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J.K. Rowling Quotes
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J.K. Rowling Quote: “When spares are spared, when time is turned, when unseen children murder their fathers: Then will the Dark Lord return.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “So that’s little Scorpious. Make sure you beat him in every test, Rosie. Thank god you’ve inherited your mother’s brains.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “The Dursleys had everything they wanted, but they also had a secret, and their greatest fear was that somebody would discover it. They didn’t think they could bear it if anyone found out about the Potters. Mrs. Potter was Mrs. Dursley’s sister, but they.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “But nothing I have seen in the world has supported your famous pronouncements that love is more powerful than my kind of magic, Dumbledore.” “Perhaps you have been looking in the wrong places,” suggested Dumbledore.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Imagine losing fingernails, Harry! That really puts our sufferings into perspective, doesn’t it?”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “There are much more terrible things than physical injury.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Snape, of course, would no sooner let them play games in class than adopt Harry.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Professor Sprout awarded Gryffindor twenty points when Harry passed her a watering can;.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “If the motorbike was huge, it was nothing to the man sitting astride it.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “It seemed to take Sirius an age to fall: his body curved in a graceful arc as he sank backwards through the ragged veil hanging from the arch.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “He felt that he was still groping in the dark; he had chosen his path but kept looking back, wondering whether he had misread the signs, whether he should not have taken the other way.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Hope springs forever.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “We can only guess,” said Dumbledore. “We may never know.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “He lay face down, listening to the silence. He was perfectly alone. Nobody was watching. Nobody else was there. He was not perfectly sure that he was there himself.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Yes, Harry, blessed as I am with extraordinary brainpower, I understood everything you told me. I think you might even consider the possibility that I understood more than you did.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “The inner eye does not see upon command.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “She can’t keep writing about what a tragic little hero I am, it’ll get boring.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “S’up, Figgy?”

418. “S’up, Figgy?

J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling Quote: “It was not, after all, so easy to die.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Why would I go looking for someone I know wants to kill me?”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Exploding Snap’s got nothing to do with Defence Against the Dark Arts, Professor! That’s not information relating to your subject!”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Her voice was now so shrill only bats would be able to hear it soon, but she had reached a level of indignation that rendered her temporarily speechless...”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “There was no benign smile upon Dumbledore’s face, no twinkle in the eyes behind the spectacles. There was cold fury in every line of the ancient face; a sense of power radiated from Dumbledore as though he were giving off burning heat.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Sometimes, however, the visitors stayed to help; Tonks joined them for a memorable afternoon in which they found a murderous old ghoul lurking in an upstairs toilet, and Lupin, who was staying in the house with Sirius but who left it for long periods to do mysterious work for the Order, helped them repair a grandfather clock that had developed the unpleasant habit of shooting heavy bolts at passersby.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “The narrow path had opened up suddenly onto the edge of a great black lake. Perched atop a high mountain on the other side, its windows sparkling in the starry sky, was a vast castle with many turrets and towers.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Ron gave a tiny jerk of the head that Harry understood to mean, Well – if you must.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “The magic continues, destiny awaits.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Because – oh shut up laughing, you two – because they’ve just been turned down by girls they asked to the ball!”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Mr Wormtail bids Professor Snape good day, and advises him to wash his hair, the slimeball.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “I hope there’s pudding!”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “I am very frustrated by fear of imagination, I don’t think that’s healthy.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Harry saw Yaxley slammed to the floor by George and Lee Jordan, saw Dolohov fall with a scream at Flitwick’s hands, saw Walden Macnair thrown across the room by Hagrid, hit the stone wall opposite, and slide unconscious to the ground. He saw Ron and Neville bringing down Fenrir Greyback, Aberforth Stunning Rookwood, Arthur and Percy flooring Thicknesse, and Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy running through the crowd, not even attempting to fight, screaming for their son.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Now, it is the view of the Ministry that a theoretical knowledge will be more than sufficient to get you through your examination, which, after all, is what school is all about.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Tut, tut, tut. Naughty, naughty, you’ll get caughty.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Harry, however, had never been less interested in Quidditch; he was rapidly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Ask us no questions and we’ll tell you no lies, Hermione. C’mon, George, if we get there early we might be able to sell a few Extendable Ears before Herbology.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Ron’s indignation on his behalf was worth about a hundred points to him.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Honestly, woman, you call yourself our mother?”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Yes, exactly. I heard he’s a sort of savage – lives in a hut on the school grounds and every now and then he gets drunk, tries to do magic, and ends up setting fire to his bed.” “I think he’s brilliant,” said Harry coldly.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Remember old Fleur Delacour?’ said George. ‘She’s got a job at Gringotts to eemprove ’er Eeenglish –.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “On Harry dug, deeper and deeper into the hard, cold earth, subsuming his grief in sweat, denying the pain in his scar.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “I don’t go looking for trouble,” said Harry, nettled. “Trouble usually finds me.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Then she thought bitterly that it would be much easier to resist chocolate if her life were less stressful.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Have to? Of course you have to! But only because of you, Harry, won’t rest until Voldemort is finished! Think now, for once, if you have never heard of the prophecy! What would you do?”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Which only goes to show that the best of us must sometimes eat our words,? Dumbledore went on, smiling.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Fought ’em off, did you, son?’ said Uncle Vernon loudly, with the appearance of a man struggling to bring the conversation back on to a plane he understood. ‘Gave ’em the old one-two, did you?’ ‘You can’t give a Dementor the old one-two,’ said Harry through clenched teeth.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Then he heard a terrible cry that pulled at his insides, that expressed agony of a kind that neither flame nor curse could cause, and he stood up, swaying, more frightened than he had been that day, more frightened, perhaps, than he had been in his whole life...”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Actually, I’m highly logical, which allows me to look past extraneous detail and perceive clearly that which others overlook.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Aunt Petunia often said that Dudley looked like a baby angel – Harry often said that Dudley looked like a pig in a wig.”
J.K. Rowling Quote: “Harry was particularly keen to avoid trouble with his aunt and uncle at the moment, as they were already in an especially bad mood with him, all because he’d received a telephone call from a fellow wizard one week into the school vacation.”
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