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Anne Sexton Quotes
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Anne Sexton Quote: “The sky breaks. It sags and breathes upon my face. in the presence of mine enemies, mine enemies The world is full of enemies. There is no safe place.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I am stuffing your mouth with your promises and watching you vomit them out upon my face.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Talk to me about sadness. I talk about it too much in my own head but I never mind others talking about it either; I occasionally feel like I tremendously need others to talk about it as well.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “If the doctors cure then the sun sees it. If the doctors kill then the earth hides it. The doctors should fear arrogance more than cardiac arrest.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Not that it was beautiful, but that, in the end, there was a certain sense of order there; something worth learning in that narrow diary of my mind.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “When I lie down to love, old dwarf heart shakes her head. Like an imbecile she was born old.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “And so she danced until she was dead, a subterranean figure, her tongue flicking in and out like a gas jet.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “The beautiful feeling after writing a poem is on the whole better even than after sex, and that’s saying a lot.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “There is joy in all: in the hair I brush each morning, in the Cannon towel, newly washed, that I rub my body with each morning...”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I have a black look I do not like. It is a mask I try on. I migrate toward it and its frog sits on my lips and defecates.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “The day of fire is coming, the thrush will fly ablaze like a little sky rocket...”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I find now, swallowing one teaspoon of pain, that it drops downward to the past where it mixes with last year’s cupful and downward into a decade’s quart and downward into a lifetime’s ocean. I alternate treading water and deadman’s float.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I’ve grown tired of love You are the trouble with me I watch you walk right by.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “You who have inhabited me in the deepest and most broken place, are going, going.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “For I could not read or speak and on the long nights I could not turn the moon off or count the lights of cars across the ceiling.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Yes, I know. Death sits with his key in my lock. Not one day is taken for granted. Even nursery rhymes have put me in hock.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Even without wars, life is dangerous.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “The body is a damn hard thing to kill.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “True. There is a beautiful Jesus. He is frozen to his bones like a chunk of beef. How desperately he wanted to pull his arms in! How desperately I touch his vertical and horizontal axes! But I can’t. Need is not quite belief.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Come, my pretender, my fritter, my bubbler, my chicken biddy! Oh succulent one, it is but one turn in the road and I would be a cannibal!”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I seem to be a ship that is sailing out of my own life.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “The windows, the starving windows that drive the trees like nails into my heart.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Now that I have written many words, and let out so many loves, for so many, and been altogether what I always was a woman of excess, of zeal and greed, I find the effort useless.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “It’s all a matter of history. Brandy is no solace. Librium only lies me down like a dead snow queen. Yes! I am still the criminal.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I tied down time with a rope but it came back. Then I put my head in a death bowl and my eyes shut up like clams. They didn’t come back.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “The little girl skipped by under the wrinkled oak leaves and held fast to a replica of herself.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Daisies in water are the longest lasting flower you can give to someone. Fact. Buy daisies. Not roses.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Some women marry houses. It’s another kind of skin; it has a heart, a mouth, a liver and bowel movements.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Today is made of yesterday, each time I steal toward rites I do not know, waiting for the lost ingredient, as if salt or money or even lust would keep us calm and prove us whole at last.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Take your foot out of the graveyard, they are busy being dead.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I love the word warm. It is almost unbearable – so moist and breathlike.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Let the light be called Day so that men may grow corn or take busses.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “All I am is the trick of words writing themselves.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “When someone kisses someone or flushes the toilet it is my other who sits in a ball and cries. My other beats a tin drum in my heart. My other hangs up laundry as I try to sleep. My other cries and cries and cries when I put on a cocktail dress.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Nature is full of teeth that come in one by one, then decay, fall out.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Give me your skin as sheer as a cobweb, let me open it up and listen in and scoop out the dark.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “The snow has quietness in it; no songs, no smells, no shouts or traffic. When I speak my own voice shocks me.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I rot on the wall, my own Dorian Gray.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “The place I live in is a kind of maze and I keep seeking the exit or the home.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Put your mouthful of words away and come with me to watch the lilies open in such a field, growing there like yachts, slowly steering their petals without nurses or clocks.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I think of myself as writing for one person, that one perfect reader who understands and loves.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I feel unspeakably lonely. And I feel – drained. It is a blank state of mind and soul I cannot describe to you as I think it would not make any difference. Also it is a very private feeling I have – that of melting into a perpetual nervous breakdown. I am often questioning myself what I further want to do, who I further wish to be; which parts of me, exactly, are still functioning properly. No answers, darling. At all.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Maybe, although my heart is a kitten of butter, I am blowing it up like a zeppelin.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “For forty days, for forty nights Jesus put one foot in front of the other and the man he carried, if it was a man, became heavier and heavier.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “The sanest thing in this world is love.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Only in this hoarded span will love persevere.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Once upon a time we were all born, popped out like jelly rolls forgetting our fishdom, the pleasuring seas, the country of comfort, spanked into the oxygens of death...”
Anne Sexton Quote: “No one to hate except the slim fish of memory that slides in and out of my brain.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “There is no word for time. Today we will not think to number another summer or watch its white bird into the ground.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Frog has no nerves. Frog is as old as a cockroach. Frog is my father’s genitals. Frog is a malformed doorknob. Frog is a soft bag of green.”
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