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Nicholas Sparks Quotes
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Nicholas Sparks Quote: “She wasnt exactly sure when it happened. Or even when it started. All she knew for sure was that right here and now, she was falling hard and she could only pray that he was feeling the same way.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I love you now as I write this, and I love you now as you read this.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “In all love stories the theme is love and tragedy, so by writing these types of stories, I have to include tragedy.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “It wasn’t that long, and it certainly wasn’t the kind of kiss you see in movies these days, but it was wonderful in its own way, and all I can remember about the moment is that when our lips touched, I knew the memory would last forever.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Constellations shine with light that was emitted aeons ago, and I wait for something to come to me, words that a poet might use to illuminate life’s mysteries. But there is nothing.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Love puts all logic to sleep. Otherwise, we wouldn’t risk it.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “You can’t be a writer if you don’t write, it’s just that simple.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Libraries are places that house our dreams, our fantasies, our thirst for adventure.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Where does a story truly begin? In life, there are seldom clear-cut beginnings, those moments when we can, in looking back, say that everything started. Yet there are moments when fate intersects with our daily lives, setting in motion a sequence of events whose outcome we could never have foreseen.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I personally think that most people, most of the time, do the right thing. I just believe this. Otherwise, the world would be chaos, and it’s not.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Con el tiempo uno se acostumbra a todo.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I am here to love you, to hold you in my arms, to protect you.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I love you, Gabby, more than you’ll ever know. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted in a wife. You’re every hope and every dream I’ve ever had, and you’ve made me happier than any man could possibly be. I don’t ever want to give that up. I can’t.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “My mom used to tell me that whatever you do, marry someone who loves you more than you love him.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I’ll think about you everyday. Part of me is scared that there’ll come a time when you don’t feel the same way, that you’ll somehow forget about what we shared, so this is what I want to do forever.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I don’t care if your dad is the Sultan of Brunei. You happened to be born into a privileged family. What you do with that truth is completely up to you. I’m here because I want to be with you. But if I didn’t, all the money in the world wouldn’t have changed my feelings for you.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Part of me aches at the thought of her being so close yet so untouchable.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “It has to get ugly before it gets pretty!”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “What happens in the past, is in the past. But don’t be surprised if it comes back and haunts you.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “When you know that someone close to you is going to die, there’s a natural tendency to want to spend as much time with them as you can.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “That a day spent with dreaming and sunsets and refreshing breezes cannot be bettered.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Would you do something for me? Please? Would you just picture your life for me? Thirty years from now, forty years from now? What’s it look like? If it’s with that guy, go. Go! I lost you once, I think I could do it again, if I thought it’s what you really wanted.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I fell in love with her when we were together, then fell deeper in love with her in the years we were apart.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Youth offers the promise of happiness, but life offers the realities of grief.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “You have to promise you won’t fall in love with me.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “What are we after all our dreams, after all our memories?”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Poetry, she thought, wasn’t written to be analyzed; it was meant to inspire without reason, to touch without understanding.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Love should bring joy, it should grant a person peace, but here and not, it was bringing only pain.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I think our love can do anything we want it to.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Things changed, people changed, and the world went rolling along right outside the window.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I love you John Tyree, and I’m going to hold you to the promise you once made me. If you come back, I’ll marry you. If you break your promise, you’ll break my heart.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I’m not perfect, either. In the end, it’s only God’s judgement that matters, and I’ve learned enough to know that no one can presume to know the will of God.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “There are moments when mental overload can render words impossible.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Before we met, I was as lost as a person could be and yet you saw something in me that somehow gave me direction again.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Jamie: You know what I figured out today? Landon: What? Jamie: Maybe God has a bigger plan for me than I had for myself. Like this journey never ends. Like you were sent to me because I’m sick. To help me through all this. You’re my angel.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Love, after all, always said more about those who felt it than it did about the ones they loved.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I have loved another with all my heart, and for me that has always been enough.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “If it comes, let it come. If it stays, let it stay. If it goes, let it go.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “You feel fine, and then, when your body can’t keep fighting, you don’t.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Do you ever sit back and wonder what it all means? Whether this is it or if there’s something greater out there? Or if you were meant for something better?”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “It’s possible to go on, no matter how impossible it seems.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Experience had taught me that even the most precious memories fade with the passage of time.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “A story about family, first loves, second chances, and the moments in life that leads you back home.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “You are every reason, every hope and every dream I’ve ever had.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Women want the fairytale. Not all women, of course, but most women grow up dreaming about the kind of man who would risk everything for them, even knowing they might get hurt.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Never forget that anticipation is an important part of life. Work’s important, family’s important, but without excitement, you have nothing. You’re cheating yourself if you refuse to enjoy what’s coming.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Commitment, I finally said. Both people have to be committed. I think if two people are committed to the marriage, if they really want to make it work, then they’ll find a way to do it. No matter what happens in life.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I have come to realize that destiny can hurt a person as much as it can bless them, and I find myself wondering why – out of all the people in all the world I could ever have loved – I had to fall in love with someone who was taken away from me.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “It is the possibility that keeps me going, and though you may call me a dreamer or a fool or any other thing, I believe that anything is possible.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “She would tell him what she wanted in her life – her hopes and dreams for the future – and he would listen intently and then promise to make it all come true. And the way he said it made her believe him, and she knew how much he meant to her.”
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