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Jeff Bezos Quotes
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Jeff Bezos Quote: “We’re working to lower the cost of spaceflight so that many people can afford to go and so that we humans can better continue exploring the solar system. Accomplishing this mission will take time, and we’re working on it methodically.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “What we need to do is always lean into the future; when the world changes around you and when it changes against you – what used to be a tail wind is now a head wind – you have to lean into that and figure out what to do because complaining isn’t a strategy.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “Are you lazy or just incompetent?”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “We innovate by starting with the customer and working backwards. That becomes the touchstone for how we invent.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “To get something new done you have to be stubborn and focused, to the point that others might find unreasonable.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “Any business plan won’t survive its first encounter with reality. The reality will always be different. It will never be the plan.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “There’ll always be serendipity involved in discovery.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “We watch our competitors, learn from them, see the things that they were doing for customers and copy those things as much as we can.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “We’ve had three big ideas at Amazon that we’ve stuck with for 18 years, and thy’re the reason we’re successful: Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “Our garage was basically science fair central.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “Our success at Amazon is a function of how many experiments we do per year, per month, per week, per day.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “My grandfather taught me that it is harder to be kind than it is to be clever.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “Not the outcome any of us wanted.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “Do something you’re very passionate about, and don’t try to chase what is kind of the “hot passion” of the day.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “We like to pioneer, we like to explore, we like to go down dark alleys and see what’s on the other side.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “Above all else, align with customers. Win when they win. Win only when they win.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “We’ve got thousands of investors counting on us. And we’re a team of thousands of employees all counting on each other. That’s fun.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “Part of company culture is path-dependent. It’s the lessons you learn along the way.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “Our biggest cost is not power, or servers, or people. It’s lack of utilization. It dominates all other costs.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “Maintain a firm grasp of the obvious at all times.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “We are pioneers and the history of pioneers is not that good.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “Feel free to cover Amazon any way you want. Feel free to cover Jeff Bezos any way you want.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “For people who are readers, reading is important to them.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “Will you be clever at the expense of others, or will you be kind?”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “Things never go smoothly.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “We change our tools and then our tools change us.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “There is no map, and charting a path ahead will not be easy. We will need to invent, which means we will need to experiment.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “What characteristics do I look for when hiring somebody? That’s one of the questions I ask when interviewing. I want to know what kind of people they would hire.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “People don’t want gadgets, they want services.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “I like to be counted on.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “If you’re long-term oriented, customer interests and shareholder interests are aligned.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “I never worked on the school newspaper.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “I think if people read more, that is a better world.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “Start With the Customer and Work Backward.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “You have to use your judgment. In cases like that, we say, ’let’s be simple minded. We know this is a feature that’s good for customers. Let’s do it.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “Failure comes part and parcel with invention. It’s not optional.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “You know, if you make a customer unhappy they won’t tell five friends, they’ll tell 5,000 friends. So we are at a point now where we have all of the things we need to build an important and lasting company, and if we don’t, it will be shame on us.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “We are at the 1908 Hurley washing machine stage with the Internet.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “It’s perfectly healthy-encouraged, even- to have an idea tomorrow that contradicted your idea today.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “I think technology advanced faster than anticipated. In that whirlwind, a lot of companies didn’t survive. The reason we have done well is because, even in that whirlwind, we kept heads-down focused on the customers. All the metrics that we can track about customers have improved every year.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “E-mail has some magical ability to turn off the politeness gene in a human being.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “Many of the traits that make Amazon unusual are now deeply ingrained in the culture. In fact, if I wanted to change them, I couldn’t. The cultures are self-reinforcing, and that’s a good thing.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “Good ideas will always get funded, so that’s not going to be a problem. But you will see that it will be harder and harder for bad ideas to get funded.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “The thing that motivates me is a very common form of motivation. And that is, with other folks counting on me, it’s so easy to be motivated.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “The thing about inventing is you have to be both stubborn and flexible. The hard part is figuring out when to be which.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “There are multiple ways to be externally focused that are very successful. You can be customer-focused or competitor-focused. Some people are internally focused, and if they reach critical mass, they can tip the whole company.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “You collect as much data as you can, you immerse yourself in that data but then you make the decision with your heart.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “It’s very important for entrepreneurs to be realistic. So if you believe on that first day while you’re writing the business plan that there’s a 70 percent chance that the whole thing will fail, then that kind of relieves the pressure of self-doubt.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “There are a whole bunch of people who don’t like to shop. But there are also people, maybe, who even do like to shop but are very time pressured. And so shopping online can save people time.”
Jeff Bezos Quote: “One of the things that gets me up in the morning is knowing that customer expectations are always rising, and I find that very exciting.”
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