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Jodi Picoult Quote: “I don’t want to make the same mistake twice. I don’t want to tell myself it’s over when it’s not.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “If you want to see God laugh, make a plan.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Lie to yourself until it’s true.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Some people, they get down in a hole so deep they can’t figure out what to hold on to.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “We believe what we want to, what we need to. The corollary is that we choose not to see what we’d rather pretend doesn’t exist.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “There’s always going to be bad stuff out there. But here’s the amazing thing – light trumps darkness, every time. You stick a candle into the dark, but you can’t stick the dark into the light.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Is Fate getting what you deserve, or deserving what you get?”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Rest easy, real mothers. The very fact that you worry about being a good mom means that you already are one.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “The Inuit say that the stars are holes in heaven. And every time we see the people we loved shining through, we know they’re happy.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “You can tell yourself that you would be willing to lose everything you have in order to get something you want. But it’s a catch-22: all of those things you’re willing to lose are what make you recognizable. Lose them, and you’ve lost yourself.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Hope and reality lie in inverse proportions.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “The wolves knew when it was time to stop looking for what they’d lost, to focus instead on what was yet to come.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Part of growing up was learning not to be quite that honest – learning when it was better to lie, rather than to hurt someone with the truth.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “He smiles at me, and I am suddenly seventeen again – the year I realize that love doesn’t follow the rules, the year I understood that nothing is worth having so much as something unattainable.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “On the other hand, I think cats have Asperger’s. Like me, they’re very smart. And like me, sometimes they simply need to be left alone.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Why are you doing this to yourself? When something bad happens, why do you have to pick at it until it bleeds all over again?”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “You get through it, you just never get over it.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Where you come from does matter – but not nearly as much as where you are headed.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “The desperate usually succeed because they have nothing to lose.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Knowledge was power, but a good librarian did not hoard the gift. She taught others how to find, where to look, how to see.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “What is right, in the end, is not always what it seems to be, and some rules are better broken.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Some women are meant to change the world, while others are meant to hold it together. And then there are those of us who simply don’t want to be in it, because we know no matter how much we struggle, we can’t comfortably fit.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “My grandmother told me that her father used to ask her a riddle: What must you break apart in order to bring a family close together? Bread, of course.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “You don’t need water to feel like you’re drowning, do you?”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “One person’s trauma is another’s loss of innocence.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “There is a reason the word belonging has a synonym for want at its center; it is the human condition.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “When you love someone you let them take care of you.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Words are like eggs dropped from great heights; you can no more call them back than ignore the mess they leave when they fall.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Superheroes were born in the minds of people desperate to be rescued.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “A world that was crowded with people could still be a very lonely place.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “To say there had been a loss was ludicrous; one lost a shoe or a set of keys. You did not suffer the death of a child and say there was a loss. There was a catastrophe. A devastation. A hell.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “You don’t look at another person’s plate to see if they have more than you. You look to see if they have enough.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “It seems to me that no matter what religion you subscribe to, acts of kindness are the stepping-stones to making the world a better place – because we become better people in it.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “If you focus on sandbagging the beachhead, you can ignore the tsunami that’s approaching. Try it any other way and you’ll go crazy.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Shooting stars are not stars at all. They re just rocks that enter the atmosphere and catch fire under friction. What we wish on when we see one is only a trail of debris.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Who I am, and what I am capable of doing has always managed to surprise me.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Everyone has a book inside of them – but it doesn’t do any good until you pry it out.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Power isn’t about doing something terrible to someone who’s weaker than you, Reiner. It’s having the strength to do something terrible, and choosing not to.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Something still exists as long as there’s someone around to remember it.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “When she wanted to escape her life, she read books.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I think grief is like a really ugly couch. It never goes away. You can decorate around it; you can slap a doily on top of it; you can push it to the corner of the room-but eventually, you learn to live with it.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Suddenly this is all too hard. I am tired of putting up walls. I want someone with the strength – and the honesty – to break them down.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Don’t pay back in kind, pay back in kindness. If someone does wrong by you, do right by them.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “If his voice hasn’t been the melody of my life, it’s been the bass line, so subtle you don’t notice it until it’s missing.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Envy, after all, comes from wanting something that isn’t yours. But grief comes from losing something you’ve already had.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “The real power of a wolf isn’t in its fearsome jaws, which can clench with fifteen hundred pounds of pressure per square inch. The real power of a wolf is having that strength, and knowing when not to use it.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Life was what happened when all the what-ifs didn’t.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Believe me, being gay is not a choice. No one would choose to make life harder than it has to be.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Things that break – be they bones, hearts, or promises – can be put back together but will never really be whole.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “After a certain point, a heart with so many stress fractures can never be anything but broken.”
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