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Top 400 Olivie Blake Quotes (2024 Update)

Olivie Blake Quote: “My daughters are diamonds, as Yaga so often said. Nothing is more beautiful. Nothing shines brighter. And most importantly, nothing will break them.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “All the knowledge the world possessed existed at their fingertips, and all they had to do in return was continue to nurture it, to make it grow.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “In Callum’s mind, human history was interesting because of humans, not science. Because humans were idiots who turned the elements of life into a weapon.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “I will always love you, I will love you until the day I die – and if you’re the one to kill me, then by all means, you should know without a trace of doubt you will not have turned me away. I will have spent the final beat of my heart loving you, just as I always have. Only you, Masha. Only you, forever, I promise.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “Nobody wants you, nobody has ever wanted you, you’re irresponsible with the love of others and so they lose interest in you, they always will.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “Really, there was nothing more dangerous than a woman who knew her own worth.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “Can you love my brain even when it is small? When it is malevolent? When it is violent? Can you love it even when it does not love me?”
Olivie Blake Quote: “Jesus, he thinks, something is wrong with us, we are unwell, no one has ever felt any of this without destruction. Empires have fallen like this, he thinks, but it only makes him want her more, makes him look at his hands and think, My god, what a waste of time doing anything else but holding her.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “I could study you for a lifetime, carrying all your peculiarities and discretions in the webs of my spidery palms, and still feel empty-handed.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “You are brilliant. Tell your mind to be kind to you today.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “It’s you and me alone in the ether and you don’t even know it, you don’t even care, but still you are tied to this, and to me, and so be it, really.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “When you learn a new word, you suddenly see it everywhere. The mind comforts itself by believing this to be coincidence but isn’t – it’s ignorance falling away. Your future self will always see what your present self is blind to. This is the problem with mortality, which is in fact a problem of time.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “It frustrated him immensely that he would never be able to prove that time didn’t stop when she met his eye. Though, he reminded himself, maybe if he committed it to memory then he could return to it in another shape, with better understanding.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “The day you are not a fire,” he said, “is the day the earth will fall still for me.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “Don’t envy me, Reina,” she advised softly, turning to say it in Reina’s ear. “Fear me.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “No one here is good. Knowledge is carnage. You can’t have it without sacrifice.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “She stared at herself in the mirror and thought: My eyes are too big, everyone will know I’ve seen everything, they’ll know I saw the universe itself. They will look at me and they’ll think: This poor girl, she knows too much, she can’t go back.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “That to love a person was to forfeit the need to place limits on them, and therefore to love was to exist in a constant, paralyzing threat.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “You are not accustomed to being desired, are you?” Callum prompted. Before Tristan could manage his surely uncomfortable reply, Callum clarified, “As a friend, I mean. As a person.” A pause. “As anything.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “Money couldn’t buy happiness, but nothing could buy happiness, so at least money could buy everything else.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “So when people say were alone in the ether?” “Alone in everything. In time and space, in existence, in religion.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “Because the problem with knowledge, Miss Rhodes, is its inexhaustible craving. The more of it you have, the less you feel you know,” said Atlas. “Thus, men often go mad in search of it.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “Either yes, it mattered very much, because everything was a consequence of something and therefore what became of them was somehow predetermined, or no, it did not matter at all, because beginnings and endings were not as important as the moments that could have happened or the outcomes that might have been.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “The world was mostly entropy and chaos; magic, then, was order, because it was control.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “The trouble with knowledge, the idiosyncrasy of its particular addiction, was that it was not the same as other types of vice. Because knowledge was not chemical, was not physical or hormonal or easily within reach, someone given a taste of omniscience could never be satisfied by the contents of a bare reality without it.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “There is no fate so final as betrayal. Trust, once dead, cannot be resurrected.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “If this is what it is to burn, he thought, then I will be worth more as scattered ash than any of my unscathed pieces.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “There is nothing more telling about a person’s character than the silent wishes they keep to themselves, buried in the little nooks and crannies of their hearts.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “Because nobody will deny you anything the moment you stop denying yourself. Who could possibly have sovereignty greater than yours?” she asked, insistent. “Who on earth could have the right to refuse you, if you do not permit it? If this isn’t the way, Sasha, then find another one.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “Don’t forgive me... if you can’t, and certainly don’t love me... You’ll only make fools of us both.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “The moment you let yourself love, Reina Mori, it will be the death of you. I promise you that.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “I am more addicted to the thought of your name on my tongue than I am to any other form of vice.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “Karma was routinely misrepresented as the scales of justice when really, it was a matter of eternal continuity.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “There was nothing worse than being predictable. Nothing smaller than feeling ordinary. Nothing more disappointing than being reminded she was both.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “Beware the man who faces you unarmed. If in his eyes you are not the target, then you can be sure you are the weapon.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “Things are so much sweeter when they have an ending; things are so much more painful when they can be ripped away.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “A flaw of humanity: the compulsion to be unique, which is at war with the desire to belong to a single identifiable sameness.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “Libby was a hero. Parisa was a villain. Their goals were overarching, appositional. Nico and Reina were so impartial and self-interested as to be wholly negligible. Tristian was a soldier, he would follow where he was most persuasively led. It was Callum who was an assassin.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “It isn’t constancy that keeps us alive, it’s the progression we use to move us.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “Of course you get a say,′ Libby corrected him. ‘You can say, ‘Libby, I love you and I support you,’ or you can say something else.′ She swallowed before adding, ‘But believe me, Ezra, there are only two answers here. If you don’t say one, you’re saying the other.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “We are the gods of our own universes, aren’t we? Destructive ones.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “That was the distasteful thing about villains, really. Not the manner in which they went about their business, which was certainly gruesome and morally corrupt, but the fact that they desired things so intensely.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “Yes, how perilously wonderful to suffer so sweetly with you.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “The thought of having you is more dangerous than any cocktail of drugs, the idea of belonging to you endlessly destructive.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “One thing at a time. Murder first and then scholarly pursuits.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “Depending who viewed it, Persephone had either been stolen or she had run from Demeter. Either way, she made herself queen.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “Hate and love were so very similar. Both were intestinal, visceral. Both left scars, vestiges of pain. Hate could not be born from a place of indifference. Hate was only born from opposite sides of the same coin.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “There was a single moment responsible for every sequence thereafter.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “Do you think they know what it means to love?” his projection-self mused aloud to him. “That it isn’t the simple joy of fondness, I mean. In fact it’s violent, destructive. It means to cut the heart out of your chest and give it to someone else.”
Olivie Blake Quote: “If power is a thing to be had, it must be capable of possession. But power is not any discrete size or weight. Power is continuous. Power is parabolic. Say you are given some power, which then increases your capacity to accumulate more power. Your capacity for power increases exponentially in relation to the actual power you have gained. Thus, to gain power is to be increasingly powerless. If the more power one has, the less one has, then is it the thing or are you?”
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