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Jonathan Franzen Quotes

Jonathan Franzen Quote: “But the first lesson reading teaches is how to be alone.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “You’re either reading a book or you’re not.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Use well thy freedom.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Nice people don’t necessarily fall in love with nice people.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “There is, after all, a kind of happiness in unhappiness, if it’s the right unhappiness.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “How wrong to have been so negative, how wrong to have been so gloomy, how wrong to have run away from life, how wrong to have said no, again and again, instead of yes.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Without privacy there was no point in being an individual.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “I guess my life hasn’t always been happy, or easy, or exactly what I want. At a certain point, I just have to try not to think too much about certain things, or else they’ll break my heart.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Elective ignorance was a great survival skill, perhaps the greatest.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Fiction is a solution, the best solution, to the problem of existential solitude.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “I find it a huge strain to be responsible for my tastes and be known and defined by them.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “The personality susceptible to the dream of limitless freedom is a personality also prone, should the dream ever sour, to misanthropy and rage.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “It’s doubtful that anyone with an internet connection at his workplace is writing good fiction.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Depression presents itself as a realism regarding the rottenness of the world in general and the rottenness of your life in particular.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “The novelist has more and more to say to readers who have less and less time to read: where to find the energy to engage a culture in crisis when the crisis consists in the impossibility of engaging with the culture?”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “You see more sitting still than chasing after.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Once there are good sentences on the page, I can feel a loyalty to them and start following their logic, and take refuge from myself.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Then she waited, with parted lips and a saucy challenge in her eyes, to see how her presence – the drama of being her – was registering. In the way of such chicks, she seemed convinced of the originality of her provocation.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “I’ve moved away from that sort of deep-ecological extremism. I started to think: what can we do for wild birds right now? I don’t want these particular species to disappear.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “It’s healthy to say uncle when your bone’s about to break.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Readers and writers are united in their need for solitude, in their pursuit of substance in a time of ever-increasing evanescence: in their reach inward, via print, for a way out of loneliness.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “There’s a hazardous sadness to the first sounds of someone else’s work in the morning; it’s as if stillness experiences pain in being broken.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Integrity’s a neutral value. Hyenas have integrity, too. They’re pure hyena.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “He became another data point in the American experiment of self-government, an experiment statistically skewed from the outset, because it wasn’t the people with sociable genes who fled the crowded Old World for the new continent; it was the people who didn’t get along well with others.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “And Silence of the Lambs is a really smart book.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “He couldn’t figure out if she was immensely well adjusted or seriously messed up.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Popularity has become its own justification.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “If you want to have friends, you have to remember that nobody’s perfect.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “THE CORRECTION, when it finally came, was not an overnight bursting of a bubble but a much more gentle letdown, a year-long leakage of value from key financial markets, a contraction too gradual to generate headlines and too predictable to seriously hurt anybody but fools and the working poor.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Expecting a novel to bear the weight of our whole disturbed society – to help solve our contemporary problems – seems to me a peculiarly American delusion. To write sentences of such authenticity that refuge can be taken in them: isn’t this enough? Isn’t it a lot?”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Imagine that human existence is defined by an Ache: the Ache of our not being, each of us, the center of the universe; of our desires forever outnumbering our means of satisfying them.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Patty knew, in her heart, that he was wrong in his impression of her. And the mistake she went to go on to make, the really big life mistake, was to go along with Walter’s version of her in spite of knowing that it wasn’t right. He seemed so certain of her goodness that eventually he wore her down.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Every good writer I know needs to go into some deep, quiet place to do work that is fully imagined. And what the Internet brings is lots of vulgar data. It is the antithesis of the imagination. It leaves nothing to the imagination.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Fiction is a particularly effective way for strangers to connect across time and distance.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Here was a torture that Greek inventors of the Feast and the Stone had omitted from their Hades: the Blanket of Self-Deception. A lovely warm blanket as far as it covered the soul in torment, but it never quite covered everything.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “If you look at the New Testament, it’s a gospel of love. Yes, there’s talk of judgement and there’s talk of heaven and there’s talk of people not getting into heaven, but it doesn’t seem to me that the fundamental message of the gospels was one of guilt and retribution so much as love.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “The figure of my father looms large in my imagination.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “The pain was quite extraordinary. And yet also weirdly welcome and restorative, bringing him news of his aliveness and his caughtness in a story larger than himself.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Good novels are produced by people who voluntarily isolate themselves and go deep, and report from the depths on what they find.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Interesting verbs are seldom very interesting.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “I was a late child from my parents, so I grew up surrounded by people a lot older than me. I think even when I was 21, I felt like I was a 70-year-old man.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Today’s Baudelaires are hip-hop artists.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “The writer’s life is a life of revisions.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Nothing got inside the head without becoming pictures.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “And meanwhile the sad truth was that not everyone could be extraordinary, not everyone could be extremely cool; because whom would this leave to be ordinary?”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Our lives look a lot more interesting when they’re filtered through the sexy Facebook interface. We star in our own movies, we photograph ourselves incessantly, we click the mouse and a machine confirms our sense of mastery.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “The world was ending then, it’s ending still, and I’m happy to belong to it again.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “The reader is a friend, not an adversary, not a spectator.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “The human species was given dominion over the earth and took the opportunity to exterminate other species and warm the atmosphere and generally ruin things in its own image, but it paid this price for its privileges: that the finite and specific animal body of this species contained a brain capable of conceiving the infinite and wishing to be infinite itself.”
Jonathan Franzen Quote: “Don’t talk to me about hatred if you haven’t been married. Only love, only long empathy and identification and compassion, can root another person in your heart so deeply that there’s no escaping your hatred of her, not ever; especially not when the thing you hate most about her is her capacity to be hurt by you. The love persists and the hatred with it.”
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