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Top 40 Jane Seymour Quotes (2023 Update)

Jane Seymour Quote: “You cannot do everything at once, so find people you trust to help you. And don't be afraid to say no.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “I know that the purpose of life is to understand and be in the present moment with the people you love. It’s just that simple.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “Live each day the fullest you can, not guaranteeing therell be a tomorrow, not dwelling endlessly on yesterday.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “The best gift you can give someone is a part of your soul.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “Beauty is a radiance that originates from within and comes from inner security and strong character.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “You have to count on living every single day in a way you believe will make you feel good about your life – so that if it were over tomorrow, you’d be content with yourself.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “My father always told me, you can only be your own best. In other words, if you feel you’ve done your best, you’ve done well enough.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “If you want something badly enough, make an attempt. If you want to paint, get a brush and do it. If you want to sing, sing. A lot of people get scared. They’re afraid to fail. Take that word out of your vocabulary. You don’t “fail.” You’ve “tried your best.””
Jane Seymour Quote: “My Open Hearts Family celebrates not only the traditional family but also extended families that we create from the people we open our hearts to as we journey through life.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “Get over jet-lag quickly. I think a lot of people waste the first few days sleeping in the wrong time zone. Sometimes I take melatonin but at other times a glass of wine will do it.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “And I always think of life like a giant wave. You know, it rises and it crests and it flies, and it’s just magnificent, and then it crashes. And for a lot of people, when it crashes, that’s the end, and they go down the deep, dark hole of depression.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “Behind every open heart is a story. Tell yours with my Open Heart collection. There are millions of reasons to give one, but the message is always the same: Keep your heart open and love will always find its way in.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “I did all the Chef Boyardee commercials, in America, when I was young.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “If your heart is open it can never stay broken.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “We must teach the next generation to not just learn languages, but whole cultures and belief systems. We will then make more of an effort to understand people and their different cultures.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “What I know now is that we’re all interconnected and that’s a really beautiful thing. We have links to everyone else in our lives and in the world. Different people have different journeys for different reasons. You can’t judge, but you can celebrate that there are connections everywhere.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “It’s really not a question of how long you have on this earth; it’s about what you do with it.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “People say women shouldn’t have long hair over a certain age, but I’ve never done what everyone says.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “I find it interesting that 16-year-olds are having plastic surgery. People in their 40s used to think, ‘I’m aging, I have to do something about it.’ Now children are deciding they don’t like the way they look.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “Motherhood has relaxed me in many ways. You learn to deal with crisis. I’ve become a juggler, I suppose. It’s all a big circus, and nobody who knows me believes I can manage, but sometimes I do.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “I had ordered long legs, but they never arrived. My eyes are weird too, one is gray and the other is green. I have a crooked smile and my nose looks like a ski slope. No, I would not win a Miss contest.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “I think a lot of people get so obsessed with the wedding and the expense of the wedding that they miss out on what the real purpose is. It’s not about a production number, it’s about a meaningful moment between two people that’s witnessed by people that they actually really know and care about.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “When I auditioned for ‘Wedding Crashers,’ the producers had never seen any of my other work except for Bond. I got ‘Wedding Crashers’ partly because I was a Bond girl.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “In life, when stuff happens the instinct is to close off your heart. By leaving your heart open, it leaves room for someone else to come in.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “I have many friends who do not believe in luck; they believe in blessings. Likewise, I do not believe in coincidences; I believe in miracles.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “After my divorce, painting took me out of panic mode and into a serene, calm place. I could absolutely lose myself.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “Even though I make those movies, I find myself wishing that more of those magic moments could happen in real life.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “I’m proud of my wrinkles. They give my face character. As an actress, you mess with that at your peril.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “People treat life as though it’s the dress rehearsal for some big show. It’s not. This is it.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “I think the good thing about my face is it has always been expressive. With Botox that goes – not what you want as an actress.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “An agent once told me that if I would lose my English accent, I would never stop working in America.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “At the end of the day, I let myself have a glass of wine.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “I danced with the London Festival at Covent Garden. I’m a ballerina by trade; I’m a ballerina who sings by the way.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “See the gift that change delivers.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “I’ve had two terrific relationships, but both ended in marriage.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “What I love about watercolor is that a lot of happy accidents occur.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “It’s interesting that whenever I meet some of the other Bond girls, I always have something in common, and it is an interesting sorority. We all share about our Bonds. ‘Did your Bond do that?’ ‘Yes mine did!’ So it is quite funny conversations. We may as well be in high school.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “Every once in a while I go off to do a movie or a television series and I take my art with me. I can stay in character when I paint.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “I love doing comedy. Absolutely love it. After ‘Wedding Crashers,’ people suddenly realized that it was something I could do.”
Jane Seymour Quote: “The Simplest Act Can Change the World Growing up in a cold and distant family, I have struggled my entire life with letting people into my life and my heart. I wake up each morning telling myself to do one small act of kindness for another person. I have seen how even the simplest act can change someone’s day. If all I can give that day is a smile, that is enough. When we are feeling at our worst, nothing can make us feel better than trying to make someone else feel better. – Sue.”
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