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Cormac McCarthy Quotes
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Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Boyd aint goin nowhere. If I am he is. Boyd’s a juvenile. They aint goin to turn him over to you. Hell. You’re a juvenile yourself. I aint askin.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “For this will to deceive that is in thing luminous may manifest itself likewise in retrospect and so by sleight of some fixed part of a journey already accomplished may also post men to fraudulent destinies.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “When it stops, you’ll know you’ve heard it all your life.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “If people saw the world for what it truly is. Saw their lives for what they truly are. Without dreams or illusions. I don’t believe they could offer the first reason why they should not elect to die as soon as possible.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Live by yourself and you bound to talk yourself and when ye commence that folks start it up that you’re light in the head. But I reckon it’s all right to talk to a dog since most folks do even if a dog don’t understand and cain’t answer if he did.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The flames sawed in the wind and the embers paled and deepened and paled and deepened like the bloodbeat of some living thing eviscerate upon the ground before them and they watched the fire which does contain within it something of men themselves inasmuch as they are less without it and are divided from their origins and are exiles. For each fire is all fires, and the first fire and the last ever to be.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “All my life, he said, I been witness to people showin up where they was supposed to be at various times after they’d said they’d be there. I never heard one yet that didnt have a reason for it. Yessir. But there aint but one reason. Yessir. You know what it is? No sir. It’s that their word’s no good. That’s the only reason there ever was or ever will be. Yessir.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “There seemed insufficient substance to him to be the object of men’s wrath. There seemed nothing about him sufficient to fuel any enterprise at all.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “He said that like every man who comes to the end of something there was nothing to be done but to begin again.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “They came three times for the old man. At first it was just the Sheriff and Gifford. They were one foot up the porch steps when he swung the door open and threw down on them and they could see the mule ears of the old shotgun laid back viciously along the locks. They turned and went back down the yard, not saying anything or even looking back, and the old man closed the door behind them.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Men do not turn from God so easily. Not so easily. Deep in each man is the knowledge that something knows of his existence. Something knows, and cannot e fled nor hid from. To imagine otherwise is to imagine the unspeakable. It was never that this man ceased to believe in God. No. It was rather that he came to believe terrible things of him.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Our waking life’s desire to shape the world to our convenience invites all manner of paradox and difficulty. All in our custody seethes with an inner restlessness. But in dreams we stand in this great democracy of the possible and there we are right pilgrims indeed. There we go forth to meet what we shall meet.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Where in this pukehole can a man get a drink? he said.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “He went among vendors and beggars and wild street preachers haranguing a lost world with vigor unknown to the sane. Suttree admired them with their hot eyes and dogeared bibles, God’s barkers gone forth into the world like the prophets of old.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Toadvine was four steps above him and when he kicked him he caught him in the throat.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Now come days of begging, days of theft. Days of riding where there rode no soul save he. He’s left behind the pinewood country and the evening sun declines before him beyond an endless swale and dark falls here like a thunderclap and a cold wind sets the weeds to gnashing. The night sky lies so sprent with stars that there is scarcely space of black at all and they fall all night in bitter arcs and it is so that their numbers are no less.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Vive in silenzio il Dio che ha purgato questa terra con sale e cenere.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The next day on the far side of the mountain we encountered the two lads that had deserted us. Hangin upside down in a tree. They’d been skinned and I can tell ye it does very little for a man’s appearance.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “If much in the world were mystery the limits of that world were not, for it was without measure or bound and there were contained within it creatures more horrible yet and men of other colors and beings which no man has looked upon and yet not alien none of it more than were their own hearts alien in them, whatever wilderness contained there and whatever beasts.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “We could of brought weeners, she said. Yeah. Marshmallers. You wouldnt think a car would burn like that.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Old woods and deep. At one time in the world there were woods that no one owned and these were like them.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Housecats is smart too. Smarter’n a dog or a mule. Folks thinks they ain’t on account of you cain’t learn em nothin, but what it is is that they won’t learn nothin. They too smart.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “To have a child when you’re older, it wrenches you up out of your nap and makes you look at things, you know, afresh. It forces the world on you. And I think it’s a good thing.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Yet it is the narrative that is the life of the dream while the events themselves are often interchangeable. The events of the waking world on the other hand are forced upon us and the narrative is the unguessed axis along which they must be strung.