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C.M. Punk Quotes

C.M. Punk Quote: “Best of luck in your future endeavors!”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I am The Catalyst of Change.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “The best thing you can probably do is keep a low profile, keep your eyes and ears open, your mouth shut, and you will learn a ton.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I am the voice of the voiceless.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t use drugs. That may be boring for some people, but that’s just me. That’s how I live my life.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “You’re not funny and nobody likes you!”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I’m straight edge, and that means I’m better than you.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I’m a very goal-oriented person.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “Sometimes it’s what you don’t do that makes you who you are.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs. My addiction is wrestling.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I pride myself on being a jerk, because I’m brutally honest all the time.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “Luck? Good luck? GM, the last time I checked, luck is for losers.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I am STILL better than you. Because I AM drug free, I AM alcohol free, and I’m straightedge.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I will kick you in the nuts and you will smile and like it.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I’m the kind of person that if I’m not getting something that I need from somewhere. I don’t cry about it, I’m like OK I’m going to go here and find what I need.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “Do you know what it’s like going through life being better than everybody? It’s hard.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “Whatever your walk in life is, you pick what you want to be, then go ahead and be the best one.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “When you step in the ring, your arms are just too short to box with God.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “People like to come up to me and tell me that I’ve got nice ink. Except these tattoos aren’t just decorations. They are declarations. Every tattoo I have tells its own story about who I am. Drug-free. Honor. And a war against the system.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I am the best wrestler in the world.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I’ll go be the best in the world somewhere else.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I’d much rather be a one-hit wonder than a phony.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “Where, oh, where are my WWE ice cream bars?!”
C.M. Punk Quote: “All your heroes are dead! I killed them!”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I am fat and I don’t care.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I’ve never stolen anything in my life, except maybe a couple hearts here and there.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs. I kick people in the face for a living. So, if that’s something you’re into – if you like watching people get kicked in the face – come see me. I’ll probably be your favorite wrestler.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “If hell is to roam, then i’ve got hell to pave...”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I’m not a suit and tie kind of guy. I wear a suit once a year, for the Hall of Fame, or if I have to go to a funeral or something. It’s just not me.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “It’s a good time to be CM Punk right now.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “He spilled my diet soda!”
C.M. Punk Quote: “Don’t look at me like that, Michael Cole.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “Different people are afforded different opportunities. I’ve been given some awesome opportunities, and I feel that I’ve always knocked them out of the park. But I’ve always been scaled back after that.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I don’t like having debts. I don’t like buying anything that I can’t buy in cash.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “Sir! Sir! I’m afraid your music is just too loud!”
C.M. Punk Quote: “What you’ve lost sight of is what you are, and what you are is what you hate. You’re the 10-time WWE Champion! You’re the man! You, like the Red Sox, like Boston, are no longer the underdog! You’re a dynasty. You are what you hate. You have become the New York Yankees!”
C.M. Punk Quote: “There’s one thing you’re better at than I am, and that’s kissing Vince McMahon’s ass. You’re as good as kissing Vince’s ass as Hulk Hogan was. -To John Cena.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “Hey Colt Cabana, how you doing.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “If Triple H asked you to jump off a bridge, would you? Because I think that’s good for business.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “John, what are you doing? John, my diet soda. What are you doing?”
C.M. Punk Quote: “Anybody wants to call me the Triple H of Ring of Honor, I think that’s hilarious. I would prefer to call Triple H the CM Punk of the WWE.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “My dream match is me and Chris Benoit against Fit Finlay and William Regal. That way I get to work with Benoit and I get to beat up and get beat up by Finlay and Regal.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “Do I want an ice cream bar with my name on it? You’re DAMN right!”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I don’t want to sound egotistical, but I’m egotistical to an extent.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “King Kofi Kingston, that does have a nice ring to it. But not so much the initials, though.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “In 50 years, your grandchildren will be asking you where you were when CM Punk beat the Undertaker’s streak!”
C.M. Punk Quote: “I don’t know if this sounds bad, but I am set. I don’t spend my money. I don’t buy cars or have an expensive drug habit. The only thing I’ve ever bought with the money I’ve made is my house.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “To John Cena after the fans kept throwing his shirt back in the ring : They didn’t throw my shirt back.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “Texas is dicktown. No basement in the alamo. I didnt capitalize that on purpose.”
C.M. Punk Quote: “Fix him so I can break him again!”
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