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Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Don’t complain too loud about wrongs done you; you may give ideas to your less imaginative enemies.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “But they never notice the following inconsistency: this so-called worst-case event, when it happened, exceeded the worst case at the time.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “The best way to measure the loss of intellectual sophistication – this “nerdification,” to put it bluntly – is in the growing disappearance of sarcasm, as mechanic minds take insults a bit too literally.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Two weekends in Philadelphia are not twice as pleasant as a single one – I’ve tried.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Randomness works well in search sometimes better than humans.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “We should ban banks from risk-taking because society is going to pay the price.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Effectively, there is no democracy without such an unconditional symmetry in the rights to express yourself, and the gravest threat is the slippery slope in the attempts to limit speech on grounds that some of it may hurt some people’s feelings. Such restrictions do not necessarily come from the state itself, rather from the forceful establishment of an intellectual monoculture by an overactive thought police in the media and cultural life.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Life is sacrifice and risk taking, and nothing that doesn’t entail some moderate amount of the former, under the constraint of satisfying the latter, is close to what we can call life. If you do not undertake a risk of real harm, reparable or even potentially irreparable, from an adventure, it is not an adventure.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Pure generosity is when you help the ingrate. Every other form is self-serving.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “If you are in banking and lending, surprise outcomes are likely to be negative for you.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “True success is exiting some rat race to modulate one’s activities for peace of mind.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “For an idea to have survived so long across so many cycles is indicative of its relative fitness. Noise, at least some noise, was filtered out. Mathematically, progress means that some new information is better than past information, not that the average of new information will supplant past information, which means that it is optimal for someone, when in doubt, to systematically reject the new idea, information, or method. Clearly and shockingly, always. Why?”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Mother Nature did not attend high school geometry courses or read the books of Euclid of Alexandria. Her geometry is jagged, but with a logic of its own and one that is easy to understand.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “It might be useful to be able to predict war. But tension does not necessarily lead to war, but often to peace and to denouement.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “The problem is that we humans are prone to the availability heuristic, by which the salient is mistaken for the statistical, and the conspicuous and emotional effect of an event makes us think it is occurring more regularly than in reality. This helps us to be prudent and careful in daily life, forcing us to add an extra layer of protection, but.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “People try to impress you with the things they have done... You should be more impressed with things they would never do.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “I hated school because I liked to daydream and the system tried to stop me from that.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “In the United States large corporations control some members of Congress. All this does is delay the corporation’s funeral at our expense.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “The bonus for bankers fragilizes the system. Someone has the upside at the expense of others.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “For if you think that education causes wealth, rather than being a result of wealth, or that intelligent actions and discoveries are the result of intelligent ideas, you will be in for a surprise. Let us see what kind of surprise.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “The grandchildren should not bear the debts of the grandparents.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Modernity’s double punishment is to make us both age prematurely and live longer.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “I don’t read the papers; I stopped reading the papers. I read the papers only during periods of crisis, and I think papers are too long on a regular day and too short days when we have a crisis.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “I will repeat the following until I am hoarse: it is contagion that determines the fate of a theory in social science, not its validity.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “I always remind myself that what one observes is at best a combination of variance and returns, not just returns.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Modernity widened the distance between the sensational and the relevant.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “History is opaque. You see what comes out, not the script that produces events, the generator of history.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Someone who has been employed for a while is giving you strong evidence of submission.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “We have managed to transfer religious belief into gullibility for whatever can masquerade as science.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Realism is punishing. Probabilistic skepticism is worse.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Education is an institution that has been growing without external stressors; eventually the thing will collapse.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “People feel deep anxiety finding out that someone they thought was stupid is actually more intelligent than they are.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Rank beliefs not by their plausibility but by how much harm they might cause.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Wind extinguishes a candle and energizes fire. Likewise with randomness, uncertainty, chaos: you want to use them, not hide from them. You want to be the fire and wish for the wind. This summarizes this author’s nonmeek attitude to randomness and uncertainty.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “He who has never sinned is less reliable than he who has only sinned once.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Political life loves some volatility.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “At the end, what matters is the strength of the string – not the wealth and power of the dining party.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Normative Economics is like religion without the aesthetics.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Every time you use a coffeemaker for your morning cappuccino, you are benefiting from the fragility of the coffeemaking entrepreneur who failed. He failed in order to help put the superior merchandise on your kitchen counter.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Humans will believe anything you say provided you do not exhibit the smallest shadow of diffidence; like animals, they can detect the smallest crack in your confidence before you express it. The trick is to be as smooth as possible in personal manners. It is much easier to signal self-confidence if you are exceedingly polite and friendly; you can control people without having to offend their sensitivity.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Most people fear being without audiovisual stimulation because they are too repetitive when they think and imagine things on their own.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “This lack of translation is a mental handicap that comes with being a human; and we will only start to attain wisdom or rationality when we make an effort to overcome and break through it.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “You can tell how uninteresting a person is by asking him whom he finds interesting.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “If you engage in a Black Swan–dependent activity, it is better to be part of a group.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “We are fragilizing social and economic systems by denying them stressors and randomness, putting them in the Procrustean bed of cushy and comfortable – but ultimately harmful – modernity.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “There are so many things we can do if we focus on antiknowledge, or what we do not know.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Makridakis and Hibon reached the sad conclusion that “statistically sophisticated or complex methods do not necessarily provide more accurate forecasts than simpler ones.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Corporations are in love with the idea of the strategic plan. They need to pay to figure out where they are going. Yet there is no evidence that strategic planning works – we even seem to have evidence against it. A management scholar, William Starbuck, has published a few papers debunking the effectiveness of planning – it makes the corporation option-blind, as it gets locked into a non-opportunistic course of action.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Start by being nice to every person you meet. But if someone tries to exercise power over you, exercise power over him.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “If you let markets – in general, my belief is that if you let markets give you information, they’ll give you the information rather than artificially prop up everything.”
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