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Leonardo da Vinci Quotes
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Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “We may call painting the grandchild of nature.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Painting is concerned with the ten things you can see: these are darkness and brightness, substance and color, form and place, remoteness and nearness, movement and rest.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “I abhor the supreme folly of those who blame the disciples of nature in defiance of those masters who were themselves her pupils.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Oh! Speculators on things, boast not of knowing the things that nature ordinarily brings about; but rejoice if you know the end of those things which you yourself device.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “If the thing loved is base, the lover becomes base.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Movement will fail sooner than usefulness.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Necessity is a guardian in Nature.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The instant the atmosphere is illuminated it will be filled with an infinite number of images which are produced by the various bodies and colours assembled in it. And the eye is the target, a lodestone, of these images.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “It is a far worthier thing to read by the light of experience than to adorn oneself with the labors of others.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The lover is moved by the beloved object as the senses are by sensual objects; and they unite and become one and the same thing. The work is the first thing born of this union; if the thing loved is base the lover becomes base.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Nothing is so much to be feared as Evil Report.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The motions of men must be such as suggest their dignity or their baseness.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Experience, the interpreter between creative nature and the human race, teaches the action of nature among mortals: how under the constraint of necessity she cannot act otherwise than as reason, who steers her helm, teaches her to act.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The fox when it sees a flock of herons or magpies or birds of that kind, suddenly flings himself on the ground with his mouth open to look as he were dead; and these birds want to peck at his tongue, and he bites off their heads.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “He who despises painting has no love for the philosophy in nature.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The bones of the Dead will be seen to govern the fortunes of him who moves them.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “O Time with your teethy years! You swallow up all things little by little in a slow-motion, wrinkling process of dying.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “A man was desired to rise from bed because the sun was already up. He replied: “If I had as far to go and as much to do as he has, I should be up by now; but having but a little way to go, I shall not get up yet.””
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Man’s external form, marvellously constructed, is not much as compared with the divine soul that dwells inside that structure.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “There are many kinds of beauty as people who possess it.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “One shall be born from small beginnings which will rapidly become vast. This will respect no created thing, rather will it, by its power, transform almost every thing from its own nature into another.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “It seems that it had been destined before that I should occupy myself so thoroughly with the vulture, for it comes to my mind as a very early memory, when I was still in the cradle, a vulture came down to me, he opened my mouth with his tail and struck me a few times with his tail against my lips.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The grave will fall in upon him who digs it.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “I have discovered that a screw-shaped device such as this, if it is well made from starched linen, will rise in the air if turned quickly.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Men and words are ready made, and you, O Painter, if you do not know how to make your figures move, are like an orator who knows not how to use his words.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “He who fears dangers will not perish by them.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “All the elements will be seen mixed together in a great whirling mass, now borne towards the centre of the world, now towards the sky; and now furiously rushing from the South towards the frozen North, and sometimes from the East towards the West, and then again from this hemisphere to the other.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Ask counsel of him who rules himself well.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Oh! how foul a thing, that we should see the tongue of one animal in the guts of another.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “To speak ill of a good person is not truly good, all in all.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “I have solved what color is, however ; I still have no idea about what line is.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “A man of supreme folly: his life flies away while he is merely hoping to enjoy it.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Those who become enamoured of the art, without having previously applied to the diligent study of the scientific part of it, may be compared to mariners who put to the sea in a ship without rudder or compass and therefore cannot be certain of arriving at the wished for port.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “A single and distinct luminous body causes stronger relief in the objects than a diffused light; as may be seen by comparing one side of a landscape illuminated by the sun, and one overshadowed by clouds, and illuminated only by the diffused light of the atmosphere.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Weight is caused by one element being situated in another; and it moves by the shortest line towards its centre, not by its own choice, not because the centre draws it to itself, but because the other intervening element cannot withstand it.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The painter strives and competes with nature.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “When the thing taken into union is perfectly adapted to that which receives it, the result is delight and pleasure and satisfaction.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “When that which loves is united to the thing beloved it can rest there; when the burden is laid down it finds rest there. There will be eternal fame also for the inhabitants of that town, constructed and enlarged by him.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The divisions of Perspective are 3, as used in drawing; of these, the first includes the diminution in size of opaque objects; the second treats of the diminution and loss of outline in such opaque objects; the third, of the diminution and loss of colour at long distances.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “My works are the issue of simple and plain experience which is the true mistress.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Men born in hot countries love the night because it refreshes them and have a horror of light because it burns them.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Many will be busied in taking away from a thing, which will grow in proportion as it is diminished.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Sculptured figures which appear in motion, will, in their standing position, actually look as if they were falling forward.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “Nature is constrained by the cause of her laws which dwell inborn in her. Variant: Nature is constrained by the order of her own law which lives and works within her.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The limiting surface of one thing is the beginning of another.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The eye encompasses the beauty of the whole world.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The earth is moved from its position by the weight of a tiny bird resting upon it.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “The length of a man’s outspread arms is equal to his height.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “There is no object so large but that at a great distance from the eye it does not appear smaller than a smaller object near.”
Leonardo da Vinci Quote: “We should not desire the impossible.”
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