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Kevin Hart Quotes
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Kevin Hart Quote: “The movies and all that stuff are great, but the fact that I’m in a position to do what I want to do, however I want to do it and when I want to do it is bigger.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I go onstage and I talk, and I remember what I’m saying, and I track it.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “People don’t want to hear about me having leather walls or gold toilets.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “The one thing about the business of entertainment is that you have to learn patience.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I don’t know about other people, but I love to work.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I can get where some scientists would say comedians are crazy. What you have to understand: A lot of comedians are dealing with a dark passion. A lot of these are guys coming from a tumultuous life, including myself. Some people need outlets, a way to express yourself.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “The most important thing for a director is being able to communicate. When you communicate comfortably, regardless of what you’re saying, it can always be processed.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “Expect me to continue what I’ve been doing, which is trying to take over the world.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I’m a health nut, but when I eat, I go hard.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “My son is becoming me – just a silly, silly prankster guy.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “You can do the same thing with $20 million that you would do with $50 million. So at a certain point in your life and in your career, you realise that it’s not about the money.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I didn’t want to lift weights and get all big; I just wanted to get cut.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “My daughter has impressions that she does of me.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this career of mine.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “In comedy, my strengths are improvisation.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I understand that being able to appeal to the public and having an amazing sense of humour is not something that comes easy. It’s definitely a gift and for which I’m thankful.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I’m good friends with Jay Leno, good friends with Ed O’Neill, Melanie Fiona and Russell Simmons.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “On ‘Think Like a Man,’ they got the best out of me because they allowed me to bring my own cadences and opinions to the character that I was playing. I think we got the best of that particular character.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I try to be funny and not ignorant.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “My drive is other people’s success.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “My dad was never married. He was kind of a rolling stone. But he was never disrespectful. At the same time, even though he had women in his life when I was a kid, there wasn’t any consistency.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I feel like I have a job to do, like I constantly have to reinvent myself. The more I up the ante for myself, the better it is in the long run. I try to interact with my fans as much as possible. It’s good that the person I’m being onstage isn’t really an act. It’s really me.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “Sports are basically our way of feeling sorry for ourselves. Most men can’t become athletes. We’re watching guys who actually made it. We see them dunking and making touchdowns. Then we think about ourselves when we were younger.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I’m not going to stop having problems.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “My goal is to make everyone and anyone a fan.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I can’t cook, but I can make a turkey and cheese sandwich like nobody else.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I had one incident where my daughter said that a girl asked if she was a brown person. I said, ‘We’re black. You have black people, white people, Chinese people, Hispanic people; we’re all brought up differently.’”
Kevin Hart Quote: “Stand-up can take you in so many different places, man. So many doors can be opened up from stand-up comedy, and the first one that was opened up for me was acting.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “For me, the way I stay consistent is through stand-up comedy.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “My lady makes me do it. I sang Whitney Houston’s “Bodyguard”.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “When I was married, I definitely went through a lying period.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “The most important thing for a director is being able to communicate.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “Some people come to work and that’s exactly what it is – work.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “Comedy Central was a great network, but ‘Chappelle’s Show’ took it to a completely different level. Other shows got bigger because so many viewers were watching the ‘Chappelle’ reruns. For BET, the ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’ has that same potential.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I make a lot of expressions constantly. I’m animated.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “My kids are the funniest two human beings there are.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I’ve pushed several women in front of violent situations. My rule is save myself first.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I got a chance to work with Stallone and De Niro – pretty much sums it up for me. You can tell where you’re going in your career by the company you keep.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I’ve turned down shows offering large amounts of money.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I don’t have to change anything. I think that’s the secret to comedy. You want to be universal and appeal to everyone.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I wanna produce, write, and direct my own projects, and eventually fund them. I wanna be a mogul.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “Here’s the thing. We do a movie with a predominantly black cast, and it’s put in a category of being a black film. When other movies are done with a predominantly white cast, we don’t call them a white film. I’m trying to remove the stigma off things they call black films.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “Every experience is a potential life lesson. Even if you don’t appreciate it at the time, each struggle in the present is preparing you for something else in the future.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “This younger generation that’s around, that’s tweeting, Facebooking and Vine-ing, the fans appreciate that because they feel like they can get to you.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I would spend absolutely every last minute with my kids, telling them how much I love them and how much I would do for them.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I just want to be a great example to younger kids.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “My success comes in making fun of whatever you’re doing. That’s my way.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “Going through my divorce has changed who I am in my understanding of what’s good and bad in relationships.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “What you find I think in the mystical strain of Catholicism is that you’re put in relationship with God, and you have many opportunities not only of talking with God in petitionary prayer, but also of listening to God, being attentive to God, as happens in contemplation.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “The beauty of me being on stage is I have a voice.”
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