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Maryrose Wood Quotes

Maryrose Wood Quote: “If it were easy to resist, it would not be called chocolate cake.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “Nothing good was ever learned from eavesdropping, so mind your business and let others mind theirs.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “All books are judged by their covers until they are read.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “Plants make the air! Do you understand what that means? Our food, our air, our very lives come from the plants. How could they not be of divine origin, of divine intelligence? How can we deny that, in some essential way, they are no less than you or I?”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “In the words of Agatha Swanburne, founder of Swanburne Academy, ‘Every book is judged by its cover until it is read.’”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “Busy hands and idle minds have knitted many a sweater; Busy minds and idle hands have knitted many a brow.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “If it were easy to resist, it would not be called chocolate cake.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “Complaining doesn’t butter the biscuit” -Agatha Swanburne.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “When things are looking up, there’s no point in looking elsewhere” -Agatha Swanburne.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “An open mind lets ideas out, as well as in” -Agatha Swanburne.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “That is the purpose of museums, of course. One does not go merely to collect facts and souvenirs and picture post cards, but to enlarge one’s notion of all that has been, and all that is, and all that might be. In this way we begin to understand what part each of us was born to play in the marvelous tale of existence.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “To do something familiar and succeed is no surprise, but to try something new and fail – why, that is the start of an adventure.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “You’ll find it in the last place you look, so, for heaven’s sake, keep looking until you find it!”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “Weed Rises to his feet. “Nature,” he says softly, “makes so many beautiful things. But I did not know until you that nature could make a girl so beautiful.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “There is power in words used accurately and well, and tragedy and missed train connections in words used carelessly.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “To be kept waiting is unfortunate, but to be kept waiting with nothing interesting to read is a tragedy of Greek proportions” -Agatha Swanburne.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “Feeling one ought to apologize is not quite the same thing as saying ‘I am sorry’ ” -Penelope.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “If there is one thing I have learned, from loving Jessamine and even from the evil tasks you have made me do, it is that all forms of life are worthy of compassion.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “She had chosen Dante because she found the rhyme scheme pleasingly jaunty, but she realized too late that the Inferno’s tale of sinners being cruelly punished in the afterlife was much too bloody and disturbing to be suitable for young minds. Penelope could tell this by the way the children hung on her every word and demanded “More, more!” each time she reached the end of a canto and tried to stop.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “They disrupted the performance.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “This practice of overstating the case is called hyperbole. Hyperbole is usually harmless, but in some cases it has been known to precipitate unnecessary wars as well as a painful gaseous condition called stock market bubbles. For safety’s sake, then, hyperbole should be used with restraint and only by those with proper literary training.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “That which can be purchases at a shop is easily left in a taxi; that which you carry inside you is difficult, though not impossible, to misplace” -Agatha Swanburne.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “You will recall that she had expected she might be scolded for entering Lord Fredrick’s study and perhaps falsely accused of taking the almanac. It had even occurred to her that the police might be summoned and criminal charges filed, after which she would have to bravely defend herself in front of a stern, white-wigged judge. Her eloquence would earn a standing ovation from the dazzled spectators, who would find it impossible to believe that this mere girl of fifteen was not a trained lawyer.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “Lady Constance swept into the room as giddy and foolish as ever. To look at her, you would think that nothing unpleasant had ever happened in the whole history of England.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “Clearly, being anxious is a full-time and rather exhausting occupation.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “You know I believe that all children should have pets if it can possibly be managed, she wrote. I feel it is beneficial to give even the littlest children responsibility for something more helpless and in need of care than themselves. In this way selfishness is avoided, generosity is nurtured, and the heart’s affections are exercised until they can bend and stretch to encompass all the world’s creatures.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “Call it professional interest. You see, Jessamine, love is a kind of poison; one of my favorite kinds, in fact. It infects the blood; it takes over the mind; it seizes dominion over the body. It amuses me to think of him pining for you. Aching for what he cannot have. The loneliness in his soul is festering like a wound. There is nothing I could do for him that is worse that what you have already done, my lovely. And I assure you, in his case there will be no cure.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “Like a milk mustache, faint traces of you persist; love leaves evidence.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “I supposed this is what is meant by ‘growing up’... Find out the difference between what one expected one’s life would be like and how things really are” -Lady Constance.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “Penelope was in favor of new experiences, as long as they did not upset the digestion.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “You flesh bodies are so obsessed with goodness, yet no other form of life on earth is capable of such cruelty. You need only convince yourselves your transgressions serve some ‘purpose.’ Even if it is only greed, or lust, or the raw desire for power that drives you. You will spill the blood of your kinsmen, lay waste to the earth itself, wreak havoc, and cause unspeakable suffering – any and all sins are justified, as long as they are a means to your precous, righteous ‘purpose’.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “You’re not where you were, and you’re not where you’re going. You’re here, so pay attention!”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “Hard-hearted people may be no fun to sit next to at parties, but they are just as entitled to earn a living as the rest of us. Fortunately-for them, at least-the need for insurance adjusters, tax collectors, theater critics, and the like continues to this very day.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “When the impossible becomes merely difficult, that’s when you know you’ve won.” – Agatha Swanburne.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “This practice of overstating the case is called hyperbole. Hyperbole is usually harmless, but in some cases it has been known to precipitate unnecessary wars as well as a painful gaseous condition called stock market bubbles.”
Maryrose Wood Quote: “One home is forsaken in hopes of finding another.”
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