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Brian Tracy Quotes
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Brian Tracy Quote: “Your determination to become a more optimistic person in every part of your life will do more to ensure your success and happiness than any other single quality you can develop.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Your ability to negotiate, communicate, influence, and persuade others to do things is absolutely indispensable to everything you accomplish in life.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Make a game of finding something positive in every situation. Ninety-five percent of your emotions are determined by how you interpret events to yourself.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Your life is the sum total of all your choices up to this present minute.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Obstacles come to instruct, not obstruct.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Your success in your career will be in direct proportion to what you do after you’ve done what you are expected to do.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Don’t fall in love with your own excuses.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Change your thinking, and you will change your life.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “A wish has been defined as a ‘goal with no energy behind it.’ Hope is not a strategy.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Failure is an inside job. So is success. If you want to achieve you have to win the war in your thinking first.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “You can’t help the poor by becoming one of them.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Every employee must be essential to the functions of the organization.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Never consider the possibility of failure; as long as you persist, you will be successful.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “There’s only one direction you can coast-downhill.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “The only real antidote to worry or problems is systematic, purposeful action in the direction of your goals.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement. Think on paper and write them down!”
Brian Tracy Quote: “One quality of leaders and high achievers in every area seems to be a commitment to ongoing personal and professional development.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Think before you act and then act decisively. Fortune favors the brave.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “If the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the day with the satisfaction of knowing that that is probably the worst thing that is going to happen to you all day long!”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Above all, you must maintain a positive mental attitude, looking for the good in every situation, and remain determined to be a completely positive person.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money that you want without becoming very good at it.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Worry is a sustained form of fear caused by indecision.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Entrepreneurship is the art of finding profitable solutions to problems.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Whatever is expressed is impressed. Whatever you say to yourself, with emotion, generates thoughts, ideas and behaviors consistent with those words.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Refuse to criticize, condemn, or complain. Instead, think and talk only about the things you really want.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “The foundation of lasting self-confidence and self esteem is excellence, mastery of your work.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Your outer world of attitudes, wealth, work, relationships and health will always be a reflection of your inner attitudes of mind.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Superior leaders are willing to admit a mistake and cut their losses. Be willing to admit that you’ve changed your mind. Don’t persist when the original decision turns out to be a poor one.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Get around the right people. Associate with positive, goal-oriented people who encourage and inspire you.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “The greatest joys of life are happy memories. Your job is to create as many of them as possible.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Imagine no limitations; decide what’s right and desirable before you decide what’s possible.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “You are fully responsible for everything you are, everything you have and everything you become.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “All great success is preceded by failure.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Between you and every goal that you wish to achieve, there is a series of obstacles, and the bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Discipline yourself to find something positive in every situation every day. You attract positivity when you are positive within.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “You must master your time rather than becoming a slave to the constant flow of events and demands on your time. And you must organize your life to achieve balance, harmony, and inner peace.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Perhaps the greatest display of self-discipline is persisting when the going gets tough. Persistence is self-discipline in action.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Great genius you already have. The super conscious mind is invariably triggered by definition, and by decisiveness.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “If you have a clear goal and a plan to achieve it, your focus is fixed on a set course of action. Instead of becoming sidetracked by distractions and diversions, your time is focused on a straight line from start to finish.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “If you want to sail your ship in a different direction, you must turn one degree at a time.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Refuse to let the fear of rejection hold you back. Remember, rejection is never personal.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “You can accomplish virtually any goal you set for yourself, as long as the goal is clear and you persist long enough.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “The greatest enemies of success and happiness are negative emotions of all kinds.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Unconditional acceptance of others is the key to happy relationships.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Start with a picture of your goal as already achieved in the future, and work back to the present. Imagine the steps that you would have taken to get from where you are now to where you want to be.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “We will always tend to fulfill our own expectation of ourselves.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Do your very best on every task. Imagine that everyone is watching even when no one is watching.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Successful people tend to become more successful because they are always thinking about their successes.”
Brian Tracy Quote: “Self-discipline is a great time-saver; it is the ability to make yourself work on only those things that are most important to you.”
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