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Top 180 Russell Simmons Quotes (2023 Update)

Russell Simmons Quote: “Don’t ruin a good today by thinking of a bad yesterday, Let it go!”
Russell Simmons Quote: “You just have to pay attention to what people need and what has not been done.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “You’ve got to put your head down and do the work. There are no shortcuts.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Needing nothing attracts everything.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Compassion is the ultimate expression of your highest self.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “If you just remember to breathe and smile before you act, you’ll always make the right decision.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Give what you want to receive. If you want happiness, make others happy.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “No matter where you want to go, as long as you follow your path with faith, dedication and hard work, you are going to get there.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Always focus on your effort, instead of the results of that effort.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Don’t worry what others are doing. Do you!”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Gratefulness is a practice, just like happiness is a choice.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “There are no failures, only quitters.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Be encouraged. Stay on your hustle. You can’t fail until u quit.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Never change for the mainstream – stay in your lane, and if you’re talented and resilient enough the mainstream will come to you.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Respect your parents. What they tell you is true. Hard work, dedication and faith will get you anything. Imagination will drive itself. You can get anything you want, but you have to have faith behind all your ideas. Stick to your goals and have an undying faith.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Never pass up any opportunity to share your gifts with the world.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “One positive thought can change your whole day.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “I am very lucky that I have talented and creative people around me. Also, mediation has been a very big part of my freedom, because it allows me to watch all the things going on and allows me to focus.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Art is a way to express yourself and through that you can escape a bad situation.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “You know, sometimes people never get to learn how successful they could have been because they give up too easily. If I’ve learned one thing in all my years in the business, it’s that often things don’t work out the way you want at first. But that doesn’t mean you should give up.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “If you give a good thing to the world, then over time your karma will be good, and you’ll receive good.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “If you don’t break a hole through the brick wall, don’t just start digging a new hole. Keep going until you break through that wall.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Good givers are great getters.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “It’s all about the work. Nothing is going to fall into your lap.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “No matter what you’re doing, try to work at that task like it’s your dream job.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Whatever you chase will run away from you. So, stop chasing success and realize you already have it all.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “What holds most people back isn’t the quality of their ideas, but their lack of faith in themselves.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “If you wake up deciding what you want to give versus what you’re going to get, you become a more successful person. In other words, if you want to make money, you have to help someone else make money.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “The book ‘Do You!’ is about your inner voice. And when you connect to that voice then you – then the freedom comes. And we’re only here to be happy. So happy makes money. Money doesn’t make happy.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “A person’s strength is to know their weaknesses.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Reacting to the world with a smile instead of a curse, a wave instead of the middle finger, will actually help you live longer.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “I’m just suggesting that when you’re faced with fear and anxiety, don’t medicate. Meditate instead.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Happy can make you money, but money can’t make you happy.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “The person who understands Dharma will have the opposite reaction to a “hard” job. That person will be eager to get started, no matter what kind of work is in front of her, because she understands that she’s doing God’s work. And when you’re working for God, nothing is too hard.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “It’s very simple: When you’re working your hardest, the world opens up to you.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “I know some people say “Keep your eyes on the prize,” but I disagree. When your eyes are stuck on the prize, you’re going to keep stumbling and crashing into things. If you really want to get ahead, you’ve got to keep your eyes focused on the path.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “No matter where you’re from or what you’ve done, you’re never stuck in a particular circumstance, relationship, or cycle unless you say you are.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “By listening to your higher self, or Atman, you can return to the truth that’s already inside of you and in the process change not only yourself, but the entire world, through positivity and love.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Every day set the simple goal of trying to be more awake and less distracted.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “When you’re a good giver you’re a good getter.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Many of my biggest business endeavors were failures before they became a success. Some failed for as long as six years before they hit. Everyone around me thought I was crazy. You just have to stay at it.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “I look for people who have insight in places where I don’t.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “You have to learn to laugh all the time. It’s a practice of life. It’s a practice of happiness.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Everyone’s goal is to be happy. Happiness is achieved by promoting happiness to others.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “A clear and focused mind will last a lifetime. Getting your mind in shape is nothing less than the key to sustainable success in the world.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “Being a thoughtful vegan makes our time on this Earth more peaceful and joyous, because you get to have a hand in promoting and increasing the happiness, good health and well-being of others – both animal and human – rather than being an instrument of their suffering and death.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “We meditate so we can see miracles unfolding. Without stillness life is a blur.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “The key ingredient to any kind of happiness or success is to never give less than your best.”
Russell Simmons Quote: “I don’t miss my prayers and I don’t miss my yoga. Those things are important to me.”
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