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Holly Black Quote: “It is my belief that books are living things.”
Holly Black Quote: “He was ruinously beautiful in the way that knives and scalpels can be beautiful.”
Holly Black Quote: “I step out of my second life the same way I stepped out of my first, holding too few things and with great uncertainty about what will happen next.”
Holly Black Quote: “Stories like that were will-o’-the-wisps, glowing in the deepest, darkest parts of forests, leading travelers farther and farther from safety, out toward an ever-moving mark.”
Holly Black Quote: “Automotones, escaped.”
Holly Black Quote: “That’s the spirit.” Aaron hid a grin. He was already wearing his armband, just above his elbow. Somehow he managed to make it look cool. Call had tied his around his forearm and was fairly sure it looked like a bandage.”
Holly Black Quote: “As I make my way back to the tournament and my sisters, I can’t stop thinking of Cardan’s shocked face, nor can I stop considering Locke’s smile. I am not altogether sure which is more thrilling and which more dangerous.”
Holly Black Quote: “I guess he’s used to suspicious people with crappy tempers. Or maybe I’ve never seemed as normal as I thought.”
Holly Black Quote: “Carney is like a graveyard where everyone already owns their plots and has built houses on top of them.”
Holly Black Quote: “I need to make her realize that even terrible memories are better than weird gaps or the hollowness of your feelings not making sense.”
Holly Black Quote: “He’s quiet then. We lie next to each other, twin corpses waiting for burial.”
Holly Black Quote: “She went to all the parties and kissed all the boys, shoring up fun against despair, against the suffocating terror that loomed over her.”
Holly Black Quote: “It was readers that needed to be protected, he thought. Books were something that happened to readers. Readers were the victims of books.”
Holly Black Quote: “You’re young, but you’re ambitious in the way that perhaps only the young can be.”
Holly Black Quote: “After all, when you were already in a slippery place, reality-wise, you couldn’t afford to assume that things would be straightforward from here on in.”
Holly Black Quote: “She wanted to tell him about Valentina and how she had to go, how she’d promised she’s help, and how she would help, except that right then she didn’t want to help anyone so much as to kiss him and maybe bite him again, too, but mostly kiss him and do all the things that came after kissing.”
Holly Black Quote: “But no one chooses a future. You choose a path without being certain where it leads.”
Holly Black Quote: “Some might think of him as a strong draught, burning the back of one’s throat, but invigorating all the same. You might beg to differ. So long as you’re begging, he doesn’t mind a bit.”
Holly Black Quote: “She didn’t have to use any magic. I trust you. I trusted you.”
Holly Black Quote: “It’s sweet. All this trouble for a kitty.”
Holly Black Quote: “She was unprepared for how much the way into Coldtown looked like a shoddily run DMV.”
Holly Black Quote: “I can feel myself start to tremble.”
Holly Black Quote: “All friendships are negotiations of power.”
Holly Black Quote: “He knew about cures and poultices and the medicinal value of kisses.”
Holly Black Quote: “I drive him to school, then I break back into Barron’s house. I’m the best kind of thief, the kind that leaves behind items equal in value to those he’s stolen. Then I go home and shave until my skin is as slick as any slickster’s.”
Holly Black Quote: “I said ten years, but perhaps seven will be enough. That’s not so long. Seven years of drinking poison, of never sleeping, of living on high alert. Seven more years, and then maybe Faerie will be a safer, better land. And I will have earned my place in it. The great game, Locke had called it when he accused me of playing it. I wasn’t then, but I am now. And maybe I learned something from Locke. He made me into a story, and now I am going to make a story out of someone else.”
Holly Black Quote: “Everything smelled wet and feral like it did before a thunderstorm, and she wanted to run, swift and eager, beyond the edge of what she could see.”
Holly Black Quote: “When I was a kid and brought friends over, I was defiantly proud of the chaos. I liked that I knew how to jump over the piles and the shattered glass while they stumbled. Now it just seems like an ocean of crazy that I have no way to explain.”
Holly Black Quote: “And I will tell you all my stories soon; no more deceptions. But now night is coming for you. We have tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.”
Holly Black Quote: “After spending months living in the orderly dorms of Wallingford, where they give you a Saturday detention if your room doesn’t pass semi-regular inspections, I feel the old conflicting sense of familiarity and disgust.”
Holly Black Quote: “The military put up barricades around the areas of the cities where the infections broke out. That was the way the first Coldtowns were founded. Vampirism is an American problem, the BBC declared. But the next outbreak was in Hong Kong, then Yokohama, then Marseille, then Brecht, then Liverpool. After that, it spread across Europe like wildfire.”
Holly Black Quote: “Once, she made a boy come out of his house and kiss her under the streetlight. It was her first kiss. She thinks it was probably his, too. She never told him and she never, ever will.”
Holly Black Quote: “Things will be as they always are,” he tells me. “Only more so.”
Holly Black Quote: “You’re a good little murderer, Dulcamara said.”
Holly Black Quote: “He thinks of Elienad, lying beneath tables, listening to the inflections of lies. Watching the hesitations, the gestures, the tensed muscles. Learning a language the king was unaware he even spoke.”
Holly Black Quote: “I say, because if she doesn’t want to talk about that part, she doesn’t have to.”
Holly Black Quote: “I hereafter exile Jude Duarte to the mortal world until such time as she is pardoned by the crown. Until then, let her not step one foot in Faerie or forfeit her life.”
Holly Black Quote: “Some promises aren’t worth keeping.”
Holly Black Quote: “She swallowed his blood, a dark vintage from some forgotten cellar. She felt like Persephone in Hades, pomegranate seeds bursting against her teeth, juice rolling on her tongue, and the more she had, the more she hungered.”
Holly Black Quote: “I’m no longer a child, and I don’t need comfort.”
Holly Black Quote: “Children can have a cruel, absolute sense of justice. Children can kill monsters and feel quite proud of themselves.”
Holly Black Quote: “I love my parents’ murderer; I suppose I could love anyone.”
Holly Black Quote: “What they don’t realize is this: Yes, they frighten me, but I have always been scared, since the day I got here. I was raised by the man who murdered my parents, reared in a land of monsters. I live with that fear, let it settle into my bones, and ignore it. If I didn’t pretend not to be scared, I would hide under my owl-down coverlets in Madoc’s estate forever. I would lie there and scream until there was nothing left of me. I refuse to do that. I will not do that.”
Holly Black Quote: “I’m afraid my voice is going to break. I am afraid she is going to hear how much this hurts.”
Holly Black Quote: “You’ve delivered your message. I have no bit of doggerel to send back – my own fault for having a seneschal who cannot double as my Court Poet – but I will be sure to crumple up some paper and drop it into the water when I do.”
Holly Black Quote: “Call went through much of the next day in a daze.”
Holly Black Quote: “Prince Balekin smiles back as though their smiles could duel without the rest of them even being involved.”
Holly Black Quote: “I did it to get what I want. Maybe I should regret that, but I can’t. Sometimes you do the bad thing and hope for the good result.”
Holly Black Quote: “He was as honest as any criminal can hope to be.”
Holly Black Quote: “Greg stands up, wiping his mouth. “I saw your mother’s trial in the paper, Sharpe. I know you’re just like her.” “If I was, I would make you beg to blow me,” I sneer.”
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