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Agatha Christie Quote: “The lure of the past came up to grab me. To see a dagger slowly appearing, with its gold glint, through the sand was romantic. The carefulness of lifting pots and objects from the soil filled me with a longing to be an archaeologist myself.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “One never quite allows for the moron in our midst.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “In fact-Dr. Sheppard!”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Your idea of a woman is someone who gets on a chair and shrieks if she sees a mouse. That’s all prehistoric.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Beauty is perhaps a dangerous possession,’ I said.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “But there are many fools in the world. One praises God for their existence and keeps out of their way.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “We owe most of our great inventions and most of the achievements of genius to idleness either enforced or voluntary.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “People should be interested in books, not their authors.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Hate isn’t creative.” – Stillingfleet.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “If I were at any time to set out on a career of deceit, it would be of Miss Marple that I should be afraid.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Bitterness leads nowhere. It turns back on itself. It is the eternal cul-de-sac.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “He chews the gum which I believe is not done in good circles.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Archaeologists only look at what lies beneath their feet. The sky and the heavens don’t exist for them.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Family strength is a marvellous thing.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “In fact the marriage has been arranged by heaven and Hercule Poirot. All I have to do is to compound a felony.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Colonel Race was not good at small talk and might indeed have posed as the model of a strong silent man so beloved by an earlier generation of novelists.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Even the most sober of us is liable to have his head turned by success.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Well, you can’t go about having blood feuds and stabbing each other like Crosicans or the Mafia,” said the Colonel. “Say what you like, trial by jury is a sound system.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Justice is, after all, in the hands of men and men are fallible.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Miss Marple had her breakfast brought to her in bed as usual. Tea, a boiled egg, and a slice of pawpaw.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “My flute, M. Poirot, is my oldest companion. When everything else fails, music remains.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “There is always a brave new world,” said Poirot, “but only, you know, for very special people. The lucky ones. The ones who carry the making of that world within themselves.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “I continued to do arithmetic with my father, passing proudly through fractions to decimals. I eventually arrived at the point where so many cows ate so much grass, and tanks filled with water in so many hours. I found it quite enthralling.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “The sons of rich men are proverbially wild.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Imposibilul nu poate sa se fi intamplat, ca atare imposibilul trebuie sa fie posibil, in ciuda aparentelor.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “I’m sure you have a theme: the theme of your life. You can embellish it or desecrate it, but it’s your theme, and as long as you follow it, you will experience harmony and peace of mind.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “What you do not understand is that there are things that cannot be bought.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “You must always be polite to people whose position forbids them to be rude to you.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “No sign, so far, of anything sinister – but I live in hope.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “In an Empire where rats ruled, he was the king of the rats.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “To count – really and truly to count – a woman must have goodness or brains.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “To keep something wild is far more difficult than to preserve it.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Now there has been a rearrangement of the kaleidoscope.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “I do think you should be more careful how you choose your friends. You are so credulous, dear, so easily gulled. I suppose it is being a writer and having so much imagination. If you were older and had more experience of life you would have been on guard at once.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “I’ve always noticed that if you speak the truth in a rather silly way nobody believes you.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “What I feel is that if one has got to have a murder actually happening in one’s house, one might as well enjoy it, if you know what I mean.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Coffee, then, Madame. You need some stimulant.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Jonas knew for a fact that it had been purchased by the Admiralty with a view to carrying out some very hush-hush experiments!”
Agatha Christie Quote: “I mean that success has come early. And that is dangerous. Always dangerous.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “She was, he judged, the kind of young woman who could take care of herself with perfect ease wherever she went. She had poise and efficiency.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “It is a theory of mine that one always gets what one wants. My.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “But that is certainly not the sort of information that Caroline is after. She wants to know where he comes from, what he does, whether he is married, what his wife was, or is, like, whether he has children, what his mother’s maiden name was – and so on. Somebody very like Caroline must have invented the questions on passports, I think.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Shaitana was a man who prided himself on his Mephistophelian attitude to life. He was a man of great vanity. He was also a stupid man-that’s why he is dead.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Well, medicine was mostly faith-healing when it came to it. And he had a good manner – he could inspire hope and belief.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Most successes are unhappy. That’s why they are successes – they have to reassure themselves about themselves by achieving something that the world will notice.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “For, as Mr. Ferguson was saying at that minute in Luxor, it is not the past that matters but the future.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Here was a man who would never rail against fate but accept it and pass on to victory.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “I mean that we here are on the wrong side of the tapestry,” answered Father Brown. “The things that happen here do not seem to mean anything; they mean something somewhere else. Somewhere else retribution will come on the real offender. Here it often seems to fall on the wrong person.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “What good is money if it can’t buy happiness?”
Agatha Christie Quote: “The illusion that freedom is the prerogative of one’s own particular race is fairly widespread. Dr Gerard was wiser. He knew that no race, no country and no individual could be described as free. But he also knew that there were different degrees of bondage.”
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