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Melody Beattie Quotes
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Melody Beattie Quote: “Love and closeness often bring a sense of loss of control.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “If you have done nothing to feel embarrassed about, don’t feel embarrassed. I know this is a tough concept, but it can be mastered.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “At least we know we’re alive if we’re reacting. At least we’ve got something to do if we’re obsessing or controlling. For.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “You will learn to recognize when detachment is advisable. A good rule of thumb is: You need to detach most when it seems the least likely or possible thing to do.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “Learn the words: I feel. Let others say those words and learn to listen – not fix – when they do. We.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “As I’ve said before, no wonder we think God has abandoned us; we’ve abandoned ourselves.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “I don’t think love has to hurt as much as it did in the past. I don’t think we have to allow love to hurt us as much as it has. We certainly don’t have to let it destroy us.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “Why Am I Afraid To Tell You Who I Am?”
Melody Beattie Quote: “Sharing the emotional part of us with others creates closeness and intimacy. Also, being accepted by someone else for being who we are helps us accept ourselves. This is always a marvelous experience.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “As we develop our lives, set our goals, and find things to do that interest us, peace will become comfortable – more comfortable than chaos.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. What if they are a little coarse, and you may get your coat soiled or torn? What if you do fail, and get fairly rolled in the dirt once or twice? Up again; you shall never be so afraid of a tumble. – Ralph Waldo Emerson.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “Surrendering to a Power greater than ourselves is how we become empowered.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “When I awoke, my first thoughts and feelings were painful.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “I saw people who had gotten so absorbed in other people’s problems they didn’t have time to identify or solve their own. These were people who had cared so deeply, and often destructively, about other people that they had forgotten how to care about themselves. The codependents felt responsible for so much because the people around them felt responsible for so little; they were just taking up the slack.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “Now is a time of magic. Let the universe take your hand and show you things you have never seen before. Now, at last, you’re open and vulnerable enough to begin. Celebrate the magic, the mystery of the unknown. Celebrate the miracles that will certainly come.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “Maybe we don’t need to go deeper into our codependency. We can, instead, march forward into our destinies.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “It is almost impossible to have fun when we are bottled up with repressed emotions, worried sick about someone, saturated with guilt and despair, rigidly controlling ourselves or someone else, or worried about what other people are thinking about us. However, most people aren’t thinking about us; they’re worried about themselves and what we think of them.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “For each of us, there comes a time to let go. You will know when that time has come. When you have done all that you can do, it is time to detach. Deal with your feelings. Face your fears about losing control. Gain control of yourself and your responsibilities. Free others to be who they are. In so doing, you will set yourself free. ACTIVITY Is there an event or person in your life that you are trying to control? Why? Write a few paragraphs about it.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “We stop worrying about them, and they pick up the slack and finally start worrying about themselves. What a grand plan! We each mind our own business. Earlier, I described a person caught in.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “If we want to change what happens, we change what we believe and expect.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “I’ve learned I can take care of myself, and what I can’t do, God will do for me. – Al-Anon member.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “Our consciousness, as individuals and as a society, has been raised. We’ve realized that women have souls, and men have feelings.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “Don’t give up hope. It took many of us twenty years or more to acquire these protective behaviors we umbrella with the word codependency. It may take as much time as that to let go of them.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “We don’t have to be controlled by what other people say; we don’t have to try to control them with our words and special effects. We don’t have to be manipulated, guilted, coerced, or forced into anything. We can open our mouths and take care of ourselves! Learn to say: “I love you, but I love me, too. This is what I need to do to take care of me.” We.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “Not acknowledging our feelings is what keeps us stuck and gives us stomachaches, headaches, and heartburn.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “You need to detach most when it seems the least likely or possible thing to do. I.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “Today, I will exchange a controlled life for one that is manageable.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “Today, I will ask myself what I would be doing differently if I weren’t trying to control. When I hear the answer, I will do it. God, help me let go of my need to control. Help me set myself and others free.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “Not only can we lovingly detach from other people and take care of ourselves, it is our primary responsibility in life to do that. To.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “I reacted to other people’s feelings, behaviors, problems, and thoughts. I reacted to what they might by feeling, thinking, or doing. I reacted to my own feelings, my own thoughts, my own problems. My strong point seemed to be reacting to crises – I thought almost everything was a crisis. I overreacted.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “Today, God, help me practice the concept of acceptance in my life. Help me accept myself, others, and my circumstances. Take me one step further, and help me feel grateful.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “The greatest gift we can bring to any relationship wherever we go is being who we are.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “I believe detachment can become a habitual response, in the same manner that obsessing, worrying, and controlling became habitual responses – by.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “God, help me pay attention to my behaviors during the process of initiating relationships. Help me take responsibility for myself and learn what I need to learn. I will trust that the people I want and need will come into my life. I understand that if a relationship is not good for me, I have the right and ability to refuse to enter into it – even though the other person thinks it may be good for him or her.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “Today, I will not wait for others to see and care; I will take responsibility for being aware of my pain and problems, and caring about myself.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “As Thomas Wright writes in an article from the book Co-Dependency, An Emerging Issue, “I suspect codependents have historically attacked social injustice and fought for the rights of the underdog. Codependents want to help. I suspect they have helped. But they probably died thinking they didn’t do enough and were feeling guilty.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “Work at learning to have fun. Apply yourself with dedication to learning enjoyment. Work as hard at learning to have fun as you did at feeling miserable.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “We don’t need to eliminate all our reactions to people and problems. Reactions can be useful. They help us identify what we like and what feels good. They help us identify problems in and around us. But most of us react too much. And much of what we react to is nonsense. It isn’t all that important, and it doesn’t merit the time and attention we’re giving it. Some of what we react to is other people’s reactions to us.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “I believe our professional lives can be different and better. We can learn to take care of ourselves and our needs on the job. And if we are not so absorbed in other people and their business, if we believe we are important, we are free to set our own goals and reach our dreams. We are able to capture a vision for our own lives.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “Say what we mean, and mean what we say. If we don’t know what we mean, be quiet and think about it. If our answer is, “I don’t know,” say “I don’t know.” Learn to be concise. Stop taking people all around the block. Get to the point and when we make it, stop.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “I spent many years of my life not even bothering to think about what I wanted and needed, where I wanted to go, and what I wanted to do. Life was to be endured. I didn’t think I deserved good things. I didn’t think most good things were within my reach. I wasn’t that interested in my life, except as an appendage to other people. I didn’t think about living my life; I was too focused on others. I was too busy reacting, rather than acting. I.”
Melody Beattie Quote: “The only limitations on you are the ones you’ve placed on yourself.”
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