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Anne Sexton Quotes
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Anne Sexton Quote: “God has a brown voice, as soft and full as beer.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “My objects dream and wear new costumes, compelled to, it seems, by all the words in my hands and the sea that bangs in my throat.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “There is a good look that I wear like a blood clot. I have sewn it over my left breast. I have made a vocation of it.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Poetry to me is prayer...”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I love you. You are closest to my heart, closer than any other human being. You are my extension. You are my prayer. You are my belief in God. For better or worse you inherit me.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I am in my own mind. I am locked in the wrong house.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “And thus Snow White became the prince’s bride. The wicked queen was invited to the wedding feast and when she arrived there were red-hot iron shoes, in the manner of red-hot roller skates, clamped upon her feet.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “To love another is somethinglike prayer and it can’t be planned, you just fallinto its arms because your belief undoes your disbelief.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Though rain curses the window let the poem be made.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Everyone in me is a bird I am beating all my wings.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Death, I need my little addiction to you. I need that tiny voice who, even as I rise from the sea, all woman, all there, says kill me, kill me.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Perhaps I am no one. True, I have a body and I cannot escape from it. I would like to fly out of my head, but that is out of the question.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Live or die, but don’t poison everything.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Our eyes are full of terrible confessions.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Rats live on no evil star.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “She is so naked and singular. She is the sum of yourself and your dream. Climb her like a monument, step after step. She is solid.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Then all this became history. Your hand found mine. Life rushed to my fingers like a blood clot. Oh, my carpenter, the fingers are rebuilt. They dance with yours.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I am tearing the feathers out of the pillows, waiting, waiting for Daddy to come home and stuff me so full of our infected child that I turn invisible, but married, at last.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Maybe I am becoming a hermit, opening the door for only a few special animals? Maybe my skull is too crowded and it has no opening through which to feed it soup?”
Anne Sexton Quote: “My death from the wrists, two name tags, blood worn like a corsage to bloom one on the left and one on the right.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Home is my Bethlehem, my succoring shelter, my mental hospital, my wife, my dam, my husband, my sir, my womb, my skull.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Poetry is my life, my postmark, my hands, my kitchen, my face.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “You must be a poet, a lady of evil luck desiring to be what you are not, longing to be what you can only visit.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “God went out of me as if the sea dried up like sandpaper, as if the sun became a latrine. God went out of my fingers. They became stone. My body became a side of mutton and despair roamed the slaughterhouse.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “My mouth blooms like a cut.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “What’s the point of fighting the dollars when all you need is a warm bed? When the dog barks you let him in. All we need is someone to let us in. And one other thing: to consider the lilies in the field.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “If the doctors cure then the sun sees it. If the doctors kill then the earth hides it. The doctors should fear arrogance more than cardiac arrest.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I will be steel! I will build a steel bridge over my need! I will build a bomb shelter over my heart! But my future is a secret. It is as shy as a mole.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Talk to me about sadness. I talk about it too much in my own head but I never mind others talking about it either; I occasionally feel like I tremendously need others to talk about it as well.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “My sleeping pill is white. It is a splendid pearl; it floats me out of myself, my stung skin as alien as a loose bolt of cloth.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “O yellow eye, let me be sick with your heat, let me be feverish and frowning.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “My business is words. Words are like labels, or coins, or better, like swarming bees.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “It’s a little mad, but I believe I am many people. When I am writing a poem, I feel I am the person who should have written it.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “My safe, safe psychosis is broken. It was hard. It was made of stone. It covered my face like a mask. But it has cracked.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Love your self’s self where it lives.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I have gone out, a possessed witch, haunting the black air, braver at night; dreaming evil, I have done my hitch over the plain houses, light by light: lonely thing, twelve-fingered, out of mind. A woman like that is not a woman, quite. I have been her kind.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I remember the stink of the liverwurst. How I was put on a platter and laid between the mayonnaise and the bacon. The rhythm of the refrigerator had been disturbed.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “My heart is on a budget. It keeps me on the brink.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I would sell my life to avoid the pain that begins in the crib with its bars or perhaps with your first breath when the planets drill your future into you...”
Anne Sexton Quote: “In a dream you are never eighty.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Depression is boring, I think and I would do better to make some soup and light up the cave.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Take a woman talking, purging herself with rhymes, drumming words out like a typewriter, planting words in you like grass seed. You’ll move off.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Oh, darling, let your body in, let it tie you in, in comfort.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Somebody who should have been born is gone.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Now I am going back And I have ripped my hand From your hand as I said I would And I have made it this far...”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I think it will be a miracle if I don’t someday end up killing myself.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “When they turn the sun on again I’ll plant children under it, I’ll light up my soul with a match and let it sing...”
Anne Sexton Quote: “There is hope. There is hope everywhere. Today God give milk and I have the pail.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I don’t care, I love you anyhow. It is too late to turn you out of my heart. Part of you lives here.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Someone is dead. Even the trees know it, those poor old dancers who come on lewdly, all pea-green scarfs and spine pole.”
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