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Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “When you find yourself in a position to help someone, be happy because Allah is answering that person’s prayer through you.”

Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “The real Da’wah to Islam is the character of a Muslim.”

Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “If someone corrects you, and you feel offended, then YOU have an EGO problem.”

Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “When you’re going through something hard and you start wondering where Allah is, just remember, the Teacher is always quiet during a test.”

Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “Guilt is a gift from Allah warning you that what you are doing is violating your soul.”

Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “Regret is a form of punishment itself.”

Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “Sabr is not remaining quiet and allowing anger to build up inside you. Sabr is to talk about what’s bothering you without losing control of your emotions.”

Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “Allah says Jannah is awesome, imagine how awesome that is when the All-Knowing is calling it awesome.”

Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “People have no idea how true the promise of Allah is. Put your trust in Allah, and He will see you through.”

Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “You and I are not Muslim, because we are born in a Muslim family. You and I are not Muslim, because you read a book about Islam, or saw a Youtube video and decided to become Muslim. We are Muslim, because Allah chose us. Allah chose us.”

Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “Your relationship with Allah, depends on the heart being clean.”

Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “If we show Allah just a little bit of gratitude, He tells us, ‘I will increase you, and increase you, and increase you, I swear to it. If you could only show Me the least bit of gratitude.’”

Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “If your parents are alive, be grateful at the opportunity to earn Jannah by serving them.”

Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “Your sin is not greater than God’s mercy.”

Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “I should be grateful for the tough times because Allah chose me, thought I was good enough to go through it.”

Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “If shaytan has entered into your heart – evil will look beautiful to you and good will seem tiring and exhausting.”

Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “You can’t change someone’s behaviour, all you can do is remind them, and hope that Allah will change their heart.”

Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “Filthy language is used by people who don’t have the maturity or intelligence to express themselves with better words.”

Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “You can’t just pretend that the things you watch, and the things you hear, and the places you go will not have an impact on your character. They will.”

Nouman Ali Khan Quote: “Every Hour has its own value. Every minute is precious. Every second is irreplaceable. Thank Allah for the time you have, be it little. If you thank Allah for something, He will surely increase it in its blessings.”

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