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Leonardo da Vinci Quotes
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Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Our body is dependent on heaven and heaven on the Spirit.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Of the horse I will say nothing because I know the times.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Many will think they may reasonably blame me by alleging that my proofs are opposed to the authority of certain men held in the highest reverence by their inexperienced judgments; not considering that my works are the issue of pure and simple experience.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Perspective is a most subtle discovery in mathematical studies, for by means of lines it causes to appear distant that which is near, and large that which is small.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “A luminous body will appear more brilliant in proportion as it is surrounded by deeper shadow.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “I have found that, in the composition of the human body as compared with the bodies of animals, the organs of sense are duller and coarser. Thus, it is composed of less ingenious instruments, and of spaces less capacious for receiving the faculties of sense.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “When counting, try not to mix chickens with blessings.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Experience never misleads; what you are misled by is only your judgment, and this misleads you by anticipating results from experience of a kind that is not produced by your experiments.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “He who in reasoning cites authority is making use of his memory rather than of his intellect.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Whatever you think matters – doesn’t. Follow this rule, and you will add decades to your life. Rodger Rosenblatt As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “A natural action is accomplished in the briefest manner.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Things severed shall be united and shall acquire of themselves such virtue that they shall restore to men their lost memory: – That is the papyrus sheets, which are formed out of several strips and preserve the memory of the thoughts and deeds of men.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The lover is drawn by the thing loved, as the sense is by that which it perceives...”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “An infinite number of men will sell publicly and unhindered things of the very highest price, without leave from the Master of it; while it never was theirs nor in their power; and human justice will not prevent it.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Nothing is more apt to deceive us than our own judgment of our work. We derive more benefit from having our faults pointed out by our enemies than from hearing the opinions of friends.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The fame of the rich man dies with him; the fame of the treasure, and not of the man who possessed it, remains.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “It is the infinite alone that cannot be attained, for if it could it would become finite.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Nature varies the seed according to the variety of the things she desires to produce in the world.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Men standing in opposite hemispheres will converse and deride each other and embrace each other, and understand each other’s language.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Slender certainty is better than portentous falsehood.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “O mighty and once living instrument of formative nature. Incapable of availing thyself of thy vast strength thou hast to abandon a life of stillness and to obey the law which God and time gave to procreative nature.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “O admirable necessity! O powerful action! What mind can penetrate your nature? What language can express this marvel? None, to be sure. This is where human discourse turns toward the contemplation of the divine.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The variety of colour in objects cannot be discerned at a great distance, excepting in those parts which are directly lighted up by the solar rays.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “It reflects no great honour on a painter to be able to execute one thing well.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Every loss which we incur leaves behind it vexation in the memory, save the greatest loss of all, that is, death, which annihilates the memory, together with life.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Truth is so excellent, that if it praises but small things they become noble.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Avoid studies of which the result dies with the worker.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “One day the world will look upon research upon animals as it now looks upon research on human beings.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “How painting surpasses all human works by reason of the subtle possibilities which it contains.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Let not your rage or malice destroy a life.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The painter who draws by practise and judgment of the eye without the use of reason is like the mirror which reproduces within itself all the objects which are set opposite to it without knowledge of the same.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Just as food eaten without appetite is a tedious nourishment, so does study without zeal damage the memory by not assimilating what it absorbs.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The human being, creature of eyes, needs the image.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The vivacity and brightness of colors in a landscape will never bear any comparison with a landscape in nature when it is illumined by the sun, unless the painting is placed in such a position that it will receive the same light from the sun as does the landscape.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The memory of benefits is a frail defence against ingratitude.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Love shows itself more in adversitythan in prosperity; as light does, which shines most where the place isdarkest.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Good writing comes from good talent.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Make your faces so that they do not all have the same expression, as one sees with most painters, but give them different expression, according to age, complexion, and good or bad character.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “To lie is vile, to tell truth is excellent, if not noble.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “A good painter has two main objects to paint, man and the intention of his soul. The former is easy, the latter hard as he has to represent it by the attitude and movement of the limbs.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “All the bystanders at an event worthy of note adopt various gestures of admiration when contemplating the occurrence.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Here is a thing which the more you fear and avoid it the nearer you approach to it, and this is misery; the more you flee from it the more miserable and restless you will become.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The great man presides over all his states of consciousness with obstinate rigor.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “If you put on more clothes as the cold increases, it will have no power to hurt you. Let us hope that.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “To speak well of a base man is much the same as speaking ill of a good man.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The good painter must paint two things: a person and the essence of his soul.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “I am not to blame for putting forward, in the course of my work on science, any general rule derived from a previous conclusion.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The first object of the painter is to make a flat plane appear as a body in relief and projecting from that plane.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Some promises and time disappoint us.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “It is no small benefit on finding oneself in bed in the dark to go over again in the imagination the main lines of the forms previously studied, or other noteworthy things conceived by ingenious speculation.”
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