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Top 15 One Direction Quotes (2024 Update)

One Direction Quote: “One Band, One Dream, One Direction.”
One Direction Quote: “Baby you light up my world like nobody else. The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed. And when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell, You don’t know, oh oh, You don’t know your beautiful.”
One Direction Quote: “Made a lot of changes But not forgetting who i was.”
One Direction Quote: “You don’t know, oh, oh You don’t know you’re beautiful.”
One Direction Quote: “Life is all about balance.”
One Direction Quote: “You know I’ll be Your Life Your Voice Your Reason To Be My Love My Heart Is Breathing For this Moment in Time I’ll Find the words to say Before You leave me Today.”
One Direction Quote: “Who do you think you are? Who do you think I am? You only love to see me breaking. You only want me ’cause I’m Taken. No, you don’t really want my heart, no you just like to know you can. Still be the one that gets it breaking, you only want me when I’m Taken.”
One Direction Quote: “Flashing Lights In My Mind Going Back to The Time Playing Games in the Street Kicking Balls with My Feet Theres a Numb in my toes Standing close to the edge Theres a ball of my clothes at the end of your bed As I feel myself fall Make a joke of it all.”
One Direction Quote: “If I could speak to that kid from Doncaster standing there back in 2010 waiting to impress Simon Cowell, knowing everything that I do now and having experienced this crazy life in One Direction, I’d tell him to sing his heart out... and to get ready for the ride of his life.”
One Direction Quote: “Having no regrets is all that she really wants.”
One Direction Quote: “I’m sorry if i say i need you. But i don’t care i’m not scared of love. Cause when i’m not with you, i’m weaker. Is that so wrong? Is it so wrong? That you make me strong.”
One Direction Quote: “I always used to love singing. The first song I knew all the words to was ‘Girl of My Best Friend’ by Elvis. My dad introduced me to his music, and when I got given a karaoke machine by my granddad, my cousin and I recorded a load of Elvis tracks. I wish I still had them so I could have a listen.”
One Direction Quote: “Lights are off when they should be on. “Right Now.”
One Direction Quote: “Yes, Niall, you are allowed in!”
One Direction Quote: “At school I wasn’t great ’cos I didn’t put my mind to it.”
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