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Top 500 Richard Branson Quotes (2023 Update)
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Richard Branson Quote: “Any successful entrepreneur knows that time is more valuable than money itself.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Spend more time smiling than frowning and more time praising than criticizing.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Some 80% of your life is spent working. You want to have fun at home; why shouldn’t you have fun at work?”
Richard Branson Quote: “If you follow your dreams and spend your life doing what brings you joy, you are more likely to find success.”
Richard Branson Quote: “I never get the accountants in before I start up a business. It's done on gut feeling, especially if I can see that they are taking the mickey out of the consumer.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Those who achieve great things are the ones willing to be scared but not scared off. If you dream big and take risks, impossible becomes just a word.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Success comes from delegating, risk-taking and having a good TEAM!”
Richard Branson Quote: “Doing good is good for business.”
Richard Branson Quote: “I’ve had great fun turning quite a lot of different industries on their head and making sure those industries will never be the same again, because Virgin went in and took them on.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Loyal employees in any company create loyal customers, who in turn create happy shareholders.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Your brand name is only as good as your reputation.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Above all, you want to create something you’re proud of.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Take a chance – it’s the best way to test yourself, have fund and push boundaries.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Lead by listening – to be a good leader you have to be a great listener.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Have fun do good and the money will come.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change.”
Richard Branson Quote: “My biggest motivation? Just to keep challenging myself. I see life almost like one long University education that I never had – everyday I’m learning something new.”
Richard Branson Quote: “If you spot an opportunity and are really excited by it, throw yourself into it with everything you’ve got.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Don’t just play the game – change it for good.”
Richard Branson Quote: “If you want milk, don’t sit on a stool in the middle of a field in the hope that a cow will back up to you.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Success cannot be measured in wealth, fame or power, but by whether you have made a positive difference for others.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Most skills can be learned, but it is difficult to train people on their personality.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Tough times are inevitable in life and in business. But how you compose yourself during those times defines your spirit and will define your future.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Believe in yourself and back yourself to come out on top. A fulfilling career is waiting for those brave enough to find it.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change. A company that stands still will soon be forgotten. Trying to provoke positive change is a principle we’ve embedded across the Virgin family for more than four decades.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Build your own business team. Survival in business requires a synergy of skills.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Breaking the rules and challenging convention is in the DNA of every successful entrepreneur. Doing things differently and solving problems with new, innovative and fresh approaches are the very reason many start-ups are able to compete and sometimes outpace the established market leaders.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Any idea can be a great idea if you think differently, dream big and commit to seeing it realized.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Engage your emotions at work. Your instincts and emotions are there to help you.”
Richard Branson Quote: “If you run a business, put on top your employees, then your consumers, and then your shareholders.”
Richard Branson Quote: “I’m sure you get the best out of people if you look for the best in them. People don’t need to be told when they’ve done something wrong – they know it without having to be told.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Launching a business is essentially an adventure in problem-solving.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Colleagues should take care of each other, have fun, celebrate success, learn by failure, look for reasons to praise not to criticize, communicate freely and respect each other.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Happiness is the secret ingredient for successful businesses. If you have a happy company it will be invincible.”
Richard Branson Quote: “There is no point in going into a business unless you can make a radical difference in other people’s lives.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Learn to use your brain power. Critical thinking is the key to creative problem solving in business.”
Richard Branson Quote: “The ability to bounce back after a setback is the single most important trait an entrepreneurial venture can possess.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Quality brands never go bankrupt.”
Richard Branson Quote: “When I was young, every time I criticized someone, my mother would stand me in front of the mirror and say: ‘The flaws you see in others are actually a reflection of yourself.’ That taught me to pay close attention when I looked at others.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Well, I think that there’s a very thin dividing line between success and failure.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Chance favors the prepared mind. The more you practice, the luckier you become.”
Richard Branson Quote: “I just love life. I mean, you know, I love every second of it. I love people.”
Richard Branson Quote: “If you take care of your workers they’ll take care of your business.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Just start. You will learn so many lessons just by doing.”
Richard Branson Quote: “Your brand or your name is simply your reputation, you have to fight in life to protect that as it means everything. Nothing is more important.”
Richard Branson Quote: “I like to set myself a new adventure challenge at least once or twice a year because I love that side of my life. I love getting fit and training for it.”
Richard Branson Quote: “To be successful, you have to be out there, you have to hit the ground running, and if you have a good team around you and more than a fair share of luck, you might make something happen. But you certainly can’t guarantee it just by following someone else’s formula.”
Richard Branson Quote: “You can never go too far wrong by thinking like a customer who’s new to the business.”
Richard Branson Quote: “My general attitude to life is to enjoy every minute of every day. I never do anything with a feeling of, ‘Oh God, I’ve got to do this today.’”
Richard Branson Quote: “I have always lived my life by thriving on opportunity and adventure. Some of the best ideas come out of the blue, and you have to keep an open mind to see their virtue.”
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