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Jodi Picoult Quotes
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Jodi Picoult Quote: “The music we listen to may not define who we are. But it’s a damn good start.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “It feels like a punch. Tears fill my eyes, and I wonder how I could be upset over losing something I never had.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “It was possible that a miracle was not something that happened to you, but rather something that didn’t.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Having a family means you’re never alone.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “If you want to love a parent you have to understand the incredible investment he or she has in you. If you are a parent, and you want to be loved, you have to deserve it.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “You can make it dark, but I can’t make it light.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “But if you seek forgiveness, doesn’t that automatically mean you cannot be a monster? By definition, doesn’t that desperation make you human again?”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “But there’s an enormous difference between an audience that’s watching you because they can’t wait to see what comes next and an audience that’s watching you because they’re waiting for you to fail.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “You’d think someone who’d been to medical school would be able to hear through a stethoscope that somebody was empty inside.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “You know how I get angry sometimes? That’s because it’s the only way I can still feel. And I need to test myself, to make sure I’m really here.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “There were some people who hit your life so hard, they left a stain on your future.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “The bottom line is that we never fall for the people we’re supposed to.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I don’t know whether you can look at your past and find, woven like the hidden symbols on a treasure map, the path that will point to your final destination.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Love is the most dangerous craving of all, if you ask me. It turns us into people we aren’t. It makes us feel like hell, and makes us walk on water. It ruins us for anything else.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Life could take on any number of shapes while you were busy fighting your own demons. But if you were changing at the same rate as the person beside you, nothing else really mattered. You became each other’s constant.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Prayer is like water – something you can’t imagine has the strength or power to do any good, and yet give it time and it can change the lay of the land.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I would prove to you that being different isn’t a death sentence but a call to arms.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I found plain truth very interesting.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “The more you get past pain, the more it goes from coal to diamond.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Equality is treating everyone the same. But equity is taking differences into account, so everyone has a chance to succeed.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “In nineteen minutes, you can mow the front lawn; color your hair; watch a third of a hockey game. In nineteen minutes, you can bake scones or get a tooth filled by a dentist; you can fold laundry for a family of five. In nineteen minutes, you can stop the world; or you can just jump off it.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I wondered what happened when you offered yourself to someone, and they opened you, only to discover you were not the gift they expected and they had to smile and nod and say thank you all the same.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “The right idea is the one you can’t stop thinking about; the one that’s in your head first thing in the morning.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Close a door, and you’d still feel a breeze through the window.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “What I want, more than anything, is to turn back time a little. To become the kid I used to be, who believed whatever my mother said was one hundred percent true and right without looking hard enough to see the hairline crack.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “All any of us wanted, really, was to know that we counted. That someone else’s life would not have been as rich without us here.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “They’re fake bullets, so why do I feel like Im bleeding out?”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “It was one thing to sacrifice your own life for someone else’s. It was another thing entirely to bring into the mix a third party – a third party who knew you, who trusted you implicitly.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “On a really dark night, you can see between 1,000 and 1,500 stars, and there are millions more that haven’t been discovered. It is so easy to think that the world revolves around you, but all you have to do is stare up at the sky to realize it isn’t that way at all. -Brian Fitzgerald.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “The thinnest slice would be teeming with memories of a love so strong it turned you inside out and left you gasping, and would be an identical match to a slice stored in the heart of a soul mate.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I think there are two different oceans – the one that plays with you in the summer, and the one that gets so mad in the winter.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I don’t think anyone who falls in love has a choice. You’re just pulled to that person like true north, whether it’s good for you or bound to break your heart.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “When it comes to memories, the good and the bad never balance.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “You didn’t get past something like that, you go through it – and for that reason alone, I understood more about her than she ever would have guessed.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Just because you had every right to feel sorry for yourself didn’t mean you ever took the opportunity to do so.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I don’t know why it’s called “getting lost.” Even when you turn down the wrong street, when you find yourself at the dead end of a chain-link fence or a road that turnd to sand, you are somewhere. It just isn’t where you expected to be.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “You know how every now and then, you have a moment where your whole life stretches out ahead of you like a forked road, and even as you choose one gritty path you’ve got your eyes on the other the whole time, certain that you’re making a mistake.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Not everyone understands how you can spin two lassos at the same time, one of hope and one of grief.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “This is what it means to be human. We are all just canvases for our scars.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Sometimes I think there’s a beast that lives inside me, in the cavern that’s where my heart should be, and every now and then it fills every last inch of my skin, so that I can’t help but do something inappropriate. Its breath is full of lies; it smells of spite.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “The world just feels different for those of us who come alive after dark. It’s more fragile and unreal, a replica of the one everyone else inhabits.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I am not keeping my distance because it is uncomfortable for me, but because it is uncomfortable for them.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “You don’t look at another person’s plate to see if they have more than you. You look to see if they have enough.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “You can believe something really hard,? Faith says, ’and still be wrong.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Once the world was pulled out from beneath your feet, did you ever get to stand on firm ground again?”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “It doesn’t matter what it is that leaves a hole inside you. It just matters that it’s there.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I may not have a degree, but I certainly got an education.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I know how difficult it can be when the image you’ve had of something doesn’t match its reality; when the friend beside you turns into a monster.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “You know how sometimes, your life is so perfect you’re afraid for the next moment, because it couldn’t possibly be quite as good? That’s what it felt like.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Listen, I would say, this is not how I thought our lives would go; and may be we cannot find our way out of this alley. But there is no one I’d rather be lost with.”
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