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Kevin Hart Quotes
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Kevin Hart Quote: “Chris Rock does the political thing really well, but that never worked for me.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “Bieber has 10 million fans – most are in middle schools, or standing at least 500 feet away from one.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “Some sarcasm is best told simply. Some humor is best told big and some is best told small.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “When you have box-office results, Hollywood treats you different. Hollywood stands up. Once you get to the point where Hollywood sees that you create results, then the demand for you becomes higher.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “You might be the funniest guy in the world, but if you don’t have anything to talk about, people are eventually going to gravitate towards the guy that’s actually saying something.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I don’t see how people are comfortable with seeing other people be great. You can be happy for anybody, but what is your excuse to not want to be great? These people are great because they just say, ‘I’ma do that,’ and they do it. That’s it. There’s no scientifical process.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “Winners are the ones who want the most out of their opportunities.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “There’s a giant gap between what you imagine yourself doing and what you’re capable of doing and it hurts pretty bad when you fall into that gap.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I’m not Russell Crowe. I’m not going to do a period piece.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “When I was married, I definitely went through a lying period.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “The most important thing for a director is being able to communicate.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “Some people come to work and that’s exactly what it is – work.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “Comedy Central was a great network, but ‘Chappelle’s Show’ took it to a completely different level. Other shows got bigger because so many viewers were watching the ‘Chappelle’ reruns. For BET, the ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’ has that same potential.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I make a lot of expressions constantly. I’m animated.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “People don’t want to hear about me having leather walls or gold toilets.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “My kids are the funniest two human beings there are.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I’ve pushed several women in front of violent situations. My rule is save myself first.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I got a chance to work with Stallone and De Niro – pretty much sums it up for me. You can tell where you’re going in your career by the company you keep.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I’ve turned down shows offering large amounts of money.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I don’t have to change anything. I think that’s the secret to comedy. You want to be universal and appeal to everyone.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “I wanna produce, write, and direct my own projects, and eventually fund them. I wanna be a mogul.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “Your life today is the sum total of your choices. So if you’re not happy with it, look back at your choices and start making different ones. Even if you are struck by lighting and injured, you made choices that led you to that spot at a particular time – and you get to choose how you feel about it afterward.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “But at times, life is random if not downright stupid.”
Kevin Hart Quote: “Kids can say anything in a mocking, singsong voice, and make it sound uncool. “You have ears. Nyah-nyah-na-nyah-nyah, you have eee-ars and they’re on the side of your fay-ace!”
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