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Top 50 Jo Brand Quotes (2024 Update)

Jo Brand Quote: “Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.”
Jo Brand Quote: “Inside every fat person there’s a thin person looking to get out – They’ve just eaten them.”
Jo Brand Quote: “I took my husband to the hospital yesterday to have 17 stitches out – that’ll teach him to buy me a sewing kit for my birthday.”
Jo Brand Quote: “I’m a real Kentish maid, you know.”
Jo Brand Quote: “I think there’s a danger that we’re moving towards a state where the people we are expected to admire are almost not human anymore, and I don’t like that. I prefer it when someone looks like a nice person, and you think, ‘I could have a laugh with them in the pub.’”
Jo Brand Quote: “Everything becomes magnified at night. Sounds travel in a different way, it’s dark, and everything seems far more spooky.”
Jo Brand Quote: “When I got married, the Sun ran the headline: ‘Here comes the bride, all fat and wide.’ Luckily, it was a few days after the wedding – but it was still hideous to read at a great romantic moment.”
Jo Brand Quote: “Whatever situation you are in, that is what is normal for you.”
Jo Brand Quote: “I used to do bell ringing in Benenden church. It was really good fun, actually. My best friend’s dad was the local vicar, and so it was expected as her best friend that I would go to church every Sunday with her.”
Jo Brand Quote: “There are problems with nursing – such as the issue of nurses all having to do degrees these days. But that doesn’t mean to say the entire infrastructure of nursing is falling about and that it is populated by unfeeling psychopaths, which is, frankly, the implication sometimes.”
Jo Brand Quote: “I’m a terrible sort of non-fussy eater, really. I don’t like posh food very much, and the more ingredients something’s got in it, the less I tend to like it.”
Jo Brand Quote: “I like to read my diary occasionally to remind myself what a miserable, alienated old sod I used to be.”
Jo Brand Quote: “I tend to think the world is a bit of a miserable place, so anyone who can add to people’s optimistic, cheerful side is doing a good job, which is what I hope I’m doing.”
Jo Brand Quote: “I don’t know if we will ever try again because those sort of things are very hard to organise but yes, I’ve known Doon for years and John as well but I hadn’t met Will before, and he turned out to be a good laugh.”
Jo Brand Quote: “You look across the board at comedy quiz shows, and they are mainly hosted by men.”
Jo Brand Quote: “If you want to get a pet for your child, I suggest a chicken so that when they get bored of it after a couple of days at least you can have a nice roast dinner.”
Jo Brand Quote: “My ex-boyfriend can round last night, which was weird because I didn’t know he was in a coma.”
Jo Brand Quote: “My doctor told me I should get out of breath three times a week, so I took up smoking.”
Jo Brand Quote: “My personal opinion is that you can’t be racist towards white people. You can be prejudiced about them, but being prejudiced isn’t an illegal act, whereas being racist can be.”
Jo Brand Quote: “I made a supreme effort not to do that thing that parents do, which is to bore people without children to death by going on and on about how funny their children are, so there’s none of that hopefully.”
Jo Brand Quote: “When you cry, you don’t look very attractive; you look snotty and blotchy. People seem to manage to cry quite prettily these days, and to me, that smacks of not being very genuine.”
Jo Brand Quote: “Wild men are so enormously attractive.”
Jo Brand Quote: “When I was a nurse my favourite assignment was the anorexic ward. I sometimes ate as many as seventeen dinners.”
Jo Brand Quote: “I used to get a lot of people saying ‘Oh, you are such a lucky granny.’ But the fact of the matter is you can be a grandma at 35 these days.”
Jo Brand Quote: “One of the guys that used to run it – for some reason I’ve no idea why he used to call me the Sea Monster and I was just looking around for a name and thought that’ll do. That lasted for a couple of years probably.”
Jo Brand Quote: “I’ve been breastfeeding for two years. I could light the gas ring with my nipples.”
Jo Brand Quote: “Fat people are brilliant in bed. If I’m sitting on top of you, who’s going to argue?”
Jo Brand Quote: “I remember when Victoria Wood started to come through, and I thought she was great, though she and I are very different in our approach.”
Jo Brand Quote: “I think some people ramp a side of themselves up for performance purposes.”
Jo Brand Quote: “Suffice to say, many women find their first appearance on a comedy panel show to be their last. Second chances seem to be given less often to the female of the species.”
Jo Brand Quote: “What could be funnier than a fat person trying to run a marathon?”
Jo Brand Quote: “I did try when I wasn’t doing the singing to do as much comedy as I could because I thought with Comic Relief you are duty bound to anyway.”
Jo Brand Quote: “An overweight guy went to the doctor who advised him to try a keep fit DVD. But the guy said he couldn’t be bothered. “Well” suggested the doctor, “try something that leaves you a little short of breath.” So the buy took up smoking.”
Jo Brand Quote: “My mum is bright, ambitious, well read, political and very bolshie: when my dad was conscripted into the Army and posted to Libya, she convinced some general to let her go with him. I don’t know how she managed it.”
Jo Brand Quote: “One thing Christians do have in common is that they can’t help coming across as smug.”
Jo Brand Quote: “There are so many cliches associated with mental health – such as the ‘fine line between lunacy and genius’ – which are, on the whole, a load of rubbish.”
Jo Brand Quote: “The comedian sticks as religiously to her theme as a dancer sticks to a diet.”
Jo Brand Quote: “I think it’s really important to be kind, especially to people whose lives are grim – I try hard to cheer people up in as many ways as I can – if all else fails – I tell ’em a joke!”
Jo Brand Quote: “It wasn’t a conscious effort to have kids later. It was just the way life goes.”
Jo Brand Quote: “Men are fantastic – as a concept.”
Jo Brand Quote: “People are so different in reality from the picture created of them on TV. So it’s all a creation; everything is made up.”
Jo Brand Quote: “When you get to know someone, you find there’s something nasty in their woodshed.”
Jo Brand Quote: “I’ve never been a fan of euphemism.”
Jo Brand Quote: “I’m not really a churchy person, although I do think Jesus was a good bloke.”
Jo Brand Quote: “Over the years I attempted to make my style a bit more relaxed ’cause the initial style you couldn’t watch for more than ten minutes without wanting to kill me.”
Jo Brand Quote: “There have been some very extreme hecklers in audiences whose bile was so hateful and so meant that it would be a bit frightening to think that all I’m doing is jokes and yet someone hates me that much.”
Jo Brand Quote: “Does anyone really go into nursing intending to be apathetic, cold and removed from suffering? I find that very difficult to believe.”
Jo Brand Quote: “So, my style has hopefully changed over the years and it is more relaxed, and I do tend to smile and have more than one expression these days hopefully – which I didn’t at the beginning.”
Jo Brand Quote: “I pay a bit more than lip-service to health: I don’t eat chips or pre-prepared food, and it might be a comedy sacrilege to admit I do like vegetables, fruit and salad and stuff.”
Jo Brand Quote: “I look like Julian Clary on steroids.”
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