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Top 380 Julia Cameron Quotes (2023 Update)

Julia Cameron Quote: “Do not call procrastination laziness. Call it fear.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Treating myself like a precious object will make me strong.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Water seeks its own level and water rises collectively.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Progress, not perfection, is what we should be asking of ourselves.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Sometimes, in order to go forward, You must first go back.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Often it is tenacity, not talent, that rules the day.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “What we focus on, we empower and enlarge. Good multiplies when focused upon. Negativity multiplies when focused upon. The choice is ours: Which do we want more of?”
Julia Cameron Quote: “The creator made us creative. Our creativity is our gift from God. Our use of it is our gift to God. Accepting this bargain is the beginning of true self-acceptance.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “If you work on your creativity, you deepen your spirituality. And if you work on your spirituality, you deepen your creativity.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Art opens the closets, airs out the cellars and attics. It brings healing.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “When we clear the physical clutter from our lives, we literally make way for inspiration and ‘good, orderly direction’ to enter.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “It’s impossible to get better and look good at the same time.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Serious art is born from serious play.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Accept the fact that you’re an artist and stop second-guessing yourself. Just do it.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “As you move toward a dream, the dream moves toward you.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “All too often, it is audacity and not talent that moves an artist to center stage.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Workaholism is an addiction, and like all addictions, it blocks creative energy.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Creativity occurs in the moment, and in the moment we are timeless.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Creativity is always a leap of faith. You’re faced with a blank page, blank easel, or an empty stage.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Workaholism is a block, not a building block.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Once we are willing to accept that anything worth doing might even be worth doing badly, our options widen.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “When we stop playing God, God can play through us.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “At it’s essence, art is an alchemical process. Alchemy is a process of transformation.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “There will be many times when we won’t look good-to ourselves or anyone else. We need to stop demanding that we do. It is impossible to get better and look good at the same time.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “When we do what we really love, money will come, the door will open. We feel useful and work as a game that.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Being in the mood to write, like being in the mood to make love, is a luxury that isn’t necessary in a long-term relationship. Just as the first caress can lead to a change of heart, the first sentence, however tentative and awkward, can lead to a desire to go just a little further.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Did you write today? Then you’re a writer today.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “The Artist’s Way is a spiritual journey, a pilrimage home to the self.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Pray to catch the bus, then run as fast as you can.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “We are ourselves creations. We are meant to continue creativity by being creative ourselves. This is the God-force extending itself through us. Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using creativity is our gift back to God.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “We are meant to midwife dreams for one another. Success occurs in clusters.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Enthusiasm is not an emotional state. It is a spiritual commitment, a loving surrender to our creative process. Enthusiasm – from the Greek, filled with God – is an ongoing energy supply tapped into the flow of life itself.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Writing-and this is the big secret-wants to be written. Writing loves a writer the way God loves a true devotee. Writing will fill your heart if you let it. It will fill your pages and help to fill your life.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Your mood doesn’t really matter. Some of the best creative work gets done on the days when you feel that everything you’re doing is just plain junk.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Do what intrigues you, explore what interests you; think mystery, not mastery.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “There is a connection between self-nurturing and self-respect.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace, and power in it.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Nothing dies harder than a bad idea.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “The essential element in nurturing our creativity lies in nurturing ourselves.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “Next to Morning Pages and Artist Dates, the most potent tool for contacting inner guidance and creativity is walking.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “An artist paints, dances, draws, writes, designs, or acts at the expanding edge of consciousness. We press into the unknown rather than the known. This makes life lovely and lively.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “In times of pain, when the future is too terrifying to contemplate and the past too painful to remember, I have learned to pay attention to right now. The precise moment I was in was always the only safe place for me.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “I bless the wisdom of my loving heart. Love is a form of listening. I listen with a loving heart. I listen to the love within my heart and I hear the love in the hearts of others.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “The reward for attention is always healing.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “In order to have a real relationship with our creativity, we must take the time and care to cultivate it.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “We must attend to what our inner guidance is nudging us toward.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “To write is to right things. A path will emerge.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “The need to be a great artist makes it hard to be an artist. The need to produce a great work of art makes it hard to produce any art at all.”
Julia Cameron Quote: “There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost. MARTHA GRAHAM.”
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