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Joanne Fluke Quotes

Joanne Fluke Quote: “If chocolate were a mandatory part of breakfast, people wouldn’t be so grouchy in the morning.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “For the life of her, she couldn’t understand how such an obstinate, boneheaded chauvinist could make her pulse race and her insides turn to jelly.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “If God gave Dad Alzheimer’s, He’s got to understand when Dad forgets what church he belongs to.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “IT was the time of day when Lake Eden residents decided it was too late for a breakfast cookie and too early for a lunch cookie.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “There was no greater gift than making someone laugh. People who laughed were happy.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “There was something wonderful about a blank sheet of notepaper. The lines were there, just waiting to be filled, and the page could turn into anything from a grocery list to the opening of The Great American Novel. The possibilities were endless.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “Candy loved to shop and she couldn’t seem to shop smiling. They’d gone out the front door of The Cookie Jar and into the next building over. There were party dresses on the mannequins in the windows, and Hannah has said they were going to buy something for her to wear to the party tomorrow night.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “It seemed that people could walk through life without causing a ripple, leading ordinary and uneventful lives. It was only after they’d been murdered that people took notice of them.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “M onday morning came earlier than Hannah anticipated. It arrived at four-thirty in the morning when she rolled over on what felt like small boulders in her bed and discovered that Moishe had brought her the contents of his food bowl during the night.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “Good Friends are like sunshine. A day is gloomy without them.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “She skinned her hair back into a ponytail, a style she knew was probably too young for her, but she planned to drive with her windows open and she could ditch the elastic band once she got to the lake.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “Next to coffee, chocolate was her favorite aroma.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “Make sure you wear something appropriate, dear. You never know who you’ll run into and it’s always smart to look your best.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “Minnesotans who bought scenic art usually avoided winter scenes. Hannah didn’t find that surprising. Minnesota winters were long. Why would they want to buy a painting that would constantly remind them of the bone-chilling cold, the heavy snow that had to be shoveled, and the necessity of dressing up in survival gear to do nothing more than take out the garbage?”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “Thunder sounded again, low and rumbling like the growl of some predatory beast. Hannah.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “Two dates in one night – not bad at all! Hannah’s frown changed to a grin as she lifted the lid and dropped her very favourite five-year-old pair of Nikes inside.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “Conversation over coffee tended to be candid and invited confidences.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “The next time you come to the Cookie Jar, the coffee’s on me. You could probably bottle that stuff of yours and sell it for rat poison.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “It was the sound of something heavy striking something composed of flesh and bone. Hannah wasn’t sure how she knew that, but she did. And her blood ran cold.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “On the one hand, it was nice to have someone who was concerned about you. But on the other hand, you couldn’t ever feel truly independent. Marriage was a trade-off. You gave up some things and you gained others.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “My favorite cookie is the cookie I’m eating at the moment.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “Solving crimes certainly wasn’t as easy as they made it seem in the movies.”
Joanne Fluke Quote: “I can be nice on occasion,” Mike said.”
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