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Jodi Picoult Quote: “After a certain point, a heart with so many stress fractures can never be anything but broken.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “There is no one truth. There’s only what happened, based on how you perceive it.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “The weapons an author has at her disposal are flawed. There are words that feel shapeless and overused. Love, for example. I could write the word love a thousand times and it would mean a thousand different things to different readers.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “What if it turns out that a life isn’t defined by who you belong to or where you came from, by what you wished for or whom you’ve lost, but instead by the moments you spend getting from each of these places to the next?”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Things had a way of working out for the best when you let them run their course.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “You couldn’t have strength without weakness, you couldn’t have light without dark, you couldn’t have love without loss.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Remember when you were a little kid and you’d fall asleep in the car? And someone would carry you out and put you into bed, so that when you woke up in the morning, you knew automatically you were home again? That’s what I think it’s like to die.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Raw love, like raw heartache, could blindside you.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “If you ask me, music is the language of memory.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “That’s why we read fiction, isn’t it? To remind us that whatever we suffer, we’re not the only ones?”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “If you gave someone your heart and they died, did they take it with them? Did you spend the rest of forever with a hole inside you that couldn’t be filled?”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I imagine having that sixth sense, the certainty that what I’m looking for is within reach, even if it’s still hidden.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “The saddest day in the world will be the one when she stops pretending.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “It’s not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “If you’ve lived through it, you already know there are no words that will ever come close to describing it, and if you didn’t – you will never understand.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “If you spend too much time living in the past, you never move forward.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I knew what it was like to lose someone you loved. You didn’t get past something like that, you got through it.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I adore the way he looks at me sometimes, as if love is a quantity he cannot measure scientifically, because it multiplies too quickly.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Can you hate someone for what they have done, but still love them for whom they had been?”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “My dad used to say that living with regrets was like driving a car that only moved in reverse.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “When a freedom is taken away from you, I suppose, you recognize it as a privilege, not a right.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “The doctors may be mapping out the war games, but it is the nurses who make the conflict bearable.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “In reality, you don’t ever change the hurricane. You just learn how to stay out of its path.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I’m grateful for my children, who are slowly emerging to become their own wonderful, interesting, compassionate young adults – which makes me believe that along the way I must have done something right.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “History isn’t about dates and places and wars. It’s about the people who fill the spaces between them.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Saying goodbye to the people you love isn’t easy.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “The moral of this story is that no matter how much we try, no matter how much we want it... some stories just don’t have a happy ending.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Sometimes, when you don’t ask questions, it’s not because you are afraid that someone will lie to your face. It’s because you’re afraid they’ll tell you the truth.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “People work too hard to figure out the meaning of their lives. Why me, why now. The truth is, sometimes things don’t happen to you for a reason. Sometimes it’s just about being in the right place at the right time for someone else.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Even the most beautiful things can be toxic.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Suddenly, I don’t want to be this person anymore. I don’t want to pretend I’m fooling the world when I’m not. I want someone else to have a plan for me, because I’m not doing a very good job myself.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “There are millions of people in the world, and the spirits will see that most of them you never have to meet. But there are one or two you are tied to, and the spirits will cross you back and forth, threading so many knots until they catch and you finally get it right.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “The moral of this story is that sometimes, you can attempt to make all the difference in the world, and it still is like trying to stem the tide with a sieve. The moral of this story is that no matter how much we try, no matter how much we want it... some stories just don’t have a happy ending.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I wonder if what makes a family a family isn’t doing everything right all the time but, instead, giving a second chance to the people you love who do things wrong.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “The answer is that there is no good answer. So as parents, as doctors, as judges, and as a society, we fumble through and make decisions that allow us to sleep at night – because morals are more important than ethics, and love is more important than law.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “But there’s a part of me that wonders what it would be like to be the most important person to someone else, to always feel like you were missing a piece of yourself when he wasn’t near you.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I told myself that if I didn’t care, this wouldn’t have hurt so much – surely that proved I was alive and human and all those touchy-feely things, for once and for all. But that wasn’t a relief, not when I felt like a skyscraper with dynamite on every floor.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I wonder if, as you get older, you stop missing people so fiercely. Maybe growing up is just focusing on what you’ve got, instead of what you don’t.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I close my eyes, thinking that there is nothing like an embrace after an absence, nothing like fitting my face into the curve of his shoulder and filling my lungs with the scent of him.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “It takes two people to make a lie work: the person who tells it, and the one who believes it.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Q: How would you like your eggs in the morning? A: Unfertilized.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “As it turns out, you can function while your heart is being torn to shreds.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Sometimes when you find something you didn’t really realize you were looking for, you just don’t know how to react.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Small Great Things is a reference to a quote often attributed to Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “We all have things that come back to haunt us. Some of us just see them more clearly than others.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Happiness is what you choose to remember.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “I’m not saying you did the wrong thing. I’m not even saying it wasn’t something I’d thought of doing, myself. But even if it was the just thing to do, or the fitting thing, it still wasn’t the right thing.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “The truth doesn’t always set you free; people prefer to believe prettier, neatley wrapped lies.”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Is it a crime when you love someone so much that you can’t stand the thought of them changing? Is it a crime when you love someone so much that you can’t see clearly?”
Jodi Picoult Quote: “Doing the right thing for someone else occasionally means doing something that feels wrong to you.”
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