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Cormac McCarthy Quotes
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Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The mother dead these fourteen years did incubate in her own bosom the creature who would carry her off. The father never speaks her name, the child does not know it. He has a sister in this world that he will not see again. He watches, pale and unwashed. He can neither read nor write and in him broods already a taste for mindless violence. All history present in that visage, the child the father of the man.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “If people knew the story of their lives, how many would then elect to live them?”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The cap was gone and the man dropped to his elbows to smell the pipe but the odor of gas was only a rumor, faint and stale.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “And the dreams so rich in color. How else would death call you? Waking in the cold dawn it all turned to ash instantly.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The heart beneath the breastbone pumping. The blood on its appointed rounds. Life in small places, narrow crannies. In the leaves, the toad’s pulse. The delicate cellular warfare in a waterdrop. A dextrocardiac, said the smiling doctor. Your heart’s in the right place. Weathershrunk and loveless. The skin drawn and split like an overripe fruit.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “A dead man’s dog ain’t got a name.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Now come days of begging, days of theft. Days of riding where there rode no soul save he.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The skiff swung gently, drifting in the current. He undid his shirt to the waist and put one forearm to his eyes. He could hear the river talking softly beneath him, heavy old river with wrinkled face.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Your brother is young enough to believe that the past still exists, he said. That the injustices within it await his remedy. Perhaps you believe this also?”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “There, he said. You see? You see how this is bad for one’s billiard game? This thinking? The French have come into my house to mutilate my billiard game. No evil is beyond them.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The mother dead these fourteen years did incubate in her own bosom the creature who would carry her off.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “It’s a life’s work to see yourself for what you really are and even then you might be wrong.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “She patted his hand. Gnarled, ropescarred, speckled from the sun and the years of it. The ropy veins that bound them to his heart. There was map enough for men to read. There God’s plenty of signs and wonders to make a landscape. To make a world.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The soul might be silent but the servant of the soul has always got a voice and it has got one for a reason.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The subject was war. The good book says that he that lives by the sword shall perish by the sword, said the black. The judge smiled, his face shining with grease. What right man would have it any other way? he said.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “When you’re a kid you have these notions about how things are going to be... You get a little older and you pull back on some of that. I think you wind up just tryin to minimize the pain.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “In truth they did not look like men who might have whiskey they hadnt drunk.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “All his reverence and all his fondness and all the leanings of his life were for the ardenthearted and they would always be so and never be otherwise.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The crimes of the moonlight melonmounter followed him as crimes will.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Maybe it’s like Mac says. Ever man winds up with the horse that suits him.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The world could only be known as it existed in men’s hearts. For while it seemed a place which contained men it was in reality a place contained within them.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Last words are only words.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The judge sat that animal bareback like an indian and rode with his grip and his rifle perched on the withers and he looked about him with the greatest satisfaction in the world, as if everything had turned out just as he planned and the day could not have been finer.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Glass flowers exploding. Slow trail of colors down the sky like stains dispersing in the sea, candescent polyps extinguished in the depths.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Like a patrol condemned to ride out some ancient curse.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “He had no faith in the power of men to act wisely in their own behalf. It was his view rather that every act soon eluded the grasp of its propagator to be swept away in a clamorous tide of unforeseen consequence. He believed that in the world was another agenda, another order, and with this power lay whatever brief he may have held. In the meantime he waited to be called to he knew not what.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Somebody has been fuckin my watermelons.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “I think sometimes people would rather have a bad answer about things than no answer at all.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “What if a whole goddamned building was to just up and sink? What about two or three buildings? What about a whole block? Harrogate was waving his bottle about. Goddamn, he said. What if the whole fuckin city was to cave in? That’s the spirit, said Suttree.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Ich kann nicht anders.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “He’d taken up a pallet between Toadvine and another Kentuckian, a veteran of the war. This man had returned to claim some darkeyed love he’d left behind two years before when Doniphan’s command pulled east for Saltillo and the officers had had to drive back hundreds of young girls dressed as boys that took the road behind the army.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The razorous shoulder blades sawing under the pale skin.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “See the hand that nursed the serpent. The fine hasped pipes of her fingerbones. The skin bewenned and speckled. The veins are milkblue and bulby. A thin gold ring set with diamonds. That raised the once child’s heart of her to agonies of passion before I was. Here is the anguish of mortality. Hopes wrecked, love sundered. See the mother sorrowing. How everything that I was warned of’s come to pass.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “There’s no such thing as life without bloodshed,” McCarthy says philosophically. “I think the notion that the species can be improved in some way, that everyone could live in harmony, is a really dangerous idea. Those who are afflicted with this notion are the first ones to give up their souls, their freedom. Your desire that it be that way will enslave you and make your life vacuous.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “God made this world, but he didn’t make it to suit everybody, did he?”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Their arms aloft pulling at their clothes were luminous and each obscure soul was enveloped in audible shapes of light as if it had always been so. The mare at the far end of the stable snorted and shied at this luminosity in beings so endarkened and the little horse turned and hid his face in the web of his dam’s flank.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Females of domestic reputation lounged upon the balconies they passed with faces gotten up in indigo and almagre gaudy as the rumps of apes and they peered from behind their fans with a kind of lurid coyness like transvestites in a madhouse.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “I’ve been at some pains to tell you about myself because among other reasons I think we should know who our enemies are. I’ve known people to spend their lives nursing a hatred of phantoms and they were not happy people.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The man who believes that the secrets of the world are forever hidden lives in mystery and fear. Superstition will drag him down.” -The Judge.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “For me the world has always been more of a puppet show. But when one looks behind the curtain and traces the strings upward he finds they terminate in the hands of yet other puppets, themselves with their own strings which trace upward in turn, and so on. In my own life I saw these strings whose origins were endless enact the deaths of great men in violence and madness. Enact the ruin of a nation.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “She said: Sheriff how come you to let crime get so out of hand in your county? Sounded like a fair question I reckon. Maybe it was a fair question. Anyway I told her, I said: It starts when you begin to overlook bad manners. Any time you quit hearin Sir and Mam the end is pretty much in sight.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Snowflake. You catch the snowflake but when you look in your hand you don’t have it no more. Maybe you see this dechado. But before you see it it is gone. If you want to see it you have to see it on its own ground. If you catch it you lose it. And where it goes there is no coming back from. Not even God can bring it back.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Themselves among others, everything in its place. Justified in the world.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Well, I think the questioner wants the truth. The doubter wants to be told there aint no such thing.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “All through the long dusk.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Tell us where the world went.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The kid looked at the man. His head was strangely narrow and his hair was plastered up with mud in a bizarre and primitive coiffure. On his forehead were burned the letters H T and lower and almost between the eyes the letter F and these markings were splayed and garish as if the iron had been left too long. When he turned to look at the kid the kid could see that he had no ears.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “They passed, leaving a trail of foxfire shuffled up out of the wet leaves like stars plowed in a ship’s wake.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “There ain’t no law in Mexico. It’s just a pack of rogues.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The faint light all about, quivering and sourceless, refracted in the rain of drifting soot.”
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