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Holly Black Quote: “This, the language of deception, we both understand. We were born to it, along with the curses.”
Holly Black Quote: “Like all schools, we are always interested in learning, in research, in pushing the limits of knowledge. But we must balance that with our duty to protect the world, even from ourselves.”
Holly Black Quote: “You’ve got to grow where you’re planted.”
Holly Black Quote: “She’d always been a little contemptuous of beauty, as though it was something you had to trade away some other vital thing for.”
Holly Black Quote: “Marks forget that whenever something’s too good to be true, that’s because it’s a con.”
Holly Black Quote: “Mutually assured destruction.”
Holly Black Quote: “I survive at the edge of friends circles.”
Holly Black Quote: “It’s not that I don’t know that it’s a bad idea. It’s that, lately, bad ideas have a particular hold over me.”
Holly Black Quote: “Cruddy Mouthbreather.”
Holly Black Quote: “He leans in and closes his eyes. “Most of all, I hate you because I think of you. Often. It’s disgusting, and I can’t stop.” I am shocked into silence.”
Holly Black Quote: “I hate him more than all the others. I hate him so much that sometimes when I look at him, I can hardly breathe.”
Holly Black Quote: “By you, I am forever undone.”
Holly Black Quote: “Kiss me again,” he says, drunk and foolish. “Kiss me until I am sick of it.”
Holly Black Quote: “We’re all dying, Cassel. It’s just that some of us are dying faster than others.”
Holly Black Quote: “What is a king without a crown? That’s a riddle, but one to which we all know the answer: no king at all.”
Holly Black Quote: “We don’t need to be good. But let’s try to be fair.”
Holly Black Quote: “The whole place looks straight out of a fairy tale, the kind where love is a simple thing. never the cause of pain.”
Holly Black Quote: “You want me to say something? Okay. Sometimes I think I am what you made me. And sometimes I don’t know who I am at all. And either way I’m not happy.”
Holly Black Quote: “What could I become if I stopped worrying about death, about pain, about anything? If I stopped trying to belong? Instead of being afraid, I could become something to fear.”
Holly Black Quote: “One fine day, in the middle of the night, two dead boys got up to fight. Back to back they faced each other. They pulled out their swords and shot one another. One deaf cop, on the beat heard the noise, and came and shot the two dead boys.”
Holly Black Quote: “Desire is an odd thing. As soon as it’s sated, it transmutes. If we receive golden thread, we desire the golden needle.”
Holly Black Quote: “There is no banquet too abundant for a starving man.”
Holly Black Quote: “Once, there was a girl who vowed she would save everyone in the world, but forgot herself.”
Holly Black Quote: “I have lied and I have betrayed and I have triumphed. If only there was someone to congratulate me.”
Holly Black Quote: “I get why he chose her. I just wish she had chosen me.”
Holly Black Quote: “You have only seen the least of what I can do.”
Holly Black Quote: “Kill him before he makes you love him.”
Holly Black Quote: “Father, I am what you made me. I’ve become your daughter after all.”
Holly Black Quote: “For a moment,” he says, “I wondered if it wasn’t you shooting bolts at me.” I make a face at him. “And what made you decide it wasn’t?” He grins up at me. “They missed.”
Holly Black Quote: “He’s flint, you’re tinder.”
Holly Black Quote: “I feel like a constellation of wounds, held together with string and stubbornness.”
Holly Black Quote: “The first boy I fell in love with didn’t know I loved him, but he managed to break my heart anyway.”
Holly Black Quote: “He presses his mouth to the pulse point of my wrist, racing in time with my heart. “Mock me all you like. Whatever I imagined then, now it is I who would beg and grovel for a kind word from your lips.” His eyes are black with desire. “By you, I am forever undone.”
Holly Black Quote: “She’s my wife,” Cardan says, his voice carrying over the crowd. “The rightful High Queen of Elfhame. And most definitely not in exile.”
Holly Black Quote: “There’s always something left to lose.”
Holly Black Quote: “Love changes us, but we change how we love too.”
Holly Black Quote: “I want to win. I do not yearn to be their equal. In my heart, I yearn to best them.”
Holly Black Quote: “Marry me,” he says. “Become the Queen of Elfhame.”
Holly Black Quote: “A sharp tongue is no match for a sharp tooth.”
Holly Black Quote: “I start to speak, but he stops me with a gesture. “And you.” He looks at me, his lips curving in something that’s not quite a smile; it’s more and less than that. “I knew little else, but I always knew you.” And when he kisses me, I feel as though I can finally breathe again.”
Holly Black Quote: “Fire can either burn down your house or warm it.”
Holly Black Quote: “Only idiots aren’t scared of things that are scary.”
Holly Black Quote: “Whoever controls the king, controls the kingdom.”
Holly Black Quote: “Power is much easier to acquire than it is to hold on to.”
Holly Black Quote: “I wasn’t kind, Jude. Not to many people. Not to you. I wasn’t sure if I wanted you or if I wanted you gone from my sight so that I would stop feeling as I did, which made me even more unkind. But when you were gone – truly gone beneath the waves – I hated myself as I never have before.”
Holly Black Quote: “I knew little else, but I always knew you.”
Holly Black Quote: “If he thought I was bad, I would be worse. If he thought I was cruel, I would be horrifying.”
Holly Black Quote: “Life’s full of opportunities to make crappy decisions that feel good. And after the first one, the rest get a whole lot easier.”
Holly Black Quote: “And no matter how eager you are for it, you cannot make the moon set nor rise any faster.”
Holly Black Quote: “I guess it’s true; no one will ever love you like your family.”
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