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Patti Smith Quote: “You don’t follow plots you negotiate them.”
Patti Smith Quote: “My father came a couple of times, but he always blamed his hearing loss on my loud amplifiers. So he didn’t come anymore, but I had his support.”
Patti Smith Quote: “In fact, I thought my calling was to be a painter.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Horses pretty much broke as a record in England.”
Patti Smith Quote: “People don’t realize we have these built-in seven-league boots. The body can go anywhere. It is physically capable of sustaining almost any kind of abuse, or any dream.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Besides me wanting to be an artist, I wanted to be a movie star.”
Patti Smith Quote: “The Chelsea was like a doll’s house in the Twilight Zone, with a hundred rooms, each a small universe.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I’ve always considered myself a writer.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I could have a job as a teacher because I like talking in front of people.”
Patti Smith Quote: “There is only one directive: that the lost are found; that the thick leaves encasing the dead are parted and they are lifted into the arms of light.”
Patti Smith Quote: “When I perform I always opt for communication with God and in pursuit of communicating with God you can fall into some very dangerous territory. I have also come to realize that total communication with God is physical death.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I had one of those headaches. It kept pounding and got into that crazy realm where the guillotine seems like a good idea.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I was thinking about what a magical portal this lobby was when the heavy glass door opened as if swept by wind and a familiar figure in a black and scarlet cape entered. It was Salvador Dali. He looked around the lobby nervously, and then, seeing my crow, smiled. He placed his elegant, bony hand atop my head and said: “You are like a crow, a gothic crow.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I wasn’t writing, I wasn’t drawing, and personality-wise, I was just completely arrogant. I’m not trying to be overly apologetic for my behavior – I wasn’t evil. The lifestyle I had was one that lent itself to becoming more and more self-involved.”
Patti Smith Quote: “My public life was so demanding that I wasn’t doing the things that I deemed the most important.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I revisit my book piles. Trying not to be sidetracked or lured into another dimension.”
Patti Smith Quote: “An artist may have burdens the ordinary citizen doesn’t know, but the ordinary citizen has burdens that many artists never even touch.”
Patti Smith Quote: “When I stopped performing for 16 years and lived in Michigan and was married and raising my children, I wrote about four or five books. I haven’t published them.”
Patti Smith Quote: “People say hello to me. I mean, sometimes the sanitation truck goes by and says, hey Patti...”
Patti Smith Quote: “It’s not so easy writing about nothing.”
Patti Smith Quote: “When I was younger, I felt it was my duty to wake people up. I thought poetry was asleep. I thought rock ‘n’ roll was asleep.”
Patti Smith Quote: “It’s not that I have compromised or anything, but it’s always been important to me to take good care of myself and be a good example. I’m not much a role model in terms of hair care, though.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Americans just don’t know what being a movie star’s all about.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Robert was concerned with how to make the photograph, and I with how to be the photograph.”
Patti Smith Quote: “These are the times, the times of our own, these are the shapes the world we formed.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Those things are forbidden, as entreating the angels with prayer. I know that very well, one cannot ask for a life, or two lives. One can only warrant the hope of an increasing potency in each man’s heart.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I don’t know why, the very first word on my very first record is ‘Jesus.’ I still invoke him as an entity to reckon with.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I’m not really a nostalgic person.”
Patti Smith Quote: “My mother loved rock and roll. She loved high-energy music.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I’ve always thrived on the encouragement of others.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I wrote to give myself something to read.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I wanted to go to Portland because it’s a really good book town.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Half-empty paper coffee cups. Half-eaten deli sandwiches. An encrusted soup bowl. Here is joy and neglect. A little mescal. A little jacking off, but mostly just work. – This is how I live, I am thinking.”
Patti Smith Quote: “That’s the one with the magic, he would say.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I hate being confined, especially when it’s for my own good.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Fate has a hand but is not the hand.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I hate to be enclosed. I don’t like bathroom doors – I don’t shut them. In fact, in my house, I have no doors.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I knew if I lived long enough I would be poet laureate of something.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Christmas was coming and there was a pervasive melancholy, as if everyone simultaneously remembered they had nowhere to go. Even.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Build a good name. Keep your name clean. Don’t make compromises, don’t worry about making a bunch of money or being successful. Be concerned with doing good work. And make the right choices and protect your work. And if you build a good name, eventually, that name will be its own currency.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I wanted to see who this Yeats person was, and I said to my mother, ‘I want a book by this person.’ And she bought it for me, and a lot of it was over my head, but I had it.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I commenced with my chores, whistling an oft-forgotten tune, certain that we, as the seasons, prevail and that ten thousand years is yet a blink in the eye of a ringed planet or that of an archangel armed with a sword of glass.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I know from an early age that I’m very comfortable in front of people. When I was a young girl, I’d love giving book reports.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Often the simplest song is the hardest to write.”
Patti Smith Quote: “Some things are not lost but sacrificed.”
Patti Smith Quote: “These things were in my mind from the first moment I entered the vocal booth. The gratitude I had for rock and roll as it pulled me through a difficult adolescence. The joy I experienced when I danced. The moral power I gleaned in taking responsibility for one’s action. – Patti Smith.”
Patti Smith Quote: “He picks the lock of her dreams with her own hairpin.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I reflected on the fact that no matter how good I aspired to be, I was never going to achieve perfection.”
Patti Smith Quote: “And when we went home he was unnaturally quiet and looked at me as if he wanted to convey all he was feeling without words.”
Patti Smith Quote: “I just like living in certain atmospheres. Or I just like people as they are.”
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