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Lord Byron Quotes
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Lord Byron Quote: “By headless Charles see heartless Henry lies.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Who then will explain the explanation?”
Lord Byron Quote: “Pythagoras, Locke, Socrates – but pages might be filled up, as vainly as before, with the sad usage of all sorts of sages, who in his life-time, each was deemed a bore! The loftiest minds outrun their tardy ages.”
Lord Byron Quote: “War, war is still the cry,-“war even to the knife!””
Lord Byron Quote: “If ancient tales say true, nor wrong these holy men.”
Lord Byron Quote: “The lapse of ages changes all things – time, language, the earth, the bounds of the sea, the stars of the sky, and every thing about, around, and underneath man, except man himself.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Though sages may pour out their wisdom’s treasure, there is no sterner moralist than pleasure.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Parting day Dies like the dolphin, whom each pang imbues With a new colour as it gasps away, The last still loveliest, till-’t is gone, and all is gray.”
Lord Byron Quote: “But as to women, who can penetrate the real sufferings of their she condition? Man’s very sympathy with their estate has much of selfishness and more suspicion. Their love, their virtue, beauty, education, but form good housekeepers, to breed a nation.”
Lord Byron Quote: “One hates an author that’s all author.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Death, so called, is a thing which makes men weep, And yet a third of life is passed in sleep.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Few things surpass old wine; and they may preach Who please, the more because they preach in vain.”
Lord Byron Quote: “And those who saw, it did surprise, Such drops could fall from human eyes.”
Lord Byron Quote: “I have a great mind to believe in Christianity for the mere pleasure of fancying I may be damned.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Despair and Genius are too oft connected.”
Lord Byron Quote: “The image of Eternity – the throne Of the Invisible; even from out thy slime The monsters of the deep are made; each zone Obeys thee; thou goest forth, dread, fathomless, alone.”
Lord Byron Quote: “I can’t but say it is an awkward sight To see one’s native land receding through The growing waters; it unmans one quite, Especially when life is rather new.”
Lord Byron Quote: “In itself a thought, a slumbering thought is capable of years; and curdles a long life into one hour.”
Lord Byron Quote: “But beef is rare within these oxless isles; Goat’s flesh there is, no doubt, and kid, and mutton; And, when a holiday upon them smiles, A joint upon their barbarous spits they put on.”
Lord Byron Quote: “The cold, the changed, perchance the dead, anew, The mourn’d, the loved, the lost,-too many, yet how few!”
Lord Byron Quote: “And Mocha’s berry, from Arabia pure, In small fine china cups, came in at last. Gold cups of filigree, made to secure the hand from burning, underneath them place. Cloves, cinnamon and saffron, too, were boiled Up with the coffee, which, I think, they spoiled.”
Lord Byron Quote: “In commitment, we dash the hopes of a thousand potential selves.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Romances paint at full length people’s wooing. But only give a bust of marriages.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Shakespeare’s name, you may depend on it, stands absurdly too high and will go down.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Perhaps the early grave Which men weep over may be meant to save.”
Lord Byron Quote: “With thee all tales are sweet; each clime has charms; earth – sea alike – our world within our arms.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Man, being reasonable, must get drunk; the best of life is but intoxication.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Egeria! sweet creation of some heart Which found no mortal resting-place so fair As thine ideal breast.”
Lord Byron Quote: “I have always laid it down as a maxim -and found it justified by experience -that a man and a woman make far better friendships than can exist between two of the same sex -but then with the condition that they never have made or are to make love to each other.”
Lord Byron Quote: “The art of angling, the cruelest, the coldest and the stupidest of pretended sports.”
Lord Byron Quote: “I cannot conceive why people will always mix up my own character and opinions with those of the imaginary beings which, as a poet, I have the right and liberty to draw.”
Lord Byron Quote: “This sort of adoration of the real is but a heightening of the beau ideal.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Rough Johnson, the great moralist.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Think’st thou existence doth depend on time? It doth; but actions are our epochs.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Ah, happy years! once more who would not be a boy?”
Lord Byron Quote: “The Cardinal is at his wit’s end – it is true that he had not far to go.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Jealousy dislikes the world to know it.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Such hath it been – shall be – beneath the sun The many still must labour for the one.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Then, fare thee well, deceitful Maid!”
Lord Byron Quote: “Shelley is truth itself and honour itself notwithstanding his out-of-the-way notions about religion.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Yet smelt roast meat, beheld a huge fire shine, And cooks in motion with their clean arms bared.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Good but rarely came from good advice.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Lovers may be and indeed generally are enemies, but they never can be friends, because there must always be a spice of jealousy and a something of Self in all their speculations.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Nothing can confound a wise man more than laughter from a dunce.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Time strips our illusions of their hue, And one by one in turn, some grand mistake Casts off its bright skin yearly like the snake.”
Lord Byron Quote: “No more we meet in yonder bowers Absence has made me prone to roving; But older, firmer hearts than ours, Have found monotony in loving.”
Lord Byron Quote: “I depart, Whither I know not; but the hour’s gone by When Albion’s lessening shores could grieve or glad mine eye.”
Lord Byron Quote: “So the struck eagle, stretch’d upon the plain, No more through rolling clouds to soar again, View’d his own feather on the fatal dart, And wing’d the shaft that quiver’d in his heart.”
Lord Byron Quote: “By Heaven! it is a splendid sight to see For one who hath no friend, no brother there.”
Lord Byron Quote: “Where are the forms the sculptor’s soul hath seized? In him alone, Can nature show as fair?”
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