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Top 500 Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quotes (2024 Update)
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Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “When people get rich, they shed their skin-in-the-game-driven experiential mechanism. They lose control of their preferences, substituting constructed preferences for their own, complicating their lives unnecessarily, triggering their own misery.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “This, perhaps is true self-confidence: the ability to look at the world without the need to find signs that stroke one’s ego.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Anything organic requires some dose of variability so it can adapt all the time, and fixing things is not a good idea.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “It is not what you are telling people, it is how you are saying it.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Like tormenting love, some thoughts are so antifragile that you feed them by trying to get rid of them, turning them into obsessions. Psychologists have shown the irony of the process of thought control: the more energy you put into trying to control your ideas and what you think about, the more your ideas end up controlling you.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “It is no secret that large corporations prefer people with families; those with downside risk are easier to own, particularly when they are choking under a large mortgage.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Rationalism crashes in the tails.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “So let us call here the teleological fallacy the illusion that you know exactly where you are going, and that you knew exactly where you were going in the past, and that others have succeeded in the past by knowing where they were going.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “People often need to suspend their self-promotion, and have someone in their lives they do not need to impress. This explains dog ownership.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “No, businessmen as risk takers are not subjected to the judgment of other businessmen, only to that of their personal accountant.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “The chief ethical rule is the following: Thou shalt not have antifragility at the expense of the fragility of others.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Complex systems are full of interdependencies – hard to detect – and nonlinear responses.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Living on our planet, today, requires a lot more imagination than we are made to have. We lack imagination and repress it in others.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Most so-called writers keep writing and writing with the hope, some day, to find something to say.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Nobody reads the disclosures that roll down your computer screen. You click ‘I agree’ but you don’t know what you’re agreeing to.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “It is much harder to become independent if you are wealthy than to become wealthy if you are independent.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Further, the random element in trial and error is not quite random, if it is carried out rationally, using error as a source of information. If every trial provides you with information about what does not work, you start zooming in on a solution – so every attempt becomes more valuable, more like an expense than an error. And of course you make discoveries along the way.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Our sophistication continuously puts us ahead of ourselves, creating things we are less and less capable of understanding.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Let me warn against misinterpreting the message here. The argument is not against the notion of intervention; in fact I showed above that I am equally worried about underintervention when it is truly necessary. I am just warning against naive intervention and lack of awareness and acceptance of harm done by it.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “The world as a whole has never been richer, and it has never been more heavily in debt, living off borrowed money. The record shows that, for society, the richer we become, the harder it get to live within our means. Abundance is harder for us to handle than scarcity.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Given the unattainability of perfect robustness, we need a mechanism by which the system regenerates itself continuously by using, rather than suffering from, random events, unpredictable shocks, stressors, and volatility.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Janet Yellen at the FED is equivalent to having a biology schoolteacher who has never seen blood perform brain surgery.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “It’s not a good idea to take a forecast from someone wearing a tie. If possible, tease people who take themselves and their knowledge too seriously.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Just as being nice to the arrogant is no better than being arrogant toward the nice, being accommodating toward anyone committing a nefarious action condones it.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “If you want to accelerate someone’s death, give him a personal doctor. I don’t mean provide him with a bad doctor: just pay for him to choose his own. Any doctor will do. This may be the only possible way to murder someone while staying squarely within the law. We can see from the tonsillectomy story that access to data increases intervention, causing us to behave like the neurotic fellow.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Religion isn’t so much about telling man that there is one God as about preventing man from thinking that he is God.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “I’m in favour of religion as a tamer of arrogance. For a Greek Orthodox, the idea of God as creator outside the human is not God in God’s terms. My God isn’t the God of George Bush.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “There are designations, like “economist,” “prostitute,” or “consultant,” for which additional characterization doesn’t add information.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “What he likes most about proprietary trading is that it requires considerably less time than other high-paying professions; in other words it is perfectly compatible with his non-middle-class work ethic. Trading forces someone to think hard; those who merely work hard generally lose their focus and intellectual energy. In addition, they end up drowning in randomness; work ethics, Nero believes, draw people to focus on noise rather than the signal.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “In politics we face the choice between warmongering, nation-state loving, big-business agents on one hand; and risk-blind, top-down, epistemic arrogant big servants of large employers on the other. But we have a choice.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Modernity has replaced ethics with legalese, and the law can be gamed with a good lawyer.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “I drive a hybrid, moving into an electric car. I only drink tap water, never consume food that’s travelled.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Switzerland is the perfect place where you have volatility at a municipal level that nothing up top – small units competing with each other.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Decomposition, for most, starts when they leave the free, social, and uncorrupted college life for the solitary confinement of professions and nuclear families.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “The very idea of exercise is to gain from antifragility to workout stressors – as we saw, all kinds of exercise are just exploitations of convexity effects.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Statin drugs are meant to lower cholesterol in your blood. But there is an asymmetry, and a severe one. One needs to treat fifty high risk persons for five years to avoid a single cardiovascular event. Statins can potentially harm people who are not very sick, for whom the benefits are either minimal or totally nonexistent.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Seneca’s version of that Stoicism is antifragility from fate. No downside from Lady Fortuna, plenty of upside.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Never ask a man if he is from Sparta: If he were, he would have let you know such an important fact – and if he were not, you could hurt his feelings.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “We favor the visible, the embedded, the personal, the narrated, and the tangible; we scorn the abstract.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Someone bemoaned that there were so few women in economics. But there are also very few men in economics.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Have you noticed that while corporations sell you junk drinks, artisans sell you cheese and wine?”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Modernity needs to understand that being rich and becoming rich are not mathematically, personally, socially, and ethically the same thing.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “My best definition of a nerd: someone who asks you to explain an aphorism.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “The book is the only medium left that hasn’t been corrupted by the profane.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “People used to wear ordinary clothes weekdays, and formal attire on Sunday. Today it is the exact reverse.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “By all means, avoid words – threats, complaints, justification, narratives, reframing, attempts to win arguments, supplications; avoid words!”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “A prophet is not someone with special visions, just someone blind to most of what others see.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “I’m a capitalist but one who is smallist and localist, and who favours businesses where owners are still in charge.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “Using the confirmation bias, these people will tell you that religion was horrible for mankind by counting deaths from the Inquisition and various religious wars. But they will not show you how many people were killed by nationalism, social science, and political theory under Stalinism or during the Vietnam War. Even.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quote: “It is the system and its fragility, not events, that must be studied – what physicists call “percolation theory,” in which the properties of the randomness of the terrain are studied, rather than those of a single element of the terrain.”
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