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “I aint drinkin after no mule, said the hermit. Have you not got no old bucket nor nothin?”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The consequences of an act are often quite different from what one would guess. You must be sure that the intention in your heart is large enough to contain all wrong turnings, all disappointments.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “They slept huddled together in the rank quilts in the dark and the cold. He held the boy close to him. So thin. My heart, he said. My heart.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “They put their animals to the ford and crossed, the water up under the horses’ bellies and the horses picking their way over the rocks and glancing wildly upstream where a cataract thundered out of the darkening forest into the flecked and seething pool below.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “And so these parties divided upon that midnight plain, each passing back the way the other had come, pursuing as all travelers must inversions without end upon other men’s journeys.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “I could tell you why – and you stit wouldn’t know. That’s all right. You can set and ast a bunch of idjit questions. But not knowin a thing ain’t never made it not so. Well, I’m a old man and I’ve seen some hard times, so I don’t reckon Brushy Mountain’ll be the worst place I was ever in.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “There’s little equity in the Lord’s gifts.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “It takes very little to govern good people.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The survivors lay quietly in that cratered void and watched the whitehot stars go rifling down the dark. Or slept with their alien hearts beating in the sand like pilgrims exhausted upon the face of the planet Anareta, clutched to a namelessness wheeling in the night.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The boy was sitting quietly on the bunk, still wrapped in the blanket, watching. The man thought he had probably not fully committed himself to any of this. You could wake in the dark wet woods at any time.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The incinerate corpses shrunk to the size of a child and propped on the bare springs of the seats. Ten thousand dreams ensepulchred within their crozzled hearts.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The tensile properties of this unratified truce were abused to the utmost of their enduring when the judge stood slightly in the saddle and raised his arm and spoke out a greeting beyond them.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “What is true of one man, said the judge, is true of many.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “A man gets older, he said, he finds they’s lots of things he can do jest as well without and so he don’t have to worry about this and that the way a young feller will. I worked near all my life and never had nothin. Seems like a old man’d be allowed his rest but then he comes to find they’s things you have to do on account of nobody else wants to attend to em... Most ever man loves peace, he said, and none better than a old man.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “In the spring or warmer weather when the snow thaws in the woods the tracks of winter reappear on slender pedestals and the snow reveals in palimpsest old buried wanderings, struggles, scenes of death. Tales of winter brought to light again like time turned back upon itself.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Suttree ducked the yardlong coil of dead flies that hung from the ceiling and came to the counter with his purchases.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “They wont ride at night, said Brown. The recruit looked back at the figures gathered about the keg in that scoured and darkening waste. Why wont they? he said. Brown spat. Because it’s dark, he said.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “He thought there could be deathships out there yet, drifting with their lolling rags of sail. Or life in the deep. Great squid propelling themselves over the floor of the sea in the cold darkness. Shuttling past like trains, eyes the size of saucers. And perhaps beyond those shrouded wells another man did walk with another child on the dead gray sands. Slept but a sea apart on another beach among the bitter ashes of the world or stood in their rags lost to the same indifferent sun.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Evolution cannot avoid bringing intelligent life ultimately to an awareness of one thing above all else and that one thing is futility.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Almighty God, if it aint too far out of the way of things in your eternal plan do you reckon we could have a little rain down here.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Are you no afraid of God? I got no reason to be afraid of God. I’ve even got a bone or two to pick with Him. You.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “He is dancing, dancing. He says he’ll never die.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “But the old woman said that some have no choice. She said that for the poor any choice was a gift with two faces.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The immappable world of our journey. A pass in the mountains. A bloodstained stone. The marks of steel upon it. Names carved in the corrosible lime among stone fishes and ancient shells. Things dimmed and dimming. The dry sea floor. The tools of migrant hunters. The dreams encased upon the blades of them. The peregrine bones of a prophet. The silence. The gradual extinction of rain. The coming of night.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Summer was full on and the nights hot. It was like lying in warm syrup there in the dark under the viaduct, in the steady whine of gnats and nightbugs.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “I hear people talking about going on a vacation or something and I think, what is that about? I have no desire to go on a trip. My perfect day is sitting in a room with some blank paper. That’s heaven. That’s gold and anything else is just a waste of time.”
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