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Top 30 Kai Greene Quotes (2023 Update)

Kai Greene Quote: “I never gave up, even when people told me I’d never make it; Never underestimate the heart of a champion.”
Kai Greene Quote: “Nothing comes easy, but as long as you’re breathing, you’re always one breath away from making your dreams a reality. Make every breath count.”
Kai Greene Quote: “It’s like you have to save your own life, nobody is going to be your savior for you, so we have to do what we have to do, no matter what it is.”
Kai Greene Quote: “Get out, realize your dream, and go for it.”
Kai Greene Quote: “Bodybuilding is an art, your body is the canvas, weights are your brush and nutrition is your paint. We all have the ability to turn a self portrait into a masterpiece.”
Kai Greene Quote: “Your dreams are always going to be the most important to you than they will be to anybody else. So keep dreaming, keep believing, keep pressing forward. So all those warriors out there – be encouraged.”
Kai Greene Quote: “If you don’t believe you can do something then you can’t.”
Kai Greene Quote: “In the mind of every artist there is a masterpiece.”
Kai Greene Quote: “If a man doesn’t have a dream, then he has nothing to work for. Nothing to get up in the morning. No reason, no purpose, to be.”
Kai Greene Quote: “What am I doing with my life? Am I just going to some humdrum job that I don’t really want to be at, doing some minuscule task, getting paid to be a mindless drone? Or am I out there living life, on my terms, the way I want to live it, doing the things that I want to do?”
Kai Greene Quote: “The greatest gift you can give someone is the space to be his or herself, without the threat of you leaving.”
Kai Greene Quote: “I am a believer, I am believer that we shape and create the life that we choose, and I believe that the tool that we have to do that, is our mind.”
Kai Greene Quote: “I’ve found my true calling in life, and I’m living life on my terms.”
Kai Greene Quote: “They can crack jokes. They can sit back and analyze and criticize and make all the fun they want. But I’m living my life, I’m doing it. What are you doing?”
Kai Greene Quote: “You come to a point in your life and you may be in bed just thinking about it. Ask yourself what is stopping you from becoming your dreams.”
Kai Greene Quote: “The person with the biggest dreams is more powerful than the person with all the answers.”
Kai Greene Quote: “I’ll never be a weightlifter...”
Kai Greene Quote: “The weight is just a tool. Do you focus on the hammer or the nail? You better focus on the thing you’re trying to hit.”
Kai Greene Quote: “You have to think it before you can do it. The mind is what makes it all possible.”
Kai Greene Quote: “Champions are an example of what happens when you decide to leave the plane of average thinking, where you dare to dream and you dare to go after that dream, and you make these thoughts and ideas become more than something than just a dream. They actually become a vision.”
Kai Greene Quote: “I do like to believe there is no stupid and or funny question because in fact if we don’t ask than we don’t learn.”
Kai Greene Quote: “Bodybuilding has been the tool that single-handedly taught a little black boy from the projects to use his mind to achieve success. it taught me to see things for what they can be. I had 17-inch arms; I imagined them to be 24 inches. The power of my mind allowed me to achieve what I imagined.”
Kai Greene Quote: “I’ve never competed in powerlifting. But my goals weren’t to be a powerlifter. My goals were to pack on size and get big, big, big.”
Kai Greene Quote: “Is it 10g of protein more or 10g of protein less, who cares, just get started.”
Kai Greene Quote: “Your dreams will always be more important to you than anyone else, you can want something as much as you want but at the end of the day your mum doesn’t care if your arms are 24 inches or not, but that doesn’t mean you give up, chase your dreams.”
Kai Greene Quote: “My goal is to be a contributor and to encourage others as they realize their dreams.”
Kai Greene Quote: “I feel it is a tremendous compliment to a natural competitor to hear “I just don’t believe you’re natural,” because it means you just look that good.”
Kai Greene Quote: “I feel for food more than I could crave a woman. And that’s the truth!”
Kai Greene Quote: “We are here to learn and to make our dreams realized.”
Kai Greene Quote: “It’s a very interesting thing to try to be your absolute best – not a percent better or a percent worse than that.”
Kai Greene Quote: “In the beginning it wasn’t bodybuilding competition that motivated me, it was just getting muscles and getting big. And certainly it has evolved for me since then. I think I’m still evolving.”
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