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Augusten Burroughs Quotes

Augusten Burroughs Quote: “I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “When you have your health, you have everything. When you do not have your health, nothing else matters at all.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “Any damage that’s been done, you have to fix yourself because it needs fixing and there is nobody else to do the work. Blame may well be justified, but it’s not going to move you forward in your life.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “I’m always prepared for the worst.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “The secret to being a writer is that you have to write. It’s not enough to think about writing or to study literature or plan a future life as an author. You really have to lock yourself away, alone, and get to work.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “Miracles do happen. You must believe this. No matter what else you believe about life, you must believe in miracles.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “I read a lot of science books – I love cosmology, quantum theory, particle physics. So my idea of a great read would probably put you directly into a coma.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “And I hope she does not live in a dark world. Because even the most terrible loss doesn’t have to make you darker; it can make you deeper.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “The past does not haunt us. We haunt the past. We allow our minds to focus in that direction. We open memories and examine them. We reexperience emotions we felt during the painful events we experienced because we are recalling them in as much detail as we can.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “Stars should not be seen alone. That’s why there are so many. Two people should stand together and look at them. One person alone will surely miss the good ones.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “Like cubic zirconia, I only look real. I’m an imposter. The fact is, I am not like other people.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “You are allowed to be alive. You are allowed to be somebody different. You are allowed to not say goodbye to anybody or explain a single thing to anyone, ever.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “All children should be loved, protected, nurtured – emotionally and intellectually – respected, and never, under any circumstances, underestimated.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “The line between normal and crazy seemed impossibly thin. A person would have to be an expert tightrope walker in order not to fall.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “The most valuable moments and experiences that life has to offer are found only along its most treacherous paths.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “You manufacture beauty with your mind.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “I suppose home is, for me, more of a state of mind. It’s really more of about being where I want to be with people I care about.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “When you say, “I need more confidence,” what you’re really saying is, “I need those people over there to approve of me.” That is the desire to control other people and what they think. The first person who figures out how to do this owns the world.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “Love is a helium-based emotion; Love always takes the high road.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “I felt a bottomless sadness. So completely alone. Like one of my stuffed animals at home that I was too old for now, that sat on the shelf in my closet, mashed against the back wall.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “You would be amazed by what you can give up, lose, or break, and yet still be a person who gets happy over brownies.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “Part of me believes that love is more valuable when you have to work for it.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “I like, though, that people have a hunger to connect with other people. They’re desperate to know that you’re not lying to them or misleading them.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “So we can be filled with holes and loss and wide expanses of unhealed geography – and we can also be excited by life and in love and content at the exact same moment.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “You need to grab your dream out of the sky like it’s a kite and pinch the string through your fingers until you reach the spool.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “It’s a wonder I’m even alive. Sometimes I think that. I think that I can’t believe I haven’t killed myself. But there’s something in me that just keeps going on. I think it has something to do with tomorrow, that there is always one, and that everything can change when it comes.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “I hate feelings. Why does sobriety have to come with feelings?”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “I missed him so much that I had physical sensations of loss, all over my body. Like one minute I was missing an arm, the next my spleen. It was making me feel sick, like throwing up.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “If I were blind I’d rather have another blind person leading me around because they know what I’m dealing with and they’re experiencing the same things.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “Perfection is the satin-lined casket of creativity and originality. If you are a perfectionist, at least stop telling everybody you’re one and try to get over it yourself, alone in your home with the lights off.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “Think of your head as an unsafe neighborhood; don’t go there alone.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “Imperfections are attractive when their owners are happy with them.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “Nobody’s trying to kill you, Deirdre. You’re killing yourself.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “And I began to let him go. Hour by hour. Days into months. It was a physical sensation, like letting out the string of a kite. Except that the string was coming from my center.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “You can make almost anything a learning or positive experience. I think I offer a good example of how to make the most out of what life gives you and how to keep moving on.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “Real optimism is not the pep talk you give yourself. It is earned through the labor involved in emotional housekeeping.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “Other people sound flat to my ear; their words just hang in the air. But when my mother says something, the ends curl.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “You cannot be a prisoner of your past against your will. Because you can only live in the past inside your mind.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “I came to think that maybe God was what you believed in because you needed to feel you weren’t alone. Maybe God was simply that part of yourself that was always there and always strong, even when you were not.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “What nobody understood then is this: The only way that you achieve what you want and fulfill your dreams and become great is by demanding that sort of attention. You have to make it happen.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “My thoughts seem thick, ketchup stuck in a bottle. Like trying to feel someone’s face while wearing goosedown mittens.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “What is lint? How does it find hair dryers and navels?”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “And human instinct is ancient and reliable, utterly mysterious and possibly capable of great genius. I believe that refined, fluent instincts are a person’s most valuable asset. My own instincts have repeatedly guided me against the grain of logic and probability. When I have trusted and followed their direction, they have never been wrong. I don’t know how or why. But I know that every significant experience-positive or negative-sharpens them and makes them more accurate.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “I don’t have a fixed routine. I write every day but I don’t “write” every day, if that makes any sense. In other words, I email with my friends constantly and sometimes I’ll pull out something I’ve written and save it.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “People generally like happy endings, which is something I learned from my years in advertising. I like happy endings myself, but only if they’re honest. I’m just as happy with a terrible, hopeless ending.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “All of us are richer and more fascinating and more complex than we can ever know.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “I’ve learned how to turn the adversities in my life into enriching experiences. You can actually gain a lot from adversities and they make you the person you are today.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “I remember, no matter how impossible it seemed that any given day would end, it always did. This one would, too.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “I will please shut the hell up the day you please drop the hell dead.”
Augusten Burroughs Quote: “Sometimes when you work in advertising you’ll get a product that’s really garbage and you have to make it seem fantastic, something that is essential to the continued quality of life.”
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