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Nicholas Sparks Quotes
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Nicholas Sparks Quote: “It’s hard for me to talk to her. All I can do when I look at her is think about the day when I won’t be able to. So I spend all my time at school thinking about her, wishing I could see her right then, but when I get to her house, I don’t know what to say.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I would be rejected if I submitted any of my novels as romance novels.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Men like women who know how to be subtle.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Even when we were standing in church and I was getting ready to take my vow I can remember wishing that you were standing there instead of him.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Trust me on this: no one is better off alone.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Poets knew that isolation in nature, far from people and things man-made, was good for the soul, and he’d always identified with poets.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I think you can do whatever you want. In the end, we all live the life we choose for ourselves.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Unless you had a popular video on YouTube or could perform shows in front of thousands, musical ability meant nothing.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Each recognized the fact that real commitment could be proven only through the passage of time.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Good and bad, strengths and faults, he was hers forever.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I know, but no matter what I choose I have to live with it. Forever. I have to be able to go forward and not look back anymore. Can you understand that?”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “He thought of her often, and he missed the companionship they’d once shared and the friendship that had been the bedrock of their marriage at its best.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “When you fall in love, love deeply. Be tough but also be open to the possibility of forgiveness.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “America was in full swing now, all the papers said so, and people were rushing forward, leaving behind the horrors of war. She understood the reasons, but they were rushing, like Lon, toward long hours and profits, neglecting the things that brought beauty to the world.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “In the distance, he could see Molly lying in the tall grass off to the side of the house.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “If pinpointing God’s presence were really that simple, then he supposed the beaches would be more crowded in the mornings. They would be filled with people on their own quests, instead of people jogging or walking their dogs or fishing in the surf.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “What the younger generation didn’t understand was that the grass was greenest where it’s watered...”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I suppose more than anything, it’s the way of life in this part of the country that influences my writing. In Eastern North Carolina, with the exception of Wilmington, most people live in small towns.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “One of the things I’ve learned in my life is that sometimes you’ve got to take a chance.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “By the time she got back to work, the only thing Gabby knew for certain was that as forgiving as he’d been, she’d never live down what she’d done, and since there wasn’t a rock large enough to crawl under, it was in her best interest to find a way to avoid him.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “If you discovered something that made you tighten inside, you had better try to learn more about it.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “That she had somehow taken the initiative to learn my name should have struck me then, but it did not. Instead, as she stood on the street with the rain coming down and mascara running onto her cheeks, all I could think was that I’d never seen anyone more beautiful.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I found that as I flipped the days on the calendar, the worries I had about our relationship had began to diminish.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Theresa, I know there’s a part of you that believes you can change someone, but the reality is that you can’t. You can change yourself, and Garrett can change himself, but you can’t do it for him.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “People were destined for one another; that’s the romantic idea that young girls have, and I guess part of me still believes it.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I don’t know if spirits do indeed roam the world, but even if they do, I will sense your presence everywhere. When I listen to the ocean, it will be your whispers; when I see a dazzling sunset, it will be your image in the sky.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Admittedly, there was a lot she still didn’t know about him, but she did know this: He completed her in a way that she’d never thought possible. Knowledge isn’t everything, she told herself, and she knew then that, in Nana’s words, he was the toast to her butter.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “It would be like describing colors to someone blind from birth: The words might be understood, but the concept would remain mysterious and private.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I suddenly understood that even love and caring weren’t always enough. They were the concrete bricks of our relationship, but unstable without the mortar of time spent together, time without the threat of imminent separation hanging over us.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “He smiled, thinking that for just an instant, it was easy to imagine they were still married, both of them on the same team, both of them still in love. Except, of course, that they weren’t.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “If I knew where creativity came from, I’d probably be a lot less stressed about coming up with new stories.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Katie smiled and turned away, knowing it wasn’t an illusion or a figment of her imagination. She knew what she saw. She knew what she believed.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “While wounds can be inflicted easily upon those we love, it’s often much more difficult to heal them.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I’d like to be remembered not only for my body of work but also for specific novels. Ideally, I want to be remembered in the same way as Stephen King, who defined and exemplified excellence in the horror genre in the late 20th and early 21st century.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Working on a novel is very solitary and I get to be the boss. I’m the dictator, so I win every battle. So, in that sense, novels are easier because you don’t have to answer to anyone. And then, you go into something like film and there are more cooks in the kitchen, so to speak.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “It’s probably not going to lead to anything. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. If everyone who thought they might fail didn’t even try, where would we be today?”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “It doesn’t matter to me whether I write in a man’s voice or a woman’s, or first or third person for that matter. Those choices come down to the story and I just go with it.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “For nothing is more fulfilling than love itself.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I came to the conclusion that unrealized hopes, even small ones, were always wrenching.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “It takes a long time to grow an old friend. Trust is built one single moment at a time.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Being around someone who accepts and supports you will remind you to accept and support yourself.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “I don’t know that I’ve ever felt as happy as I did that day, but then again, it was always like that when we were together. I never wanted it to end.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “As a girl, she had come to believe in the ideal man – the prince or knight of her childhood stories. In the real world, however, men like that simply didn’t exist.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “He liked her; it was as simple as that.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “When I am in the process of conceiving a story, I make sure it can be told with words and pictures. The story has to be creative, original and interesting in both areas. Many stories get rejected because they feel derivative.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “That’s the thing about being the product of happily marries parents, You grow up thinking the fairy tale is real, and more than that, you think you’re entitled to live it. So far, though, it wasn’t working out as planned.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Memories are a doorway to the past, and the more one treasures the memories, the wider the door will open.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “Life, he decided, was for living, not for having, and he wanted to experience every moment that he could.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “On the drive we talked easily, but we did make a small detour. After pulling into a rest stop, we made out like teenagers.”
Nicholas Sparks Quote: “The search for God’s presence was much of a mystery as God himself, and what was God if not a mystery?”
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