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John Lennon Quotes
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John Lennon Quote: “The postman wants an autograph. The cab driver wants a picture. The waitress wants a handshake. Everyone wants a piece of you.”
John Lennon Quote: “As someone from the working class I was always interested in Russia and China and everything that related to the working class, even though I was playing the capitalist game.”
John Lennon Quote: “Today’s folk song is rock and roll. Although it happened to emanate from America, that’s not really important in the end because we wrote our own music and that changed everything.”
John Lennon Quote: “Nothing will stop me, and whether I’m here or wherever I may be, I’ll always have the same feelings, I’ll say what I feel.”
John Lennon Quote: “I always like the studio best, once I got the hang of it and the control. I like it because it’s complete control.”
John Lennon Quote: “I don’t intend to be a performing flea any more. I was the dreamweaver, but although I’ll be around I don’t intend to be running at 20,000 miles an hour trying to prove myself. I don’t want to die at 40.”
John Lennon Quote: “You’d have to give people free rein to attack the local councils or to destroy the school authorities, like the students who break up the repression in the universities. It’s already happening, though people have got to get together more.”
John Lennon Quote: “There is no denying that we are still living in the capitalist world. I think that in order to survive and to change the world, you have to take care of yourself first. You have to survive yourself.”
John Lennon Quote: “The reason why kids are crazy is because nobody can face the responsibility of bringing them up.”
John Lennon Quote: “Reporter lady: What’s that color? John: Hm. I’d call this a color!”
John Lennon Quote: “In England, there are only two things to be, basically: You are either for the labor movement or for the capitalist movement. Either you become a right-wing Archie Bunker if you are in the class I am in, or you become an instinctive socialist, which I was.”
John Lennon Quote: “Music is everybody’s possession.”
John Lennon Quote: “Rituals are important. Nowadays it’s hip not to be married. I’m not interested in being hip.”
John Lennon Quote: “I just sat all night looking at him, saying, ‘Wow, it’s incredible.’ When Yoko woke up, I told her, ‘He’s fine,’ and we cried.”
John Lennon Quote: “I wanna hold your gland.”
John Lennon Quote: “I’m a moldy moldy man I’m moldy thru and thru I’m a moldy moldy man You would not think it true I’m moldy til my eyeballs I’m moldy til my toe I will not dance I shyballs I’m such a humble Joe.”
John Lennon Quote: “We were always going to dump him when we found a decent drummer.”
John Lennon Quote: “The cross of the Legion of Honor has been conferred on me. However, few escape that distinction.”
John Lennon Quote: “Why should The Beatles give more? Didn’t they give everything on God’s earth for ten years? Didn’t they give themselves?”
John Lennon Quote: “I remember a time when everybody I loved hated me because I hated them.”
John Lennon Quote: “Love is you, you and me. Love is knowing we can be.”
John Lennon Quote: “Rituals are important.”
John Lennon Quote: “They’ll never be able to forget us.”
John Lennon Quote: “Why is everyone telling me to do it? I already did it.”
John Lennon Quote: “The greatest artists always come round to simplicity.”
John Lennon Quote: “You know the way people begin to look like their dogs? Well, we’re beginning to look like each other.”
John Lennon Quote: “One more stage, one more limo, one more run for your life.”
John Lennon Quote: “It was very romantic. It’s all in the song, The Ballad of John and Yoko. If you want to know how it happened, it’s in there. Gibraltar was like a little sunny dream. I couldn’t find a white suit -? I had sort of off-white corduroy trousers and a white jacket. Yoko had all white on.”
John Lennon Quote: “I believe in what I do, and I’ll say it.”
John Lennon Quote: “I’d always felt repressed. We were all so pressurised that there was hardly any chance of expressing ourselves, especially working at that rate, touring continually and always kept in a cocoon of myths and dreams.”
John Lennon Quote: “My original idea for the cover was better – decapitate Paul – but he wouldn’t go along with it.”
John Lennon Quote: “The continual awareness of what was going on made me feel ashamed I wasn’t saying anything. I burst out because I could no longer play that game any more, it was just too much for me.”
John Lennon Quote: “I’m not a god or the God, but we’re all God and we’re all potentially divine – and potentially evil. We all have everything within us and the Kingdom of Heaven is nigh and within us, and if you look hard enough you’ll see it.”
John Lennon Quote: “I think it’s false, shallow, to be giving to others when your own need is great. The idea is not to comfort people, not to make them feel better but to make them feel worse, to constantly put before them the degradations and humiliations they go through to get what they call a living wage.”
John Lennon Quote: “Love is a promise; love is a souvenir...”
John Lennon Quote: “I know I hurt you then But that was way back when.”
John Lennon Quote: “I believe in everything until it’s disproved.”
John Lennon Quote: “All this bit about angels and all the different religions, it’s based on something. I think anything’s possible. I believe in everything until it’s disproved.”
John Lennon Quote: “Sarcasim is the lowest form of humor.”
John Lennon Quote: “I’ve had the boyhood thing of being Elvis. Now I want to be with my best friend and my best friend is my wife. Who could ask for anything more?”
John Lennon Quote: “I dream in colour, and its always very surreal. My dream world is complete Hieronymus Bosch and Dali. I love it, I look forward to it every night.”
John Lennon Quote: “There is not one thing that’s Beatle music. How can they talk about it like that? What is Beatle music? Walrus or Penny Lane? Which? It’s too diverse: I Want to Hold Your Hand or Revolution Number Nine?”
John Lennon Quote: “I was different, I was always different. Why didn’t anybody notice me?”
John Lennon Quote: “Everything is true and not true about everything. That’s one thing I’ve learned.”
John Lennon Quote: “How poetry comes to the poet is a mystery.”
John Lennon Quote: “I don’t miss it. I’m glad it happened, but I don’t miss it.”
John Lennon Quote: “The artist’s role isn’t to tell people how to feel, but reflect.”
John Lennon Quote: “Slipping? We’re bigger than Jesus.”
John Lennon Quote: “If people take any notice of what we say, we say we’ve been through the drug scene, man, and there’s nothing like being straight.”
John Lennon Quote: “I don’t mind looking to the camera -? it’s people that throw me.”
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