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Linus Torvalds Quote: “I don’t think commercialization is the answer to anything. It’s just one more facet of Linux, and not the deciding one by any means.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “Programmers are in the enviable position of not only getting to do what they want to, but because the end result is so important they get paid to do it. There are other professions like that, but not that many.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “I don’t have any authority over Linux other than this notion that I know what I’m doing.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “On a purely technical side, I’m really very happy with how Linux gets used in a very wide set of different areas. It’s important for development.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “Part of doing Linux was that I had to communicate a lot more instead of just being a geek in front of a computer.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “Bill Gates really seems to be much more of a business man than a technologist, while I prefer to think of Linux in technical terms rather than as a means to money. As such, I’m not very likely to make the same kind of money that Bill made.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “The fact is, there aren’t just two sides to any issue, there’s almost always a range of responses, and “it depends” is almost always the right answer in any big question.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “I don’t try to be a threat to MicroSoft, mainly because I don’t really see MS as competition. Especially not Windows-the goals of Linux and Windows are simply so different.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “To be honest, the fact that people trust you gives you a lot of power over people. Having another person’s trust is more powerful than all other management techniques put together.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “Turtles are very stable and have been around forever. But they have problems adapting. When humans came along, turtles came under serious threat. Biodiversity is good, and I think it is good in technology as well.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “I don’t go to conferences quite as much as I used to: having a child and movin away from the university leaves me with less time, but I’ve tried to balance things out – not just spending time with Linux all the time, but having a real job and a real life at the same time.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “I do get my pizzas paid for by Linux indirectly.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “Finnish companies tend to be very traditional, not taking many risks. Silicon Valley is completely different: people here really live on the edge.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “I’m simply too content doing what I want to do to really have a very negative attitude towards MicroSoft. They make bad products – so what? I don’t need to care, because I happily don’t have to use them, and writing my own alternative has been a very gratifying experience in many ways.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “Every once in a while an issue comes up where I have to make a statement. I can’t totally avoid all political issues, but I try my best to minimize them. When I do make a statement, I try to be fairly neutral.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “I’d argue that everybody wants to do something that matters.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “The fame and reputation part came later, and never was much of a motivator, although it did enable me to work without feeling guilty about neglecting my studies.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “I like to think that I’ve been a good manager. That fact has been very instrumental in making Linux a successful product.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “One of the reasons I like open source is that it allows people to work on the parts they are good at, and I don’t mean just on a technical level; some people are into the whole selling and support, and that’s just not me.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “Before the commercial ventures, Linux tended to be rather hard to set up, because most of the developers were motivated mainly by their own interests.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “I’ve been very happy with the commercial Linux CD-ROM vendors linux Red Hat.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “An ugly system is one in which there are special interfaces for everything you want to do. Unix is the opposite. It gives you the building blocks that are sufficient for doing everything. That’s what having a clean design is all about.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “For high school graduation in Finland, you wear a fluffy white hat with a black band. There’s a ceremony in which they hand out diplomas, and when you come home all your relatives are there with lots of champagne, flowers, and cake. And there’s also a party for the entire class at a local restaurant. We did all that, and I guess I had fun, but I don’t remember anything special about it. But ask me about the specs on my 68008-chip machine and I can rattle them off with total recall.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “Benevolent dictator? No, I’m just lazy. I try to manage by not making decisions and letting things occur naturally. That’s when you get the best results.”
Linus Torvalds Quote: “I’m not worried about the kernel itself or the basic system. All the commercialization is about the distributions and the applications. As such, it only brings value-added things to Linux, and it doesn’t take anything away from the Linux scene.”
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