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Top 450 Lord Byron Quotes (2022 Update)
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Lord Byron Quote: “On the ear Drops the light drip of the suspended oar.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Land of lost gods and godlike men.”
Lord Byron Quote: “A man of eighty has outlived probably three new schools of painting, two of architecture and poetry and a hundred in dress.”
Lord Byron Quote: “For the night Shows stars and women in a better light.”
Lord Byron Quote: “I know that two and two make four – and should be glad to prove it too if I could – though I must say if by any sort of process I could convert 2 and 2 into five it would give me much greater pleasure.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Talent may be in time forgiven, but genius never.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Like other parties of the kind, it was first silent, then talky, then argumentative, then disputatious, then unintelligible, then altogether, then inarticulate, and then drunk. When we had reached the last step of this glorious ladder, it was difficult to get down again without stumbling.”
Lord Byron Quote: “The world is a bundle of hay, Mankind are the asses that pull, Each tugs in a different way And the greatest of all is John Bull!”
Lord Byron Quote: “Yet he was jealous, though he did not show it, For jealousy dislikes the world to know it.”
Lord Byron Quote: “A pretty woman is a welcome guest.”
Lord Byron Quote: “By headless Charles see heartless Henry lies.”
Lord Byron Quote: “I hate all pain, Given or received; we have enough within us The meanest vassal as the loftiest monarch, Not to add to each other’s natural burden Of mortal misery.”
Lord Byron Quote: “I am no Platonist, I am nothing at all; but I would sooner be a Paulician, Manichean, Spinozist, Gentile, Pyrrhonian, Zoroastrian, than one of the seventy-two villainous sects who are tearing each other to pieces for the love of the Lord and hatred of each other.”
Lord Byron Quote: “I die but first I have possessed, And come what may, I have been blessed.”
Lord Byron Quote: “The cold, the changed, perchance the dead, anew, The mourn’d, the loved, the lost,-too many, yet how few!”
Lord Byron Quote: “I am the very slave of circumstance And impulse – borne away with every breath!”
Lord Byron Quote: “I think the worst woman that ever existed would have made a man of very passable reputation – they are all better than us and their faults such as they are must originate with ourselves.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Time strips our illusions of their hue, And one by one in turn, some grand mistake Casts off its bright skin yearly like the snake.”
Lord Byron Quote: “But as to women, who can penetrate the real sufferings of their she condition? Man’s very sympathy with their estate has much of selfishness and more suspicion. Their love, their virtue, beauty, education, but form good housekeepers, to breed a nation.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Shakespeare’s name, you may depend on it, stands absurdly too high and will go down.”
Lord Byron Quote: “None are so desolate but something dear, Dearer than self, possesses or possess’d A thought, and claims the homage of a tear.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Eternity forbids thee to forget.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Poetry should only occupy the idle.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Jealousy dislikes the world to know it.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Tis sweet to listen as the night winds creep From leaf to leaf.”
Lord Byron Quote: “I speak not of men’s creeds – they rest between Man and his Maker.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Accursed be the city where the laws would stifle nature’s!”
Lord Byron Quote: “Parting day Dies like the dolphin, whom each pang imbues With a new colour as it gasps away, The last still loveliest, till-’t is gone, and all is gray.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Love rules the camp, the court, the grove – for love is Heaven, and Heaven is love.”
Lord Byron Quote: “The heart ran o’er With silent worship of the great of old! – The dead, but sceptred sovereigns, who still rule Our spirits from their urns.”
Lord Byron Quote: “To be perfectly original one should think much and read little, and this is impossible, for one must have read before one has learnt to think.”
Lord Byron Quote: “It is true from early habit, one must make love mechanically as one swims; I was once very fond of both, but now as I never swim unless I tumble into the water, I don’t make love till almost obliged.”
Lord Byron Quote: “I have always laid it down as a maxim -and found it justified by experience -that a man and a woman make far better friendships than can exist between two of the same sex -but then with the condition that they never have made or are to make love to each other.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Send me no more reviews of any kind. I will read no more of evil or good in that line. Walter Scott has not read a review of himself for thirteen years .”
Lord Byron Quote: “I can’t but say it is an awkward sight To see one’s native land receding through The growing waters; it unmans one quite, Especially when life is rather new.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Yet smelt roast meat, beheld a huge fire shine, And cooks in motion with their clean arms bared.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Just as old age is creeping on space, And clouds come o’er the sunset of our day, They kindly leave us, though not quite alone, But in good company – the gout or stone.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Yet still there whispers the small voice within, Heard through Gain’s silence, and o’er Glory’s din; Whatever creed be taught or land be trod, Man’s conscience is the oracle of God.”
Lord Byron Quote: “One hates an author that’s all author.”
Lord Byron Quote: “I depart, Whither I know not; but the hour’s gone by When Albion’s lessening shores could grieve or glad mine eye.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Nothing so fretful, so despicable as a Scribbler, see what I am, and what a parcel of Scoundrels I have brought about my ears, and what language I have been obliged to treat them with to deal with them in their own way; – all this comes of Authorship.”
Lord Byron Quote: “This sort of adoration of the real is but a heightening of the beau ideal.”
Lord Byron Quote: “The basis of your religion is injustice. The Son of God the pure, the immaculate, the innocent, is sacrificed for the guilty. This proves his heroism, but no more does away with man’s sin than a school boy’s volunteering to be flogged for another would exculpate a dunce from negligence.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Who tracks the steps of glory to the grave?”
Lord Byron Quote: “Exhausting thought, And hiving wisdom with each studious year.”
Lord Byron Quote: “It is useless to tell one not to reason but to believe; you might as well tell a man not to wake but sleep.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Such hath it been – shall be – beneath the sun The many still must labour for the one.”
Lord Byron Quote: “If ancient tales say true, nor wrong these holy men.”
Lord Byron Quote: “For what were all these country patriots born? To hunt, and vote, and raise the price of corn?”
Lord Byron Quote: “Shelley is truth itself and honour itself notwithstanding his out-of-the-way notions about religion.”
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