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Holly Black Quote: “But vows should never be to a crown. They should be to a ruler. And they should be of your own free will. I am your king, and beside me stands my queen. But it is your choice whether or not to follow us. Your will shall be your own.”
Holly Black Quote: “Telling Sam and Daneca feels like peeling off my own skin to expose everything underneath. It hurts.”
Holly Black Quote: “Death’s favorites don’t die.”
Holly Black Quote: “No amount of takeout Chinese food or politeness ought to make me forget exactly who and what I am dealing with.”
Holly Black Quote: “I envy what I fear and hate what I envy.”
Holly Black Quote: “There’s nothing like a gunshot to make you the life of the party.”
Holly Black Quote: “Holy moly. – Jasper.”
Holly Black Quote: “The Folk doubtlessly learned this lesson long ago. They do not need to deceive humans. Humans will deceive themselves.”
Holly Black Quote: “The job is not to get caught.”
Holly Black Quote: “So it’s not as bad as it looks?” Call ventured. “Oh, no,” she told him. “It’s just as bad as it looks. But I’m very, very good at my job.”
Holly Black Quote: “Do you seek out peril? One would think that years of being a mortal would have made you more aware of mortality.”
Holly Black Quote: “The problem with coming through something terrible and big is that afterward, you’re left feeling all the feelings that you shoved down and pushed away. For many long days, I have been terrified, and now, when I ought to be feeling great, what i want to do is hide under a table in the brugh with Cardan until i can finally convince myself he’s all right.”
Holly Black Quote: “Nothing can happen more beautiful than death – Walt Whitman.”
Holly Black Quote: “No fire at all.”

364. “No fire at all.

Holly Black

Holly Black Quote: “He attacks again, his sword a silvery fish darting through the sea of the night.”
Holly Black Quote: “And now she was sixteen and felt like she had no imagination left.”
Holly Black Quote: “I miss him, and the pain of it is a yawning chasm, one into which I yearn to let myself fall.”
Holly Black Quote: “It turns out that having kissed someone, the possibility of kissing hangs over everything, no matter how terrible an idea it was the first time.”
Holly Black Quote: “She loved him so much, that it already hurt. It already felt like he’d broken her heart.”
Holly Black Quote: “They loved him because he was a prince and a faerie and magical and you were supposed to love princes and faeries and magical people.”
Holly Black Quote: “Sometimes I go down and stare at it, trying to see my parents in the tide lines of dried blood. I want to feel something, something besides a vague queasiness. I want to feel more, but every time I look at it, I feel less.”
Holly Black Quote: “I hate that he knows what he’s doing and I don’t. I hate being vulnerable. I hate that I throw my head back, baring my throat. I hate the way I cling to him, the nails of one hand digging into his back, my thoughts splintering, and the single last thing in my head: that I like him better than I’ve ever liked anyone and that of all the things he’s ever done to me, making me like him so much is by far the worst.”
Holly Black Quote: “For what we want most, we will take almost any chance.”
Holly Black Quote: “Really it was a pretty good talk. About the best I could expect from my sociopath amnesiac jerk of an older brother.”
Holly Black Quote: “Do you know what makes people love one another? Well, no one else does, either. But scientists study it, and there’s all this bizarre stuff about pheromones and facial symmetry and the circumstances under which you first met. People are weird. Our bodies are weird. Maybe I can’t help being attracted to her the same way flies can’t help being attracted to carnivorous plants.”
Holly Black Quote: “Lords and ladies who walk unseen, lords and ladies all in green, three times I stamp upon the earth... ” Hazel hesitated and then gave the only reason she could think of why the Folk might grant her entry to their revel.“Let me in for the sake of mirth.”
Holly Black Quote: “Librarians are hot. They have knowledge and power over their domain... It is no coincidence how many librarians are portrayed as having a passionate interior, hidden by a cool layer of reserve. Aren’t books like that? On the shelf, their calm covers belie the intense experience of reading one. Reading inflames the soul. Now, what sort of person would be the keeper of such books?”
Holly Black Quote: “I’m not a monster, I’d told her, back when I said I would never hurt Oak. But maybe being a monster was my calling.”
Holly Black Quote: “He runs to the sink to spit it out. I grin. There’s nothing quite as funny as someone else’s misery.”
Holly Black Quote: “I can feel the moment he gives in and gives up, pulling me to him despite the threat of the knife. He kisses me hard, with a kind of devouring desperation, fingers digging into my hair. Our mouths slide together, teeth over lips over tongues. Desire hits me like a kick to the stomach. It’s like fighting, except what we’re fighting for is to crawl inside each other’s skin.”
Holly Black Quote: “Now, if anyone in the Refectory bothers you, you can chop off their head, Aaron thought cheerfully.”
Holly Black Quote: “When it’s done, we’ll be like brothers,” said the devil. “I already have a brother,” Gavriel slurred. “He’s dead.” The devil loomed over him, his grin widening to show off sharp teeth. “As am I.” Gavriel opened his mouth to shout, but drunk as he was, he began to laugh instead.”
Holly Black Quote: “Protecting somebody by hurting them before someone else gets the chance isn’t the kind of protecting that anybody wants.”
Holly Black Quote: “Remember what your father said about magic, boy. It’ll cost you everything.”
Holly Black Quote: “It was a voice so full of emotion that it sounded like no emotion at all.”
Holly Black Quote: “Then Ivan and Marya Morevna built a pyre and burned Koschei until he was ash. And then they lived happily, visiting each of Ivan’s sisters and their bird-husbands, all of whom declared that Ivan did the right thing to risk so much for a woman as beautiful and fierce as Marya Morevna.” “If she was so fierce, how come she didn’t just save herself?” Tana asked.”
Holly Black Quote: “I think you impressed him with the sheer force of your stupidity.”
Holly Black Quote: “When I met Eldred, he rode up on a milk-white steed, and all the imaginings of my life were as dust and ashes.”
Holly Black Quote: “We all have things inside ourselves we can’t kill,′ I say, not sure which part of me would be better off dead: this monster self, or the normal one who wants nothing more than a little place on a little planet with his friends, the one who will have to live with being a killer.”
Holly Black Quote: “He had green eyes so clear and bright that they made you think of poisonous drinks or maybe mouthwash.”
Holly Black Quote: “Perhaps you could just allow yourself to be rescued,” Cardan says. “For once.”
Holly Black Quote: “A second book that makes you rethink the first book is the Holy Grail of a series.”
Holly Black Quote: “I’m Lila, and yes, he’s crazy. But you must have noticed that before now. He was crazy back when I knew him, and he’s obviously gotten crazier over time.”
Holly Black Quote: “This house feels unfamiliar and disturbingly full of possibilities.”
Holly Black Quote: “Tamara gave Jasper a long, considering look. Then she picked up her bowl of pudding and turned it upside down on top of his head. Purple goop ran down his face. He yelped in surprise.”
Holly Black Quote: “Quests are supposed to change us.”
Holly Black Quote: “His mouth curls into a smile. His eyes shine with wicked intent. “Look at them all, your subjects. A shame not a one knows who their true ruler is.”
Holly Black Quote: “I don’t know,” Call said. He was starting to worry that there weren’t any good guys. Just people with longer or shorter Evil Overlord lists.”
Holly Black Quote: “It turns out that having kissed someone, the possibility of kissing hangs over everything, no matter how terrible an idea it was the first time. The memory of his mouth on mine shimmers in the air between us.”
Holly Black Quote: “Looking back, Val knew she had a habit of trusting too much, being too passive, too willing to believe the best of others and the worst of herself.”
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