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Agatha Christie Quote: “I objected vigorously to this unsporting proposal. I recognized in it the disastrous effects of matrimony. How often have I not heard a perfectly intelligent female say, in the tone of one clinching an argument, “Edgar says – ” And all the time you are perfectly aware that Edgar is a perfect fool. Suzanne, by reason of her married state, was yearning to lean upon some man or other.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Inspector Hardcastle walked in manfully. Unfortunately for him he was one of those men who have cat allergy. As usually happens on these occasions all the cats immediately made for him. One jumped on his knee, another rubbed affectionately against his trousers. Detective Inspector Hardcastle, who was a brave man, set his lips and endured.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “It was on the fourth day that the stewardess finally urged me up on deck. Under the impression that I should die quicker below, I had steadfastly refused to leave my bunk. She now tempted me with the advent of Madeira. Hope rose in my breast. I could leave the boat and go ashore and be a parlourmaid there. Anything for dry land.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Not instinct, Hastings. Instinct is a bad word. It is my knowledge – my experience – that tells me that something about that letter is wrong –.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Such a landscape was best enjoyed from a car on a fine afternoon. You exclaimed, “Quel beau paysage!” and drove back to a good hotel.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “In the words of a best seller, ‘You’ve nothing on me.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Her real passion in life was the perfection of a filing system beside which all other filing systems should sink into oblivion. She dreamed of such a system at night.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “I’ve a theory that one can always get anything one wants if one will pay the price. And do you know what the price is, nine times out of ten? Compromise.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “How often is tittle tattle, as you call it, true! And I think if, as I say, they really examined the facts they would find that it was true nine times out of ten! That’s really just what makes people so annoyed about it.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “With women, love always comes first.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Where do one’s fears come from? Where do they shape themselves? Where do they hide before coming out into the open?”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Hercule Poirot stared hard at Superintendent Sugden’s moustache. Its luxuriance seemed to fascinate him.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Juliet singles out Romeo. Desdemona claims Othello. They have no doubts, the young, no fear, no pride.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “The other two waited respectfully while M. Bouc struggled in mental agony.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “They tried to be too clever – and that was their undoing.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “But afterwards you went on remembering.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “She’s had a long life of experience in noticing evil, fancying evil, suspecting evil and going forth to do battle with evil.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “The truth is people are an extraordinary mixture of heroism and cowardice.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “If we seek to keep the past alive, we end, I think, by distorting it.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “How wonderful science is nowadays,” said Miss Marple. “Doctors can do so much, can’t they?” “We all have one great competitor,” said Dr. Graham. “Nature, you know. And some of the good old-fashioned home remedies come back from time to time.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “A murderer is seldom content with one crime. Give him time, and a lack of suspicion, and he’ll commit another.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Because, you see, if the man were an invention – a fabrication – how much easier to make him disappear!”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Me and Moosier here have met before – and there’s no man’s judgment I’d sooner take than his. If I’m not greatly mistaken, he’s got something up his sleeve. Isn’t that so, moosier?” Poirot smiled. “I have drawn certain conclusions – yes.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “A lot of additional pain and grief is caused by honesty,” remarked Hercule Poirot.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Poirot and I behaved in the customary fashion of people being shown over houses. We stood stock still, looking a little ill at ease, murmuring remarks such as: “Very nice.” “A very pleasant room.” “The morning-room, you say?”
Agatha Christie Quote: “A murderer is always a gambler. And, like many gamblers, a murderer often does not know when to stop. With each crime his opinion of his own abilities is strengthened. His sense of proportion is warped. He does not say, ‘I have been clever and lucky!’ No, he says only, ‘l have been clever!’ And his opinion of his cleverness grows... and then, roes amis, the ball spins.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “One does see so much evil in a village,′ murmured Miss Marple in an explanatory voice.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “It’s very inconvenient to be loved. Nearly everyone has found that out, sooner or later. The fewer people who love you the less you will have to suffer.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “There is no greater mistake in life than seeing things or hearing them at the wrong time. Shakespeare is ruined for most people by having been made to learn it at school; you should see Shakespeare as it was written to be seen, played on the stage. There you can appreciate it quite young, long before you take in the beauty of the words and of the poetry.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “He’s very nice,” said Mrs. Clayton, “but not quite quite, you know. Hasn’t got any idea of culture.” Richard found his room exceedingly comfortable, and his appreciation of Mrs. Clayton as a hostess rose still higher.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Miss Marple is a white-haired old lady with a gentle appealing manner- Miss Wetherby is a mixture of vinegar and gush. Of the two Miss Marple is the more dangerous.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Exactly! It is absurd – improbable – it cannot be. So I myself have said. And yet, my friend, there it is! One cannot escape from the facts.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Evil is not any superhuman, but it is HUMAN.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “I’ll break every bone in your damned body, you dirty little whippersnapper,” he said.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “I had the firm conviction that, if I went about looking for adventure, adventure would meet me halfway. It is a theory of mine that one always gets what one wants.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “It was very like a dream. Like all dreamers, however, I could not let my dream alone. We poor humans are so anxious not to miss anything.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Mrs. Cavendish: I am charming to my friends one day, and forget all about them the next.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “I always take abroad with me one really good soft pillow – to me it makes all the difference between comfort and misery.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “You have a tendency, Hastings, to prefer the least likely. That, no doubt, is from reading too many detective stories.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Why do you decry the world we live in? There are good people in it. Isn’t muddle a better breeding ground for kindliness and individuality than a world order that’s imposed, a world order that may be right today and wrong tomorrow? I would rather have a world of kindly, faulty, human beings, than a world of superior robots who’ve said goodbye to pity and understanding and sympathy.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Marriage, especially at my age, is not to be undertaken without full–er–consideration. Equality of birth, similarity of tastes, general suitability, and the same religious creed–all these things are necessary and the pros and cons have to be weighed and considered.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “One of the oddest things in life, as we all know, is the way that when you have heard a thing mentioned, within twenty-four hours you nearly always come across it again.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Whether he acted rightly or not, I have never been sure. It was the future of a child that was at stake. A child, he felt, ought to be given the benefit of a doubt.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “You’re apt to be done down if you speak nothing but good American.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Women are fiends-absolute fiends.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “They wish not to become adult – not to have to accept our kind of responsibility. And yet like all children, they want to be thought grown up, and free to do what they think are grown up things. And that leads sometimes to tragedy and sometimes to the aftermath of tragedy.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Ah, but you must have a Christmas uncomplicated by murder.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “England was in a funny state, a different state from what it had been. Or was it really always in the same state? Always underneath the smooth surface there was some black mud. There wasn’t clear water down to the pebbles, down to the shells, lying on the bottom of the sea. There was something moving, something sluggish somewhere, something that had to be found, suppressed.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Until one looks back on one’s own past one fails to realise what an extraordinary view of the world a child has.”
Agatha Christie Quote: “Eve. The Lee family reunion, never a lively affair, is interrupted.”
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