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Cormac McCarthy Quotes
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Cormac McCarthy Quote: “All things of grace and beauty such that one holds them to one’s heart have a common provenance in pain. Their birth in grief and ashes. So, he whispered to the sleeping boy. I have you.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The one thing I can tell you is that you wont survive for yourself. I know because I would never have come this far. A person who had no one would be well advised to cobble together some passable ghost. Breathe it into being and coax it along with words of love. Offer it each phantom crumb and shield it from harm with your body. As for me my only hope is for eternal nothingness and I hope it with all my heart.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Words pale and lose their savor while pain is always new.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “She said that these were things all women knew yet seldom spoke of. Lastly she said that if women were drawn to rash men it was only that in their secret hearts they knew that a man who would not kill for them was of no use at all.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Did you learn to whisper in a sawmill?”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The man thought he seemed some sad and solitary changeling child announcing the arrival of a traveling spectacle in shire and village who does not know that behind him the players have all been carried off by wolves.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “He said the right dreams for a man in peril were dreams of peril and all else was the call of languor and death.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Men have in their minds a picture of how the world will be. How they will be in that world. The world may be many different ways for them but there is one world that will never be and that is the world they dream of.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “A person who had no one would be well advised to cobble together some passable ghost.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Notions of chance and fate are the preoccupations of men engaged in rash undertakings.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “He had a tattoo of a bird on his neck done by someone with an ill-formed notion of their appearance.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Deep in each man is the knowledge that something knows of his existence. Something knows, and cannot be fled nor hid from.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “As for me my only hope is for eternal nothingness and I hope it with all my heart.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “In the night’s in their thousands to dream the dreams of a child’s imaginings, worlds rich or fearful such as might offer themselves but never the one to be.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The colt stood against the horse with its head down and the horse was watching, out there past men’s knowing, where the stars are drowning and whales ferry their vast souls through the black and seamless sea.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Goodness will find the little boy. It always has. It will again.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Here beyond men’s judgments all covenants were brittle.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “He’d stop and lean on the cart and the boy would go on and then stop and look back and he would raise his weeping eyes and see him standing there in the road looking back at him from some unimaginable future, glowing in that waste like a tabernacle.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “When you die it’s the same as if everybody else did too.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “If he is not the word of God God never spoke.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “I don’t know why I started writing. I don’t know why anybody does it. Maybe they’re bored, or failures at something else.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Beware, gentle knight. There is no greater monster than reason.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “I don’t think goodness is something that you learn. If you’re left adrift in the world to learn goodness from it, you would be in trouble.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “All other trades are contained in that of war. Is that why war endures? No. It endures because young men love it and old men love it in them. Those that fought, those that did not.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “He’d watched a falcon fall down the long blue wall of the mountain and break with the keel of its breastbone the midmost from a flight of cranes and take it to the river below all gangly and wrecked and trailing its loose and blowsy plumage in the still autumn air.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The ashes of the late world carried on the bleak and temporal winds to and fro in the void. Carried forth and scattered and carried forth again.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “He could not construct for the child’s pleasure the world he’d lost without constructing the loss as well and he thought perhaps the child had known this better than he.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Dark of the invisible moon. The night now only slightly less black. By day the banished sun circles the earth like a grieving mother with a lamp.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “In the end we all come to be cured of our sentiments. Those whom life does not cure, death will. The world is quite ruthless in selecting between the dream and the reality even where we will not. Between the wish and the thing, the world lies waiting.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “No man is give leave of that voice. The kid spat into the fire and bent to his work. I aint heard no voice, he said. When it stops, said Tobin, you’ll know you’ve heard it all your life.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Ten thousand dreams ensepulchred within their crozzled hearts.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “And perhaps beyond those shrouded swells another man did walk with another child on the dead gray sands. Slept but a sea apart on another beach among the bitter ashes of the world or stood in their rags lost to the same indifferent sun.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “We think we are the victims of time. In reality, the way of the world isn’t fixed anywhere. How could that be possible? We are our own journey. And therefore we are time as well. We are the same. Fugitive. Inscrutable. Ruthless.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “When your dreams are of some world that never was or of some world that never will be and you are happy again then you will have given up.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “If God meant to interfere in the degeneracy of mankind would he not have done so by now? Wolves cull themselves, man. What other creatures could? And is the race of man not more predacious yet?”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “From daydreams on the road there was no waking. He plodded on. He could remember everything of her save her scent. Seated in a theatre with her beside him leaning forward listening to the music. Gold scrollwork and sconces and the tall columnar folds of the drapes at either side of the stage. She held his hand in her lap and he could feel the tops of her stockings through the thin stuff of her summer dress. Freeze this frame. Now call down your dark and your cold and be damned.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “He sat by a gray window in the gray light in an abandoned house in the late afternoon and read old newspapers while the boy slept. The curious news. The quaint concerns.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The boy’s candlecolored skin was all but translucent.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Best way to live in California is to be from somewheres else.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “They rode on and the sun in the east flushed pale streaks of light and then a deeper run of color like blood seeping up in sudden reaches flaring planewise and where the earth drained up into the sky at the edge of creation the top of the sun rose out of nothing like the head of a great red phallus until it cleared the unseen rim and sat squat and pulsing and malevolent behind them.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “One of the things you realize about gettin older is that not everybody is goin to get older with you.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “If I’m not here you can still talk to me. You can talk to me and I’ll talk to you. You’ll see.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “She said that the breath of God was his breath yet though it pass from man to man through all of time.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “He said that war had destroyed the country and that men believe the cure for war is war as the curandero prescribes the serpent’s flesh for its bite. He spoke of his campaigns in the deserts of Mexico and he told them of horses killed under him and he said that the souls of horses mirror the souls of men more closely than men suppose and that horses also love war. Men say they only learn this but he said that no creature can learn that which his heart has no shape to hold.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “I always thought when I got older that God would sort of come into my life in some way. He didn’t.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “He thought each memory recalled must do some violence to its origins. As in a party game. Say the words and pass it on. So be sparing. What you alter in the remembering has yet a reality, known or not.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “You are either going to have to find some other way to live or some other place in the world to do it in.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Yet the captain inhabited another space and it was a space of his own election and outside the common world of men.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “He thought if he lived long enough the world at last would all be lost. Like the dying world the newly blind inhabit, all of it slowly fading from memory.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “There was nothin to set a man’s mind at ease like wakin up in the morning and not havin to decide who you were.”
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