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Patti Smith Quote: “I imagined myself as Frida to Diego, both muse and maker. I dreamed of meeting an artist to love and support and work with side by side.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I’m from South Jersey: The idea of eating a roll with olive oil and anchovies or some kind of sardine and drinking mint tea definitely comes from reading Paul Bowles.”
Patti Smith Quote: “We didn’t have to talk then, and that is real friendship. Never uncomfortable with silence, which, in its welcome form, is yet an extension of conversation.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I never felt oppressed because of my gender. When I’m writing a poem or drawing, I’m not a female; I’m an artist.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I craved honesty, yet found dishonesty in myself. Why commit to art? For self-realization, or for itself? It seemed indulgent to add to the glut unless one offered illumination.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Hey sister, you’re just moving too fast, you’re screwing up the quota.”
Patti Smith Quote: “We needed time to figure out what all of this meant, how we were going to come to terms and redefine what our love was called. I learned from him that often contradiction is the clearest way to truth.”
Patti Smith Quote: “It was an unexpected encounter that slowly altered the course of my life.”
Patti Smith Quote: “We believe we will raise the sky, we got to fly over the land, over the sea. Fate unwinds and if we die, souls arise. God, do not seize me please.”
Patti Smith Quote: “People like beauty and purity. They pretend that’s what it’s all about.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Nothing is ever solved, Solving is an illusion. There are moments of spontaneous brightness, when the mind appears emancipated, but this is more epiphany.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Why can’t I write something that would awake the dead? That pursuit is what burns most deeply.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I was superstitious. Today was a Monday; I was born on Monday. It was a good day to arrive in New York City. No one expected me. Everything awaited me.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Closure is an illusion, the winking of the eye of a storm. Nothing is completely resolved in life, nothing is perfect. The important thing is to keep living because only by living can you see what happens next.” – on Murakami’s ‘Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage’ in The New York Times.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I have a daughter who’s 11 years old. Maybe she’ll grow up independent and really really heavy and become a movie star and she’ll play me in my life story.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Technology is 50% of rock ‘n’ roll – the magic, the art, the performance. If you don’t have good technicians and a strong road crew who are devoted and believe in you and protect you, you’re totally naked.”
Patti Smith Quote: “The transformation of the heart is a wondrous thing, no matter how you land there.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Should I pursue a path so twisted? Should I crawl defeated and gifted?”
Patti Smith Quote: “Both of them were ahead of their time, but they didn’t live long enough to see the time they were ahead of.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Nobody sees as we do, Patti” he said again. Whenever he said things like that, for a magical space of time, it was as if we were the only two people in the world.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I love my little overgrown yard. And my house is wonderful. It’s everything that I need.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I’m here right now and I want now to be the greatest time.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I always wrote like rock ‘n’ roll. And I always listen to rock ‘n’ roll as poetry.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I’d never had people drive me around, and then all of a sudden, if a car didn’t come, I’d say, “Where’s my car?””
Patti Smith Quote: “My sunglasses are like my guitar.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I climb the side of a volcano carved from ice, heat drawn from the well of devotion that is the female heart.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I was so horny in school it felt like my body was filled with electricity. I felt like I had neon bones or something.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I got some coffee and stood looking at the sky.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Nothing can be truly replicated. Not a love, not a jewel, not a single line.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I had no proof that I had the stuff to be an artist, though I hungered to be one.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I wasn’t taking drugs or drinking. I was working and working and working. But I wasn’t writing anything.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I have vague memories, like impressions on glass plates...”
Patti Smith Quote: “I have great respect for my parents. I got such beautiful things from both of them. It doesn’t mean that we didn’t have our rough times, but they were remarkable people who were open-minded, creative and hard-working, and had great senses of humor.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I always enjoyed doing transgender songs.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I was a lower middle-class kid. My family had no money. There was no room in our small house where there were already four kids, including myself, living.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I was horny, but I was innocent ’cause I was a real-late bloomer and not particularly attractive. In fact, homely.”
Patti Smith Quote: “There’s nothing cool about being self-destructive.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I was too curious about the future to look back.”
Patti Smith Quote: “We want thing we cannot have. We seek to reclaim a certain moment, sound, sensation. I want to hear my mother’s voice. I want to see my children as children. Hands small, feet swift. Everything changes. Boy grown, father dead, daughter taller than me, weeping from a bad dream. Please stay forever, I say to the things I know. Don’t go. Don’t grow.”
Patti Smith Quote: “We used to laugh at our small selves, saying that I was a bad girl trying to be good and that he was a good boy trying to be bad. Through the years these roles would reverse, then reverse again, until we came to accept our dual natures. We contained opposing principles, light and dark.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I realize that people need something to believe in.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Without noticing, I slip into a light yet lingering malaise. Not a depression, more like a fascination for melancholia, which I turn in my hand as if it were a small planet, streaked in shadow, impossibly blue.”
Patti Smith Quote: “The heavy scent of perfume and the red slashes of lipstick, so strong in the fifties, revolted me. For a time I resented her. She was the messenger and also the message.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Even as a child, I knew what I didn’t want. I didn’t want to wear red lipstick.”
Patti Smith Quote: “My Morocco. I followed whatever train I wanted. I wrote without writing – of genies and hustlers and mythic travelers, my vagabondia. Then I would walk back home, happily.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Looking back, long after his death, our way of living seems a miracle, one that could only be achieved by the silent synchronization of the jewels and gears of a common mind.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Without realizing it, I had said goodbye to traditional employment. I never punched a clock again. I made my own time and my own money.”
Patti Smith Quote: “What I wanted to do in rock ’n roll was merge poetry with sonic scapes, and the two people who had contributed so much to that were Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Like Jean Genet, Robert was a terrible thief. Genet was caught and imprisoned for stealing rare volumes of Proust and rolls of silk from a shirt maker. Aesthetic thieves. I imagined his sense of horror and triumph as bits of Blake swirled into the sewers of New York City.”
Patti Smith Quote: “More like a fascination for melancholia, which I turn in my hand as if it were a small planet, streaked in shadow, impossibly blue.”
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