling Quotes
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J.K. Rowling Quote: “As much money and life as you could want! The two things most human beings would choose above all – the trouble is, humans do have a knack of choosing precisely those things that are worst for them.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Extraordinary imagination, especially in a witch world. Also friendship.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Hagrid. You live in a wooden house!”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Ultimately, she had a bigger heart than she had a brain, and that’s saying something for Hermione.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “He bent his great, shaggy head over Harry and gave him what must have been a very scratchy, whiskery kiss.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Get back, you scurvy braggart! Back, you rogue!”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “The measures they had taken to protect their families made him realize, more than anything else could have done, that they really were going to come with him and that they knew exactly how dangerous that would be. He wanted to tell them what that meant to him, but he simply could not find words important enough.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Fred’s eyes stared without seeing, the ghost of his last laugh still etched upon his face.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “It was as if Snape had started handing out sweets.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Clever as I am, I remain just as big a fool as anyone else.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Hide them all, then. Keep her – them – safe. Please.? And what will you give me in return, Severus?? In – in return? Anything.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Nobody’s ever asked me to a party before, as a friend. Is that why you dyed your eyebrow, for the party? Should I do mine too?”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Deliberately causing mayhem in Snape’s Potions class was about as safe as poking a sleeping dragon in the eye.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “The hottest day of the summer so far was drawing to a close and a drowsy silence lay over the large, square houses of Privet Drive.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “I knew Ginny was lying about that tattoo.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “I just take the train from platform nine and three-quarters,” – Harry Potter.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “But who could bear to know which stars were already dead, she thought, blinking up at the night sky; could anybody stand to know that they all were?”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Everybody finished the song at different times. At last, only the Weasley twins were left singing along to a very slow funeral march.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Sometimes you remind me a lot of James. He called it my ‘furry little problem’ in company. Many people were under the impression that I owned a badly behaved rabbit.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Harry Potter wasn’t a normal boy. As a matter of fact, he was as not normal as it is possible to be.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “That even though we’ve got a fight ahead of us, we’ve got one thing that Voldemort doesn’t have. – Something worth fighting for.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “I tell you, that dragon’s the most horrible animal I’ve ever met, but the way Hagrid goes on about it, you’d think it was a fluffy little bunny rabbit.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Every second he breathed, the smell of the grass, the cool air on his face, was so precious: To think that people had years and years, time to waste, so much time it dragged, and he was clinging to each second.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “At the age of one year old, Harry had somehow survived a curse from the greatest Dark sorcerer of all time, Lord Voldemort, whose name most witches and wizards still feared to speak. Harry’s parents had died in Voldemort’s attack, but Harry had escaped with his lightning scar, and somehow – nobody understood why – Voldemort’s powers had been destroyed the instant he had failed to kill Harry.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Your father left this in my possession before he died. It is time it was returned to you. Use it well. A Very Merry Christmas to you.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Witness for the defense, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “I bet you’re not dangerous at all, are you? Are you, you great ugly brute?”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Next time there’s a ball, ask me before someone else does, and not as a last resort!”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “He never seemed to grasp the immense mutability of human nature, nor to appreciate that behind every nondescript face lay a wild and unique hinterland like his own.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “You never get it right, you people, do you? Either we’ve got Fudge, pretending everything’s lovely while people get murdered right under his nose, or we’ve got you, chucking the wrong people into jail and trying to pretend you’ve got ‘The Chosen One’ working for you!”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Harry was just thinking that all he needed was for Dumbledore’s pet bird to die while he was all alone in the office with it, when the bird burst into flames.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Oh, shut up Weatherby.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “The truth is that you don’t think a girl would have been clever enough,’ said Hermione angrily. ‘How can I have hung round with you for five years and not think girls are clever?”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “It was as though they had been plunged into a fabulous dream. This, thought Harry, was surely the only way to travel – past swirls and turrets of snowy cloud, in a car full of hot, bright sunlight, with a fat pack of toffees in the glove compartment...”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Get up, you useless lump, get up!”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Greatness inspires envy, envy engenders spite, spite spawns lies. You must know this, Dumbledore.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Yeah, Quirrell was a great teacher. There was just that minor drawback of him having Lord Voldemort sticking out of the back of his head!”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “No post on Sundays,” he reminded them cheerfully as he spread marmalade on his newspapers, “no damn letters today – ” Something.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Professor Kettleburn, our Care of Magical Creatures teacher, retired at the end of last year in order to enjoy more time with his remaining limbs.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Dear me,” said Dumbledore, shaking his head, his long silver mustache quivering. “Impaled upon your own sword, Gilderoy!” “Sword?” said Lockhart dimly. “Haven’t got a sword. That boy has, though.” He pointed at Harry. “He’ll lend you one.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “I see a light in the kitchen. Let us not deprive Molly any longer of the chance to deplore how thin you are.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Montague’s just been found in a toilet, Sir.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Warrington’s aim’s so pathetic I’d be more worried if he was aiming for the person next to me.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Albus Dumbledore didn’t seem to realize that he had just arrived in a street where everything from his name to his boots was unwelcome.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Mrs. Figg, their batty old neighbor, came panting into sight. Her grizzled gray hair was escaping from its hairnet, a clanking string shopping bag was swinging from her wrist, and her feet were halfway out of her tartan carpet slippers. Harry made to stow his wand hurriedly out of sight, but – “Don’t put it away, idiot boy!” she shrieked. “What if there are more of them around? Oh, I’m going to kill Mundungus Fletcher!”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Harry had never believed he would meet a boy he hated more than Dudley, but that was before he met Draco Malfoy.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “I would like to make it clear, in parenthesis, that I do not blame my parents for their point of view. There is an expiration date on blaming your parents for steering you in the wrong direction; the moment you are old enough to take the wheel, responsibility lies with you.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “It was Snape who had overheard the prophecy. It was Snape who had carried the news of the prophecy to Voldemort. Snape and Peter Pettigrew together had sent Voldemort hunting after Lily and James and their son.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “All those poor elves I haven’t set free yet, having to stay over during Christmas because there aren’t enough hats!”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Ron said, “One person can’t feel all that at once, they’d explode.” “Just because you’ve got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn’t mean we all have,” said Hermione.”
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