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Cormac McCarthy Quotes
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Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Ever is a long time. But the boy knew what he knew. That ever is no time at all.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “For things at a common destination there is a common path. Not always easy to see. But there.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “He’d half meant to speak but those eyes had altered the world forever in the space of a heartbeat.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “How would you know if you were the last man on Earth? He said. I don’t guess you would know it. You’d just be it. Nobody would know it. It wouldn’t make any difference. When you die it’s the same as if everybody else died too.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “What business is it of yours where I’m from, friendo?”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The nights were blinding cold and casket black and the long reach of the morning had a terrible silence to it.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Nobody wants to be here and nobody wants to leave.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Remember her hair in the morning before it was pinned, black, rampant, savage with loveliness. As if she slept in perpetual storm.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “And in the dream I knew that he was goin on ahead and that he was fixin to make a fire somewhere out there in all that dark and all that cold and I knew that whenever I got there he would be there. And then I woke up.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Men say they only learn this but he said that no creature can learn that which his heart has no shape to hold.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The man watched him. Real life is pretty bad? What do you think? Well, I think we’re still here. A lot of bad things have happened but we’re still here. Yeah. You don’t think that’s so great. It’s okay.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “My daddy used to tell me not to chew on something that was eatin you.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Hard weather, says the old man. So let it be. Wrap me in the weathers of the earth, I will be hard and hard. My face will wash rain like the stones.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “How does a man decide in what order to abandon his life?”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “At our noblest we announce to the darkness that we will not be diminished by the brevity of our lives.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “You keep runnin that mouth and I’m goin to take you back there and screw you.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “In every trade save war men of talent and vigor prosper. In war they die.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Perhaps in the world’s destruction it would be possible at last to see how it was made. Oceans, mountains. The ponderous counterspectacle of things ceasing to be. The sweeping waste, hydroptic and coldly secular. The silence.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “War is the ultimate game because war is at last a forcing of the unity of existence. War is god.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “If you think about some of the things that are being talked about by thoughtful, intelligent scientists, you realize that in 100 years the human race won’t even be recognizable.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “He kicked holes in the sand for the boy’s hips and shoulders where he would sleep and he sat holding him while he tousled his hair before the fire to dry it. All of this like some ancient anointing. So be it. Evoke the forms. Where you’ve nothing else construct ceremonies out of the air and breathe upon them.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “A goodlookin horse is like a goodlookin woman, he said. They’re always more trouble than what they’re worth. What a man needs is just one that will get the job done.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Any time you’re throwin dirt you’re losin ground.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Men are born for games. Nothing else. Every child knows that play is nobler than work. He knows too that the worth or merit of a game is not inherent in the game itself but rather in the value of that which is put at hazard.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The way of the world is to bloom and to flower and die but in the affairs of men there is no waning and the noon of his expression signals the onset of night. His spirit is exhausted at the peak of its achievement. His meridian is at once his darkening and the evening of his day.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “They heard somewhere in that tenantless night a bell that tolled and ceased where no bell was and they rode out on the round dais of the earth which alone was dark and no light to it and which carried their figures and bore them up into the swarming stars so that they rode not under but among them and they rode at once jaunty and circumspect, like thieves newly loosed in that dark electric, like young thieves in a glowing orchard, loosely jacketed against the cold and ten thousand worlds for the choosing.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “They spoke less and less between them until at last they were silent altogether as is often the way with travelers approaching the end of a journey.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Nor does God whisper through the trees. His voice is not to be mistaken. When men hear it they fall to their knees and their souls are riven and they cry out to Him and there is no fear but only wildness of heart that springs from such longing...”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “I’ve always been interested in the Southwest. There isn’t a place in the world you can go where they don’t know about cowboys and Indians and the myth of the West.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Pain for the old was no longer a surprise.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Ever dumb thing I ever done in my life there was a decision I made before that got me into it. It was never the dumb thing. It was always some choice I’d made before it.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “There was someone there and they had been there. There was no one there. There was someone there and they had been there and they had not left but there was no one there.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “If there’s one thing on this planet you don’t look like it’s a bunch of good luck walkin around.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Ever step you take is forever.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “At one time in the world there were woods that no one owned.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “This is my child, he said. I wash a dead man’s brains out of his hair. That is my job. Then he wrapped him in the blanket and carried him to the fire.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Can you do it? When the time comes? When the time comes there will be no time. Now is the time. Curse God and die.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Just take me with you. Please. I cant. Please, Papa. I cant. I cant hold my son dead in my arms. I thought I could but I cant.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “What is it? Nothing. I had a bad dream. What did you dream about? Nothing. Are you okay? No. He put his arms around him and held him. It’s okay, he said. I was crying. But you didnt wake up. I’m sorry. I was just so tired. I meant in the dream.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Can’t stop what’s coming. Ain’t no waiting on you. That’s vanity.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “They came upon themselves in a mirror and he almost raised the pistol. It’s us, Papa, the boy whispered. It’s us.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “This is my child, he said. I wash a dead man’s brains out of his hair. That is my job.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “It was always himself that the coward abandoned first. After this all other betrayals came easily.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Qual es lo peor: Que soy pobre o que soy americano?”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “The frailty of everything revealed at last. Old and troubling issues resolved into nothingness and night. The last instance of a thing takes the class with it. Turns out the light and is gone. Look around you. Ever is a long time. But the boy knew what he knew. That ever is no time at all.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “All things of grace and beauty such that one holds them to one’s heart have a common provenance in pain.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “But nothing is crueler than a coward, and the slaughter to come is probably beyond our imagining.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “It starts when you begin to overlook good manners. Any time you quit hearing Sir and Mam the end is pretty much in sight...”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “And the dreams so rich in color. How else would death call you? Waking in the cold dawn it all turned to ash instantly. Like certain ancient frescoes entombed for centuries suddenly exposed to the day.”
Cormac McCarthy Quote: “Query: How does the never to be differ from what never was?”
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