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Anne Sexton Quotes
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Anne Sexton Quote: “If you meet a cross-eyed person you must plunge into the grass, alongside the chilly ants, fish through the green fingernails and come up with the four-leaf clover...”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Now, in my middle age, about nineteen in the head I’d say, I am rowing, I am rowing...”
Anne Sexton Quote: “How are you? How is your wonderful bathroom? How are the books you read and the things you think? Your dogs and their lives? The weather? Your feelings?”
Anne Sexton Quote: “The rest of my room is book shelves. I hoard books. They are people who do not leave.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “To tell the truth days are all the same size and words aren’t much company.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I’ll put it out there: I am scarred by the nostalgic indicipherability of my own desires; I an engulfed by the intimidating unknown, pushed through darkness and dragged down by the irretrievable past sweetness of my memories.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Poetry led me by the hand out of madness.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “God is only mocked by believers.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I put the gold star up in the front window beside the flag. Alterations is what I know and what I did: hems, gussets and seams.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I see myself as one would see another. I have been cut in two.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Why are all these dolls falling out of the sky? Was there a father? Or have the planets cut holes in their nets and let our childhood out, or are we the dolls themselves, born but never fed?”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I suffer for birds and fireflies but not frogs, she said, and threw him across the room. Kaboom! Like a genie out of a samovar, a handsome prince arose in the corner of the bedroom.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “If you have endured a great despair, then, you did it alone.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Dead drunk is the term I think of, insensible, neither cool nor warm, without a head or a foot. To be drunk is to be intimate with a fool.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I have forgiven all the old actors for dying. A new one comes on with the same lines, like large white growths, in his mouth. The dancers come on from the wings, perfectly mated.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I have been cut in two.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I leave you, home, when I’m ripped from the doorstep by commerce or fate. Then I submit to the awful subway of the world...”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I can only sign over everything, the house, the dog, the ladders, the jewels, the soul, the family tree, the mailbox. Then I can sleep. Maybe.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Mood can be as important as sense.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Death’s in the good-bye.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Now I am just an elderly lady who is full of spleen, who humps around greater Boston in a God-awful hat, who never lived and yet outlived her time, hating men and dogs and Democrats.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Some women marry houses.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I was only sitting here in my white study with the awful black words pushing me around.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Yesterday I did not want to be borrowed but this is the typewriter that sits before me and love is where yesterday is at.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “You cutting the lawn, fixing the machines, all this leprous day and then more vodka, more soda and the pond forgiving our bodies, the pond sucking out the throb.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Jewels! Today each twig is important, each ring, each infection, each form is all that the gods must have meant.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “It would be pleasant to be drunk.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Alone in our place I was a guest.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Well, one gets out of bed and the planets don’t always hiss or muck up the day, each day.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Poems aren’t postcards to send home.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “My poems only come when I have almost lost the ability to utter a word. To speak, in a way, of the unspeakable.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Thumbs grow into my throat. I wear slaps like a spot of rouge.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Poetry, after all, milks the unconscious.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Need is not quite belief.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I grow old on my bitterness.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Letters are false really – they are expressions of the way you wish you were instead of the way you are...”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Surely all who are locked in boxes of different sizes should have their hands held.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “And within the house ashes are being stuffed into my marriage, fury is lapping the walls, dishes crack on the shelves, a strangler needs my throat, the daughter has ceased to eat anything...”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I was spread out dailyand examined for flaws.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Our children tremble in their teen-age cribs, whirling off on a thumb or a motorcycle...”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I said, the poets are there I hear them singing and lying around their round table and around me still.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I didn’t feel at home in life.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I am so tired of that old suffering.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “One thing I know about death is that it touches my psyche and mumbles in her magnificently unknown words; it floats within me and wanders through my bones every day.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “Poems reach me, and hold me, and give me pleasure.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “How you choose to lose yourself matters. Trust me, it’s all in the ‘how’. It matters a lot.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “My heart cracked like a doll-dish...”
Anne Sexton Quote: “The trouble is that I am crazy and the room, ah, my own room drinks me.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I do have that bad habit, so female, of taking people at their word.”
Anne Sexton Quote: “I never seemed to like the spring for what it was; I always loved it for what it might have been. In the head. In the heart of hearts. It is in my ability, I think, to love something fully only if I am naturally, compulsively, irrationally drawn to it.”
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