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Holly Black Quote: “Jones looks like he wants to slug me, which is only subtly different from his usual way of looking at me like I’m a slug.”
Holly Black Quote: “Death has his favorites, like anyone. Those who are beloved of Death will not die.”
Holly Black Quote: “Legends need not concern themselves with something as small as happiness.”
Holly Black Quote: “To Ben, love was the flame in which he wanted to be reborn. He wanted to be remade by it.”
Holly Black Quote: “So much of winning is waiting. The other part, though, is taking the shot when it comes. Unleashing all that momentum.”
Holly Black Quote: “You’re going to get all the things you think you can’t have,” she says quietly, reaching out to rub red lipstick from my cheek. “You just don’t know it yet.”
Holly Black Quote: “He knew what he was, what depths of depravity and cruelty he had plumbed, what ambitions drove him. He prided himself on knowing those things – but that didn’t mean he needed anyone else to see them as well.”
Holly Black Quote: “Las tormentas son menos volubles de lo que son, los mares menos caprichosos.”
Holly Black Quote: “He looks every inch a spy from the Court of Shadows, down to the sneaky smile pulling at the corner of his beautiful mouth.”
Holly Black Quote: “Absence diminishes little passions and increases great ones.”
Holly Black Quote: “I wonder about death, I who may never know it. It looks much like ecstacy, the way they open their mouths as they drown, the way their fingers dig into your skin. Their eyes are wide and startled and they trash in your hands as though with an excess of passion.”
Holly Black Quote: “He would make out with girls in front of her. He would make out with boys in front of her. He would wink at her from across rooms, daring her to criticize him.”
Holly Black Quote: “It will hurt. Pain makes you strong.”
Holly Black Quote: “An unhappy childhood is supposed to make you grow up fast, but I still feel like a kid a lot of the time.”
Holly Black Quote: “I wanted to be in love like in the storybooks and songs and ballads. Love that hits you like a lightning bolt. And I’m sorry, because yeah, I get that you think I’m ridiculous. I get that you think I’m hilarious. I know, I get that you’re mocking me. I get how stupid I am, but at least I know.”
Holly Black Quote: “Except that I have no marketable skills other than swinging around a sword and making up riddles, neither of which probably pay all that well.”
Holly Black Quote: “I know I shouldn’t love it as I do, stolen as I am from the mortal world, my parents murdered. But I love it all the same.”
Holly Black Quote: “You’re like this leopard who’s pretending to be a house cat.”
Holly Black Quote: “He continues looking at me in this strange way, as though he’s never seen me before or as though he thought he might never see me again.”
Holly Black Quote: “The Alkahest is gone. If he’s the one who got it, they’re not going to bother with prison. He’ll be dead as soon as they find him.”
Holly Black Quote: “Let me look out for you. Let your enemies become mine.”
Holly Black Quote: “We all want stupid things. That doesn’t mean we should have them.”
Holly Black Quote: “It’s the thrill of leaping without being able to see the ground below you, right before you realise that’s called falling.”
Holly Black Quote: “I thought you needed to be tougher. But I’ve been thinking that protecting somebody by hurting them before someone else gets the chance isn’t the kind of protecting that anybody wants.”
Holly Black Quote: “Only out of his spilled blood can a great ruler rise.”
Holly Black Quote: “Her tragedy, if she had one, was to be as normal and average as any child ever born.”
Holly Black Quote: “If she was going to die, she might as well die sarcastic. She’d seen a lot of old movies, and that was definitely the way to go out.”
Holly Black Quote: “Rules are different for poets.”
Holly Black Quote: “Poisonous jealousy thrummed through my veins.”
Holly Black Quote: “You whom I could not save Listen to me.” – CZESLAW MILOSZ, “Dedication.”
Holly Black Quote: “A girl like that, Grandad said, perfumes herself with ozone and metal filings.”
Holly Black Quote: “But if you didn’t believe in monsters, then how were you going to be able to keep safe from them?”
Holly Black Quote: “They ran through the night together in a darkling fairy tale of blood and forests and snow, of girls with raven’s wing hair and rose-red lips and sharp teeth as white as milk.”
Holly Black Quote: “People said that video games were bad because they made you numb to death, made you register entrails splattering across a screen as a sign of success. In that moment, Val thought that the real problem with games was that the player was suppossed to try everything. If there was a cave, you went in it. If there was a mysterious stranger, you talked to him. If there was a map, you followed it. But in games, you had a hundred million billion lives and Val only had this one.”
Holly Black Quote: “Yeah, Cardan should definitely trust you more. You seem really trustworthy. It’s not like you’re actually currently betraying him.”
Holly Black Quote: “Everyone danced – sweaty bodies packed tight, drunk with sound.”
Holly Black Quote: “There’s nothing quite as funny as someone else’s misery – Cassel Sharpe.”
Holly Black Quote: “Oh, God, Call thought. Tamara’s father. And he’d just kissed Tamara. Was that why Mr. Rajavi was here? Don’t be totally ridiculous, said Aaron. Do you think he’s psychic or something? Kimiya was grounded for making out with Evil Overlord Alex – Tamara had said so. Mr. Rajavi had a well-established policy of not liking his children making out with Evil Overlords.”
Holly Black Quote: “I can learn to live with guilt. I don’t care about being good.”
Holly Black Quote: “A king is a living symbol, a beating heart, a star upon which Elfhame’s future is written. Surely you have noticed that since his reign began, the isles are different. Storms come in faster. Colors are a bit more vivid, smells are sharper... When he becomes drunk, his subjects becomes tipsy without knowing why. When his blood falls, things grow.”
Holly Black Quote: “I liked you, you know,” he says. “I like you still.” For a moment, I wonder what would happen if I hauled off and punched him.”
Holly Black Quote: “Everything was strange and beautiful and swollen with possibilities.”
Holly Black Quote: “Call wasn’t sure what it meant that he’d gone full Evil Overlord on Jasper but still couldn’t manage to impress him.”
Holly Black Quote: “I forbid you from speaking aloud about your service to me. I forbid you from putting it into writing or into song. You will never tell anyone of the Roach. You will never tell anyone of any of my spies. You will never reveal their secrets, their meeting places, their safe houses. So long as I live, you will obey this.”
Holly Black Quote: “Val and Ruth had been friends forever, for so long that Val was used to being the overshadowed one, the “normal” one, the one who set up the witty one-liners, not the one who delivered them. She liked that role; it made her feel safe. Robin to Ruth’s Batman. Chewbaca to her Han Solo.”
Holly Black Quote: “Some things exist whether you believe in them or not.”
Holly Black Quote: “In general, her family wasn’t very good at talking about important stuff. And of all of them, she was the least good at it. When she tried, it felt like all the chains on all her imagined safes and trunks started rattling.”
Holly Black Quote: “Cardan looks at me as though he’s never seen me before. He looks at me as though no one has ever spoken to him like this. Maybe no one has.”
Holly Black Quote: “Fairy tales are full of girls who wait, who endure, who suffer. Good girls. Obedient girls. Girls who crush nettles until their hands bleed. Girls who haul water for witches. Girls who wander through deserts or sleep in ashes or make homes for transformed brothers in the woods. Girls without hands, without eyes, without the power of speech, without any power at all. But then a prince rides up and sees the girl and finds her beautiful. Beautiful, not despite her suffering, but because of it.”
Holly Black Quote: “I don’t imagine myself back in a life like theirs; what I imagine is going over there and scaring them until they cry. I would never, of course. I mean, I don’t think I would.”
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