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Marjane Satrapi Quotes

Marjane Satrapi Quote: “Always keep your dignity and be true to yourself.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “Nothing’s worse than saying goodbye. It’s a little like dying.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “In every religion, you find the same extremists.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “The way that you remember your life, it’s never linear. You have flashes of different moments of your life, and the flashes aren’t equal; they have different styles.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “Once again, I arrived at my usual conclusion: one must educate oneself.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “Culture and education are the lethal weapons against all kinds of fundamentalism.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “One can forgive but one should never forget.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “Drawing is the first language of the human being before writing. It’s a transcription of how the human being sees reality, not reality itself.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “I respect humanity. That’s my religion. I can’t stand these religions that are really businesses. So much money everywhere that’s going to buy a really nice house in heaven – or what? I don’t get it.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “A real love story has to finish bad. That is what I think.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “The best thing I ever did in my life was to ask, ‘Do I like everybody?’ And the answer was, ‘No.’ So why should everybody like me? If people are against me, so what? I’m against them too.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “I don’t make a career plan. I take things the way they come.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “I have my dark side. You have your dark side. From the second that we have a brain, there are things that are not right – we are human beings with all these illusions and complexes and everything. That’s attractive to me.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “I realized then that I didn’t understand anything. I read all the books I could.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “I was a westerner in Iran, an Iranian in the West. I had no identity. I didn’t even know anymore why I was living.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “It’s fear that makes us lose our conscience. It’s also what transforms us into cowards.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “The world is not about Batman and Robin fighting the Joker; things are more complicated than that. And nothing is scarier than the people who try to find easy answers to complicated questions.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “I think animation is like running a marathon, and making a movie is like a 100 meter sprint. The question is: are you a marathon man or are you a sprinter? I realized that I was more of a sprinter than a marathon man. With a long, long project, I get bored easily.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “Graphic novels are not traditional literature, but that does not mean they are second-rate. Images are a way of writing. When you have the talent to be able to write and to draw, it seems a shame to choose one. I think it’s better to do both.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “All big changes of the world come from words.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “You know, they say in France that translation is like a woman: she is either beautiful or faithful.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “Evil is international and the fanatic is international and universal. There is no difference between a Muslim fanatic, a Christian fanatic, even a secular fanatic.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “That’s the story of life – when you start enjoying people, it’s always too late.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “Life is absolutely unbearable. And we’re going to die.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “This clash of the culture, East and the West, us and them, Muslim and Christian, does not exist.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “Cinema is a world of imagination.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “I wasn’t made to take orders. My grandmother used to tell me: ‘Laws are for idiots.’ She was right.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “Anything that has a relationship with pleasure, we reject it. Eating, they talk about cholesterol; making love, they talk about AIDS; you talk about smoking, they talk about cancer. It’s a very sick society that rejects pleasure.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “I’m extremely unbearable. You know, I’m narcissistic and at the same time I’m very charming – I think.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “You see a picture and you understand perfectly, immediately, the basic thing that’s happening. It’s probably more accessible because we are in a culture of images. People are used to seeing stories that way. They understand looking at pictures.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “My real background was in art studies. At the beginning I was a painter, then I was this graphic designer, then I became an illustrator, then I was a comic artist. But for me it’s a different way of expression, a different field of art. They’re not separated; everything for me is related.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “You hear people saying, ‘Oh I’m so tired, I’ve had enough of Cannes.’ How can you have enough of Cannes? It’s just the best place to be, like a fairytale.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “If people are given the chance to experience life in more than one country, they will hate a little less. It’s not a miracle potion, but little by little you can solve problems in the basement of a country, not on the surface.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “War always takes you by surprise.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “I had learned that you should always shout louder than your aggressor.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “We found ourselves veiled and separated from our friends.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “I don’t want to quit smoking. I am convinced that if I quit smoking, the world would go to hell.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “I really didn’t know what to think about the veil. Deep down I was very religious but as a family we were very modern and avant-garde. I was born with religion. At the age of six I was already sure I was the last prophet. This was few years before the revolution.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “I wanted to make a real love story with a bad ending, because a love story that ends good is the life of everyone. I always say to people, You know, if Romeo and Juliet got married, nobody would care about them. Imagine Romeo and Juliet, six kids yelling, mama, mama, papa, papa.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “If hair is as stimulating as you say then you need to shave your mustache.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “To die a martyr is to inject blood into the veins of society.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “Human beings have a lot of problems identifying themselves with other human beings who don’t resemble them exactly. But there’s something about drawing that means that anyone can identify to a drawing. I mean, people can identify themselves with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “My mother was the favorite child of her parents. My father was the favorite child of his parents. The result of these two favorite children was me. And I am an only child. So I was convinced that I was the center of the universe.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “Racism is not nearly as important as poverty. That’s the same around the world. What look like ethnic problems are really economic issues. If you look closely at all these conflicts around the world, they come down to poverty and economics and resources. The more poverty, the worse the war.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “You must base everything on these three rules: behave well, speak well, act well.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “The first writing of the human being was drawing, not writing.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “For me, drawing is a question of death and life. Every day I draw, I write, I do something.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “Here’s the problem: the description of the world is always reduced to yes or no, black or white. Superficial stories. Superhero stories. One side is the good one. The other one is evil.”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “I’m someone who lived in a war for five years. I received bombs on my head every day of my childhood. Did that stop me from living? Did that stop me from laughing?”
Marjane Satrapi Quote: “I wanted to be an educated, liberated woman. And if the pursuit of knowledge meant getting cancer, so be it.”
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